Bohemian Grove: Not For The Little Guy

In Orange County, California – Representative Dana Rohrabacher is being challenged by a stem cell researcher. Hillary Clinton narrowly edged Donald Trump in this (until now) reliably Republican district.

Democrats in California have a great white hope in Hans Keirstead, a Canadian immigrant who sold Irvine-based California Stem Cell Inc. for more than $100 million in 2014. He’s one of those guys who has had great success in milking the government teat for grant money in academia and research.

Keirstead has become the fifth Democrat to announce a run against Congressman Rohrabacher’s seat in California’s 48 district.

California politicians have been pushing for their own space center to replace the Canaveral/Kennedy Center on the east coast of Florida for over 20 years (including “Houston, we have a problem”) Mr. Rohrabacher is a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

We see here that it matters not, Republican or Democrat – the movement for a launch facility for NASA in California was accelerated by Barack Obama’s creation of a muslim outreach, formerly known as NASA (which was placed in mothballs). We also see private industry with enough money to invest, has taken over from America’s homegrown, rocket technology (signifying a degradation of our ICBM capabilities).

Having watched county government in Florida, (specifically small counties – the name given to those sparsely populated and poor, rural areas) it is quite obvious that the Federal Government has whupped the south with grants. (Example: Taking a child’s emotional imbalances all the way to psychiatric evaluation and prescriptions for grant monies to the school systems).

Garnering the biggest slice of the pie in school systems across the nation, is a myriad of administrators, working to jump through whatever hoop is presented (in an ever-changing, regulatory environment). Everyone dances to the tune piped by Washington, D.C..

When Ronald Reagan was Governor of California, we witnessed the liberals attack him for trying to lift the State, out of its descent into liberalism.

Edmund “Pat” Brown who preceded Reagan, was a former Republican. Unable to get elected as one, he switched to Democrat and became a fervent New Dealer. Brown was a product of Earl Warren’s California.

Pat Brown ran for political office when $20 was a good donation. He was unsuccessful in a run for Attorney General of California in 1946, as a Democrat candidate. Finally elected in 1950 as Attorney General –  Brown was the only Democrat elected in a state-wide election in 1954, as republicans rode D.D. Eisenhower’s coattails into Washington D.C.

(The new Vice President) Richard Nixon, a Pomona politician had promised to support  Earl Warren in his bid for President in the 1954 election. This promise evaporated as Nixon was offered the Vice Presidential slot on the Eisenhower ticket. Warren never forgave Nixon and always had choice words for his fellow Californian.

To understand California and those who brought change to it… we must first realize Bohemian Grove is not ecologically friendly to the political environment. California was made rotten for a reason. San Francisco was the epicenter, a light house if you will, to a newly raised generation in America, affected by a modern psychiatric upbringing.

Among the founders of Bohemian Grove was its first vice president, actor Henry “Harry” Edwards. (Minor actors in San Francisco in 1872 could also find work at the waterfront). In San Francisco the term “Shanghaied” may not have been coined in America with forty-niner gold; however, many a forty-niner woke up at sea with a life of misery (if they were even allowed above decks). We can liken this time-honored California tradition to that of a galley-slave, chained to an oar.

Many stereotypes were developed in these times which are impossible for people in a modern era to comprehend. Say for instance, you were raised in the north in the 1960’s – you would have some opinions on the plight of black people in America. Some of the later generations out west (whose families were hard-scrabble pioneers) were prejudiced against native indians, the same northern person would not understand.

Chinese immigration to California, specifically, the San Francisco region –  brought an epidemic of opium. There was always a secret place to get “blind.”

Henry “Harry” Edwards hailed from Herefordshire, England and although he ever-fogged his birthdate to appear younger, it was August 27, 1827. Collecting butterflies and examining insects with his older brother, Edwards was able to study under Edward Doubleday. Unsuccessful at study for a career as a lawyer, he went to London and found work plus a night job, where he began his career in theatre.

Before coming to America, Edwards had lived in Australia with his brother, cataloging insects and mounting birds and other specimens. There too, he also appeared on-stage.

