Leftism Marches Around The World. Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back. Repeat Forever, Thrall.

Moon’s closest political ally is former president Roh Moo-hyaun – Korea’s President (’03-’08). Moon served important posts in the “tail-between-the-legs” sphere of the Korean political spectrum. We experienced this as we exited Vietnam; unfinished and populated with P.O.W.’s just like Korea.

There are fears that Mr. Moon, a former human rights lawyer and student activist, would reinstitute Mr. Roh’s failed policies. During Roh’s presidency, South Korea committed to aide with investments and exchanges, in an attempt to build trust with Neanderthal North.

Nine year’s later, we see a nuclear North with ballistic missiles. Mr. Moon has every appearance of toastmaster, Madeline Albright.


You will recall Ms. Albright as another one of those weird Europeans who ended up in America by way of Rothschild (like history dates back to Jacob Astor).

We can only assume that Rothschild has agents in Korea.  Their early division of Europe, by way of banking, was married to constant war. Korea is the ultimate love-hate relationship.

Lloyds of London insured crops of the Neanderthal North, which inevitably failed on a consistent basis, allowing a scratching and clawing birth of a Neanderthal North “bomb,” nurse-maid’d by Rhodes Scholar, Bill Clinton.


The French election of a leftist-socialist “Rothschild pawn,” has a rich history in its making. The first French Masonic Lodge was founded by the Wild Geese: The Royal Irish Regiment. Eventually, Free Masonry was unified in France by Phillip Wharton, the 1st Duke of Wharton.

Phillip (a tortured soul — well-traveled as a youth and sternly educated) entered the Irish House of Lords at the tender age of 18. King George I elevated Phillip to Duke of Wharton two years later, to solidify support.

English politics of the day were so convoluted by religious factions.  (A fertile Petri dish of palace intrigue.)  So much so, as to beg the question: ‘was all this turmoil generated from the financial quarter?’

Wharton lost his money in a stock market crash of 1720 which  became known as the South Sea Bubble. Claims of insider trading, debt purchasing and bribery of Parliament, are passed down through history as markers to be observed because….surely, the money people have learned this lesson.

Dreamers looking to a South America viewed a vast, untapped, resource (as it stands to this day). South Sea Company did engage in business that was mainly regulated to the slave trade and due to many factors, was not profitable in and of itself.

There were many disgraced politicians associated with what was known as the “bubble.”  Assets of some investors were seized, proportionate to their gains in this company structure.

Wharton was forever in debt after that. South Sea Company was restructured and operated for another hundred years.

Just prior to being named Grand Master of the Primary Grand Lodge of England, (originally, the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster) an unlikely Grand Master Wharton, founded the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club could possibly be construed as the first strip club. Immoral acts and members of the political establishment. Phillip Wharton danced with the devil.

It is so very interesting to see how politics were manipulated by religious folks in a 360-degree attack of the devil’s flaming arrows. By 1728, Free Masons in France as well had  recognized Philip Wharton as their Grand Master. This can only be seen as the Grand Age of skullduggery, pitting the Catholics against the Protestants, the Reformation against the Papacy and satanism against Christendom.

Although Germany claims ancient bloodline into England, it is actually France and the Celtic Peoples of Scotland and Ireland who are more closely related by blood. The Normans conquered England from Brittany.

The dynamics of political deception visited upon mankind by the Anglican Reformation, can be spun into the deaths of untold millions over time, due to the subversive, covert, network that evolved from that period.

The Duke of Wharton — Phillip, was loaned money by Jacobite bankers. He was an eloquent speaker and a crafter of words, on a level so great that he was offered the dispensation of his debt… if he would stop writing.

At his second marriage, he exposed himself to the wedding party, to show all present… and his bride, exactly what she was going to have in her GUTT. The stage was set for British debauchery to claim world supremacy.

Covert activities of the Jacobites came to the fore, leading up to the French Revolution, as the Rothschild family exerted influence from their perch in the major financial Capitals of Europe.

Throughout history, this clan has been said to be clothed in satanism and black magic. (Another banking group in western civilization – the Templars, were actually destroyed when they were said to have given themselves over to satan. The Templars were discredited on Friday, October 13, 1307 by both the Pope in Rome and the King of France. To this day, Friday the 13th is considered unlucky).

It’s funny how things get passed down through history, not losing original meaning, although maybe the origins, become unknown. I feel as though the Jacobite movement in Europe, among Celtic people, was given a mystic allure in France and renamed the Jacobins. It was not a renaming of the movement but rather stealing the name to capitalize on some ancient mysticism.

