Is Moral Man Working For An Immoral Society?

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James Comey perceives himself to be morally superior. A lifelong Republican who switched to Independent. Everything about him is for appearances sake. His facial expressions during testimony, are his “schtick,” polished in the D.C. Law Firm of Hogan and Hartson. This firm has polished a few other lawyerly jewels: Loretta Lynch, Cheryl Mills and Sandy Berger.

America has a problem in its government – which in turn has polluted the society. It was much easier to make a buck as a lawyer rather than a doctor.

Have you noticed we have plenty of lawyers and none of them are in the poor house? Americans are being strangled by excessive regulations, i.e., lawyerly B.S. developed by… you guessed it – lawyers in bureaucracy.

For want of a better term… the “deep state” has two great champions: Hillary Clinton, a lawyer, and her husband, another bogus lawyer. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were B.S. lawyers. As you can see, anyone can become a lawyer.

Seeking to undermine the liberal education system today… our president is encouraging young people to take up a trade, to build up America again… which has been torn down by lawyers, bureaucrats, and their government regulations.

These weenies with degrees have done everything they could to throttle the American economic engine, enslave its people, and deny them their God-given rights as Americans.

In all this mess, these folks have turned our intelligence gathering agencies upon America and seek to improve their capabilities under the banner of cyber security. Cyber security has one thing which has become so common in America – within its development, it has wormholes… from lawyers.

It was lawyers and money changers that brought Christ to the Temple to show them God’s face – which they could not see.

James Comey attended The College of William and Mary.  Established in 1693, William and Mary is second only to Harvard University as the oldest institution of higher learning in America.

Today, William and Mary is in good hands as its Chancellor, Robert Michael Gates, a CIA operative and former Director of Central Intelligence, was a graduate of William and Mary in 1965. (Gates also served as Secretary of Defense, replacing Donald Rumsfeld who was Frank Carlucci’s roommate at Princeton.)

While at William and Mary – Comey became aware of televangelist Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University. Majoring in chemistry and religion, Comey analyzed Jerry Falwell (an arch conservative) against the doctrine of Reinhold Niebuhr in his senior thesis.

Rather than chemistry, religion or pseudo theology – Comey’s thesis appears as a psychological profile of religious factions in America. Although not going into detail, Mr. Comey studied what makes religious people, tick.

America was the only nation to have its beginnings because people believing differently in Europe than its master, fled across the sea to worship as their conscience dictated.

Jerry Falwell was raised by his father… a bootlegger. Niebuhr was raised in the Prussian Church union and spoke german at home in Warren County, Missouri, west of St. Louis  (an early home of heavy industry). St. Louis had grown as a rail hub for western expansion and trade, so therefore, it was replete with agents of the Rothschild Dynasty.

The Prussian Church was formed with proclamations by Frederick William III of Prussia (which seemed to be the norm of the many German principalities after the break up of the Holy Roman Empire and before the formation of the German State.) The decrees by Frederick unified both Lutheran and Reformed denominations in Prussia. (Please note: Angela Merkel is an end-product of this concoction in modern Germany.)

When Niebuhr was 10 years old, his father moved the family to Lincoln, Illinois. Attending college in Illinois, Niebuhr graduated Elmhurst College at age 18 and returned to his german roots at the Eden Theological Seminary (founded by german pastors) in Webster Groves, Missouri (near St. Louis).

Niebuhr graduated Yale Divinity School in 1914, receiving his masters in short time. (For this, he was always in regret that he did not pursue a PhD. He pointed a finger at his german familial and religious upbringing as if to erase it by being a liberated Yalie. Even so, this newly minted liberal theologian pastor, served at Bethel Evangelical Church in Detroit, Michigan.)

As hostilities in Europe drew the compromised Wilson Administration into WW I, hostility rose towards the ethnic germans in America. Niebuhr applied his education as he was greatly influenced by the pacifists of the day.

Niebuhr was willing to support America’s engagement in Europe, stressing the need for loyalty to the United States (in many magazines directed at german Americans throughout the nation) and arguing that the middle ground was a safe place to be and that absolutes on either end of the spectrum were the danger.

Detroit was booming and became a true melting pot where Niebuhr grew his church. From the pulpit he railed against the Ku Klux Klan in 1925, which had publicly supported candidates in the city-wide elections.

