Wendy Deng: A Better Choice To Run News Corp?

(Above image could be any city on the east coast from Maine to Virginia. Alas, it’s the city of brotherly love.)

Willful ignorance. An email scandal. (Fox) News Corp in England, was being held to task… and the possibility of blackmail? With huge mergers overtaking media conglomeration, James Murdoch is a man who inspires investors.

FX has a hit in Atlanta. Recently, Georgia’s 6th District tried to dig itself out of a democrat cash-storm. Have you ever wondered why… when clicking on links on Drudge, you are immediately barraged by the New York Times, the WaPo, The L.A. Times (and every major newspaper outlet in the United States?) They have their hand out. These Desperadoes will SIGN YOU UP (for a small fee) to see their NEWS REPORTING.

The omnipresent media from the English is available for free (no Ad-Blocker please! and no sign-up…except to leave comments). Are you being driven into the arms of the hunter?

When James Murdoch had the opportunity to protect his father from a pie attack, he woefully lacked pugilistic skills. Wendy Deng put a Geraldo Rivera on the pie thrower, making him… ugly.

No selfie, so selfish.

Another pie attack of note: Ralph Nader. He retrieved the pie off his face and fired away. No hesitation by Ralph! Everybody please thank Ralph Nader for defeating Al Gore, bleeding off just enough votes in Florida. Ralph had been a weekly guest on Chuck Harder’s  “For The People.”  Harder’s show was a short-wave am radio show (on TV in some locations). Chuck had started out broadcasting his show from his garage in Florida. He had great success introducing Florida crackers to libertarian Ralph Nader. Chuck Harder endured an 18-year I.R.S. audit.

The cabal of government, media and intelligence. We owe these people. R.I.C.O.!

The direction of the latest defector from unbiased news? Fox News FIRES Bill O’Reilly! A concerted effort that required no muscle, except for Bill. Bill was a lifelong champion (or so he thought) of the little guy, known as “the consumer.”  The consumer has been fed 24/7 pablum, while the consumer’s children have been dumbed down in the education system, making them pliable to mounting, abject propaganda, fronted as NEWS REPORTING.

While the NEW news media expands around personalities, (who could never make it in the corporate media world) we see the big boys giving us another 24/7 cable news outlet… marching to the left, to the left, to the left.

Please recall CNN’s coverage of “The Move” situation in Philadelphia. The group was fired upon by police using M-60 machine guns. Finally, Wilson Goode (Philly’s first black Mayor) authorized the police to drop a satchel of military-grade explosives on the roof of Move (where they stored their gasoline). This resulted in the destruction of an entire neighborhood (65 homes were destroyed).

Lo and behold! some of the contractors rebuilding this mess, went to jail. The politicians did not see a cell, nor did the police. They made their bones against people who followed a false prophet and whose manifesto was recorded by Donald Glassey (Glassey was incubated within the University of Pennsylvania’s Psychology Department). John Africa could not read or write.

Frank Rizzo, a former police commissioner and Mayor of Philadelphia, (who is forever vilified by Philadelphia’s media) would never have allowed the situation to go as far as it had. Such loss, women and children plus some extraordinarily dumb black men, died!  No, we’re not talking about Wilson Goode! (Willie Williams grew out of this police action. He became the Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, CA. He also was the go-to guy for the investigation of WACO; a bulldozed F.B.I. crime scene for which CNN was there to tell us what to think… so Janet and Bill could get on with business).

Move embraced a hunter-gatherer lifestyle while living in the city, going to the grocery store. The movement was based upon lies and when Glassey left, it became the private playground of ever-changing John Africanisms.

Can you imagine a man like Frank Rizzo at the mercy of a street thug like Ed Rendell? (Love me some Mohegan Sun, Gov!) Ed Rendell never had to balance the budget in Pennsylvania, because Barack Obama shuttled cash to the democrat stronghold. (Actually, a stranglehold on Pennsylvania).

Pat Buchanan recently stated that CNN’s 1980’s 24/7 Cable News Narrative introducing and cultivating a vicious take-no-prisoners debate forum, has been a bane to our society. We all should look closely at this and wonder… have we been led by the nose down this path, where the hunter awaits?

The deep state and its media have a master. The master is seeking to solidify its hold on the propaganda organs. It fairly owns the courts at this time. The bureaucracy is packed and stacked with them. America… wake up! or prepare for your DRT (“dead right there”) NAP. Pat Buchanan said “America rolled the dice on its future” and he believes it’s going to “come up snake eyes.” That’s pretty plain.  And it ain’t pretty.

The payout for snake eyes is usually 30-1. Kinda sounds like the underground economy of East Germany, by way of Cuba. Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly… ride off into the sunset, denying the allegations as they negotiate through the prairie dog holes.

The modernization by the sons, James & Lachlin Murdoch, tossed overboard, the merry pirates of FOX. No longer tied to profits, these brothers are shaking out Fox News. (Check James’ effort after quitting Harvard) 

A recent flight originating in the Bahamas and destined for Windsor, Canada… landed on a Ohio airfield due to equipment problems. This flight was found to be transporting 291 pounds of cocaine (we can imagine it was fairly pure). Street value of this shipment (conservative estimate) would be around $5.6 million. (Why fly it into the U.S. when it could just drive over the Windsor Bridge into Detroit [meet you at Coney Island Hot Dogs] where the money is beginning to flow into the Auto Industry?) The Murdochs are products of the British Empire. The STAMP is old in the Bahamas and we hear rumors that Trudeau is actually the son of Fidel, the Narco-terrorist. Canada, under the British Crown.

Murdoch financed Rawkus Records. It left behind a sterling legacy of what Brian Brater describes as “hundreds of dope records.” Rawkus Records had at least 100 dope recordings, according to one of its founders. We should really be smarter.

So who formed the Presidential debate? Megan Kelly – the vicious. And how golden was her parachute as she exited the Fox stage? She was an employee of News Corp and her initial attack was a well thought out plan to take Donald Trump out of the running. The psychology of modern NEWS REPORTING, on stage. The storm-tossed ship of News Corp skittered across more waves than the first 100 days of the Trump Administration (a la “Kushner v. Bannon”).

In a nutshell, this is where America is today. Making money with schmuck boys pleases investors, but it does not inspire the children who should become the warriors that insure America continues forward.

We shall not be neutered by foreign enemies or entities. There will be a push-back. The long silent majority has had it up to its ears. Are we to be ruled by women? because the girly men have brought us to this point. So when the women run the nation, will the girly men have a night of the long knives?

Just before they express their undying love for one another.


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