During the French Revolution the Jacobins were to rise to power. There were two factions within the Jacobins: The Girondins and the Mountain. The Jacobin club was a conglomeration of covert operators, masking themselves as a society of friends, variously using the words “constitution” or “freedom and equality” appearing first, in Brittany.

As the Revolution progressed, the Jacobins were dominated by the Girondins, who were sensitive to the external threats directed at this newly formed republic. The Monarchies of Europe were well aware what happened in France, didn’t necessarily have to stay in France. To them, the threat was real.

The Mountain faction of the Jacobins played peace advocate in opposition to foreign adventurism – but in the long run, after attaining dominance in the Jacobins, and thus, the new republic, embarked on a de-Christianization of France. All this lead to infighting, arrests, executions and deportations as France descended into a hell from which Napoleon rose.

As Napoleon rose, the Holy Roman Empire dissolved. The power vacuum was the most wonderful debt atmosphere European bankers could ever wish for, as they were the main buyers of government bonds, which financed war.

The Cockade became a worldwide symbol of color coded support for various nationalistic causes, or fealty to a monarchy.  It was a circular knot of ribbons. The color depended upon who you were supporting. For instance – in pre-revolutionary France, the cockade of the Bourbon Dynasty was all white, likewise, in Britain, the Jacobite Restoration wore white Cockades.

The Cockade was briefly used by the American Continental Army as an insignia for rank. Over time, the Continental Army wore a black Cockade when France became an ally of the revolting colonies. The Continental Army pinned the French Cockade over their black Cockade and the French pinned their black on to their white Cockade.

The black and white cockade became known as the “Union Cockade.” (Here we see the basis for the ribbon wearing in the halls of Congress as U.S. politicians signify their pet causes, like Hollywood movie stars).

Cockades were used by the Confederacy to signify secession, it was an early advertising tool and political button. In the case of our Civil War, we see the use of European hot buttons being pushed on America from Europe, by those wishing to make a profit on death.

France has installed a Rothschild banker. Whether the election was fair or not, cannot be debated in America as we sat on our hands and let Barack Obama steal two presidential elections. Shame on us!

There are two nuclear powers in Europe: Britain and France. Of the two weakened colonial powers, one is susceptible to being overtaken by a non-nuclear Germany.  Germany opted out of the war in Iraq and has been a lukewarm participant in other theaters, showing an ineptitude more reminiscent of the Dutch than their barbarian heritage.

France was an early participant in NATO up until 1966 when it withdrew integrated military command. Although a secret agreement between France and the United States was drawn up, stating that in the event of hostilities in Europe between NATO and Russia, France would come back into NATO’s command structure.

France has the largest armed forces in Europe and spends around $50 Billion yearly on defense. Coming back into NATO in 2009, France has again become what will be seen as anti-American and will seek to isolate America as it is shepherded towards a militaristic European Union.

The United Nations should be evicted from Turtle Bay – maybe France will pick up the tab. Because within the U.N.’s framework convention on climate change, Christiana Figueres, (a U.N. official) has frankly admitted that the overarching goal of global warming-climate change is to reorient the world’s economic model away from capitalism.

European feudalism was a failure until business ventures capitalized on colonial subjugation of other Peoples and lands. Raw material traded for manufactured goods. The landless people of Europe, especially the jewish intelligentsia in Germany, steeped in humanistic philosophy, produced a pipe dream.

These descendants of serfs fielded the dream of zionism, socialism and communism.  When communism or socialism are placed into practice, it results in another type of feudal society. Zionism, in some form or another, seems to exist in Israel which has many sources of income both private, foundational and government grant.

The global warming hoaxers (through the U.N.) seek to destroy capitalism for their masters – the European banks. They view the world’s population as dangerous to their survival… so it must be reduced. Al Gore is nothing but a shill for the banks.

Al Gore’s father worked for Armand Hammer at Occidental Oil after leaving the Senate.  Al wants us to go down the carbon-tax rat-hole that he and Soros dreamed up to reorganize the world and reduce the world’s population.

There is only one family on the face of the world to ever wield so much power. This power grew out of Colonial European conquests which they financed.  Not only financing conquests, or in some cases… outright piracy.  They would finance both sides of many wars since the division of the The Rothschild Bavarian German Banking House into the Capitals of Europe.

2 thoughts on “Leftism Marches Around The World. Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back. Repeat Forever, Thrall.

  1. rawhide rollin rollin rollin. the absolute consolidation of banking insurance and wall street need a remedy, it is the original intent… by and for the people. break out the tar and feather, but be polite.


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