Leaving the pulpit in 1928, Niebuhr became a professor at Union Theological Seminary. King George III was known to call our Revolution here in 1776 “the Revolt of the Presbyterians.”  The United States was blessed with this Presbyterian “independent seminary” which became a bastion for the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

iu 2
The “Rainbow” Monks of Wolf Cheese

Liberal Christianity was all about destroying Christ which led to a separate theology for blacks and women. It is the de facto theology school for Columbia University and is also affiliated with the Jewish Theological Center of America. We must not forget Barnard College which rounds out this Quaker Consortium in another twisted city.

It is here at Union where an Oxford University graduate, Ursula Keppel-Compton – while studying for her masters degree, met Niebuhr and would become his wife.

Niebuhr had moved left while preaching a social gospel to the Ford workers, as Marxism and unions became the gospel of workers – in a poor working environment, caused by pure capitalism. It may be said: that as much religion as he grew in Detroit, he was influenced in return by Marxist ideology.

Although not a true Marxist, Niebuhr was a militant socialist –  but once again, in WW II, he supported the war effort as the former pacifist became a hawk when he broke with the peace movement led by theologians and ministers, creating his own movement: Christian Realism. 

This movement was able to morph after WW II with the psychological attack from Hollywood, radio and T.V. with a reliable print media – generating respectability and at the same time, being controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency – for pennies.

After looking at all of this – Jerry Falwell looks really good and I’d like to drink with his daddy, who was agnostic.

James Comey studied the parsing of America and he works for masters who owe no allegiance to America, its people or the Constitution — which is our collective hide.

Another person who had an influence upon James Comey – was Edward Hirsch Levi. The University of Chicago plays a very large part in America’s legal history.

One of Rockefeller’s new university’s first picks to be appointed to faculty was rabbi Emil G. Hirsch; grandfather of Edward Hirsch Levi.

Edward H. Levi was educated at the University of Chicago – in its kindergarten (a german word) program, all the way through law school! His wife Kate also attended schools at the University of Chicago. After a fellowship at Yale, Edward returned to the University of Chicago to become an Assistant Professor of Law.

An exodus of intelligentsia managed to make America’s shores as WW II approached. It was almost as if it had been foretold in the midst of the crash of 1929.

Two philanthropist siblings: Louis Bamberger and Caroline Bamberger-Fuld were somehow more well-advised than most of America’s investors. Shortly before the market crashed, they were able to remove their money from the market in a timely manner that would have caused James Comey to prosecute them… like he did Martha Stewart.

The Bambergers went on to establish at Princeton University, an independent, post doctoral research center known as The Institute For Advanced Study (IAS). This is the only link between Niebuhr and Edward Levi. (We can imagine that Niebuhr was there for religious purposes and he was a good socialist who spoke fluent german but Levi… was there for this group of thinkers, to harness the money that was to be made by owning the nuclear technology.)

By 1950 Edward Levi had become Dean of the Law School at The University of Chicago. The focus was changed as the university was expanded, building offices and labs while adding to its libraries.

While Provost and acting Dean, Levi completely revamped the college curriculums into what is known today as a Common Core.

Upon the retirement of George W. Beadle, (a Nobel giant in plant genetics,) Levi succeeded him as president and dean of the university. It was 1968 and the nation was still reeling from the Democrat Convention. Levi expelled 42 students and suspended 81, claiming “there are values to be maintained, we are not bought and sold and transformed by that kind of pressure.”

Gerald Ford, a Michigan native, (and the last surviving member of the Warren Commission,) asked Levi to become the U.S. Attorney General. Mr. Levi went to Washington in 1975 as the 71st Attorney General of the United States. It is noted that he was the 1st jewish A.G. although, jews had been Supreme Court Justices well before then.

In 1976 the new Attorney General set limits on the F.B.I., putting in place guidelines restricting wire taps or black-bag jobs to show evidence of a crime before resorting to such measures. (These guidelines were rewritten in 1983 and with the drug war, came the advent of the no-knock warrant and the militarization of law enforcement.)

From 1977-1978, the former Attorney General was also a visiting Professor at Stanford University Law School.

In 1979 Levi became a member of John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The MacArthur’s owned Bankers Life & Casualty. They had so much money that their Chief Financial Officer and Attorney suggested the family create a foundation as a way to avoid taxes.

