The Desecration (Divest of Sacredness, Profane By Misapplication)


There are many distractions in our world today.  If you are Donald J. Trump and President of the United States, your distractions are amplified in the White House Press Room.

Watching a recent press briefing, Sean Spicer called on Jon-Christopher Bua. His question:

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.10.34 AM

The warm water port question is really not a factor in Syria. It is a reference used to describe expansion by the former Soviet Union, after their supposed conquering of Afghanistan. It was thought that they would go through Pakistan to the warm water, where goods would come and go within Soviet-held territory.

Bua thinks he’s smart and the TV media give him a perch and make him sound good to the average American who is only paying scant attention because of the distractions in everyday life.

President Trump is today being badgered about the dissemination of secure information.  Hillary Clinton however, is given a pass.  Her server to the Weiner’s computer, basically allowing dissemination to anyone interested in looking at our nation’s secrets. Hillary was protected by James Comey, a man of many talents who protected an Attorney General who refused to recuse herself, and with Congressional collusion, was able to raise a smoke screen. The media fogged a passive public, indoctrinated in media speak.

No one can accuse President Trump of the crimes that Hillary Clinton committed while Secretary of State. Her dishonesty on the Watergate Committee was a glaring indication to a life of crime, giving herself over to evil.

Hillary’s closest confidant and counsellor,  Cheryl Mills (along with Comey, Lynch, Berger & RFK Jr once worked for the law firm of Hogan & Hartson) made a comment in an email turned over by Wikileaks (excerpt:)

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.31.34 AM

Why is Mills is plugged into the Military Industrial Complex?

Cheryl Mills not only sits on the Board of BlackRock, she has her own foundation – BlackIvy (dealing with Sub-Saharan Africa and its children, no doubt).  It would follow that Cheryl would have a passing interest in race-relationships, combined with international terrorism, perpetuated by the people within the United States Government who have turned out to be no good.

Want to know why they are tearing down Confederate Memorials? They want the other side of Ferguson to get in the street and cause trouble.

We don’t need diversity. We need Americanism to go to Washington D.C…. en masse.

Allowing the news media to blind the most easily lead of our citizens and giving them false information as a sword against us, is much like taking down Confederate Memorials. It would be nice if those wishing for the Memorials to be gone, actually had an education. They only know what they’ve been taught by Marxist academia, (the same academia producing journalists) forming them into useful idiots at the hands of propagandists.

I will give one example of why Confederate Memorials should not be torn down. Prior to the formation of the Confederate States, a former Army Officer taught classes at Virginia Military Institute. His students made much fun of his peculiarities and lack of humanism in his instruction.

A religious man, accustomed to the sorrows of his day, he taught Sunday school to slaves which was legal within the State of Virginia. After Sunday school, he taught the slaves to read which was against the law of the State of Virginia.

When Robert E. Lee took back the U.S. Armory at Harper’s Ferry from insurrectionist John Brown, for the U.S. Government, the trial was held in the State of Virginia – not a Federal Court. The Federal Court structure was nonexistent at this time. The former officer at VMI and the Cadets marched to Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, to provide security at the trial of John Brown and Brown’s subsequent execution.

Talk of secession was rampant within the returning ranks of Cadets to VMI and they were reminded by Thomas Jonathan Jackson that if they were to draw the sword, they must throw the scabbard away. They remained loyal to the Union until the State of Virginia seceded, (within state’s rights within the Constitution). It was not a revolution but a dissolution of the bonds.

Stonewall Jackson, who educated slaves, contrary to the law of his state, followed his state as it seceded from the Union, like a good soldier. No one here in our times, could accomplish what this odd duck, professor did in battle nor could we honor his memory as a law-breaker who taught slaves how to read.

America has been taught to look away from Dixieland and now the descendants of slaves have the lowest reading ability of any of our diverse groups of people. They should be more interested in preserving the American Union that was fought for at such a dear cost to life, on both sides.

Memorial Day was actually a Confederate tradition which has been brought forward. Yes, it has been changed. It was actually Decoration Day. A day to mark the graves of soldiers.


5 thoughts on “The Desecration (Divest of Sacredness, Profane By Misapplication)

  1. Yes you can real hope and change we can believe in transparency at last ok had to make an usurped emperor Obama joke but seriously our heritage history and culture is now racist seditious or ethnocentric in fact some of my buddies known for their southern charms rebel proclivities and walking taking rechecking hell raising are as BLACK as the ace of spades it’s not deep south thing ya’ll damn sure made perfectly clear


    1. Thank you for the post friend.

      On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 7:40 AM, barefootcavalry wrote:

      > horns1313 S M commented: “Yes you can real hope and change we can believe > in transparency at last ok had to make an usurped emperor Obama joke but > seriously our heritage history and culture is now racist seditious or > ethnocentric in fact some of my buddies known for their souther” >


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