MacArthur’s son J. Roderick MacArthur, two officers of Bankers Life & Casualty and Paul Harvey were the first Board of Directors. The younger MacArthur was very much more liberal than his father and J. Roderick sued the Board. One might surmise that Mr. Levi, being on the Board and brought in at the exact time that the coups d’etat was occurring (and then staying on for anther 5 years) would have been in the camp of the younger and liberal MacArthur.

For its part, this Foundation has done everything in its power to advance its purposes against America and the values for which it stands – creating separations and calls for change and influencing with their dollars (on every level of higher education). In other words: the murder rate is up in Chicago.

James Comey received his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School in 1985. Two year’s later, he joined the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. While serving as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division he helped prosecute the Gambino crime family while at the same time in Washington, D.C., Robert Mueller was the United States Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division, and ultimately – his boss.

Comey returned to Virginia as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District and somehow acted as Deputy Special Counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. This was his first dip in the swamp.

Under “W” Bush, Comey was appointed as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. The Bushes and the Clintons can be shown to be one – in James Comey. He took over the investigation into President Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich (it is suspected that Bill Clinton had a fancy for Mrs. Rich – gotta love that honey pot). He was now a reliable “fixer” for the cabal.

Comey was active in many trials and in February 2003, led the prosecution of a certain Martha Stewart who was indicted for lying to an F.B.I. agent, securities fraud and obstruction on a stock deal.  Those charges led to an indictment of the CEO of Imclone, Samuel Waksal who was hiding his money in art, much like the cabal today, chintzily avoiding taxes.

But the real big fish was Frank Quattrone. One of the top, if not the top tech industry banker who had worked for Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank before joining Credit Suisse First Boston.

[When Mr. Quattrone left Morgan Stanley in 1996 along with George Boutros, Managing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions and Bill Bradey, Managing Director for Corporate Finance – they immediately became the nucleus for DMG (Deutsch Morgan Grenfell’s) Technology Group along with 20 others from Morgan Stanley. In July of 1998, Quattrone led 132 in a mass defection from Deutsche Bank to Credit Suisse First Boston. One of the largest raids by a Wall Street firm: 75 investment bankers and support staff which represented more than 95% of DMG’s tech group.]

Investigators had been looking into Credit Suisse’s banking practices.  Comey led the indictment alleging Mr. Quattrone had ordered subordinates to destroy evidence sought by investigators in 2000. On December 4th, three of Mr Quattrone’s colleagues sent an e-mail reminding employees of their responsibility to get rid of unneeded documents.

In 2003, the first trial resulted in a hung jury – the 2nd trial resulted in a conviction which was reversed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. The reversal was based on a ruling the Supreme Court handed down in Arthur Anderson LLP vs. the United States “that the jury had not been instructed properly.”

By 2006, Frank was exonerated by a deferred prosecution agreement; The National Association of Security Dealers dropped their charges. Credit Suisse paid Quattrone’s legal costs.

Frank Quattrone purportedly received close to $500M in overdue compensation from Credit Suisse. The fallout from the dot-com bubble did not end in court for Mr. Quattrone until 2012 when a federal judge dismissed charges in a suit brought by investors of AOL-Time Warner stock.

Today, Mr. Quattrone has stepped down as CEO of Qatalyst Group but will remain active, advising on high-profile assignments in the industry. Heading the firm today is his old friend George Boutros.

Apparently Credit Suisse had very deep pockets and justice was done. Mr Quattrone had apparently made the right people very wealthy during his career.

The dot-com explosion was just like the nuclear age when its creators sought to capitalize on it. So Mr. Quattrone rode the dot com bubble and his firm today is capitalizing on the ever-expanding tech industry.

Today, the new nuclear dot-com entity is cyber security… and there are those who have made in-roads into controlling and manipulating the direction that cyber security takes.

There is money to be made out of nothing. In other words, there is a battle in Washington, D.C. where avarice rules instead of patriotism. Secretary Mattis spoke  yesterday and everyone in the world knows that the United States is about to embark on a military build up and all the little people in D.C. want to get their hands in it.

Except there’s one honest man and his administration in front of them. Justice in America has become a sham. The DOJ and the F.B.I. are so politicized that they actually have thumbed their noses at Congress. It doesn’t take much to make both houses look like idiots.

The bureaucrats and the courts have outflanked the Congress and the Executive.



















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