By 1865 Edwards took up residence in San Francisco. Five year’s later, in the 1870 United States census, he was listed as living in a home worth $1,000 with a white woman, listed as Marianna born in England.

Edwards himself, a non-voting, foreign-born resident. A census taker listed his trade as “comedian.” Also listed was a 16-year old Chinese servant named Heng Gim. It appears this is a female name of a long time servant who doted over the two and went wherever they traveled. Marianna was likely the widow of Gustavus Vaughan Brooke, who died in an accident at sea.

Prior to the founding of Bohemian Grove, Edwards carried a letter of introduction to John Muir in Yosemite Valley.

It is said that Jeanne Carr described Edwards as one of nature’s truest and most devoted disciples, a sojourner who has the keys to the kingdom. Muir had couriers who took specimens to San Francisco for Edwards – one was Clarence King.

Clarence King was a fireplug, and very athletic which would be well suited for travel through the Sierras to San Francisco. He was described as unusually strong. Educated at Yale – geology inspired him as he followed by journal, scientific expeditions from America and Great Britain.  Expeditions to far-off places to study and where learned people, like King, were able to read of the study and travel of these young pioneers.

John Ruskin was born in 1819 and lived for almost 81 years. His father, a sherry and wine importer had taken on the debt of his father and settled by 1830 (when John Ruskin was 11 years old). His father – James John Ruskin and his mother, Margaret Cock, were first cousins and they chose to influence John, each in a different manner.

James John Ruskin helped develop his son’s romanticism; Walter Scott, Byron, Shakespeare… while mother Margaret, an Evangelical Christian – taught him to read the King James front to back – and front to back again, until he was committing it to memory.

While his father made his rounds to business clients at their country homes, young John was exposed to architectures and paintings within these homes. Many fascinating items of museum-quality, were on display.

Ruskin attended Oxford and although he did well and was honored in recognition of his achievements, he was in poor health at this time. After Oxford, Ruskin toured the continent with his parents and became the most celebrated art critic of the Victorian period.

It was in 1863 when King moved to New York City. He associated with a group of  American artists and writers in the city, who had become admirers of John Ruskin.

The most glaring and obvious hoodwink of America – yes, the body politic was shanghaied in America by foreign agents. These British agents had many contacts in Italy and other countries in Europe… a hotbed for socialist thinking. These other countries in Europe offered disaffected tools to be used for politically motivated assassinations and bombings in America after the Civil War.

A rapid, industrial expansion brought thousands of Germans, Czechoslovakians (Bohemians) and Italians, under the banner of the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions.

English banking interests are European banking interests; they have a British House, a German House an Italian House, a French House, a Swiss House and a Dutch House.

These people used their agents from all over Europe so it did not look like it was coming from a country. In reality, Ian Fleming’s spy fiction of individuals, acting against governments is NOT the future it is actually the PAST!

These European anarchists organizing in America, became a militant, revolutionary force, with the long term design: hamper freedoms within America (as it was perceived as an economic juggernaut needing a “bit” in its mouth). What better way to subjugate America? Answer: pervert its governing class.

(Ruskin appears to be a product of some vile English upbringing; an entrenched pedophilia/educational system which produces fairies who are compromised within their society for the purposes of evil elites.

Divorced from his wife because he couldn’t consummate the marriage, court documents show Ruskin’s wife, Effie, charged him with incurable impotency. Ruskin who denied these charges, said that he could prove he wasn’t impotent. This would lend credence to the argument that he was a flaming homosexual in the Victorian age.)

Ruskin’s description of the Alps had so influenced King, that he endeavored to become a geologist. King himself became a national celebrity – exposing the diamond hoax of 1872. (So here we have the rise of the Bohemian homosexuals, who overtook Greenwich Village NY as they sought to subjugate the nation in their image).

Ruskin’s repudiation of his religion… his faith shook as he wrote his lamentations, coinciding with the rise of Darwinism (another geologist, naturalist.) Darwinism was forever enshrined as faith… as he was buried with honors at Westminster Abbey.

We have seen the progress of Anglicanism, in tearing down Christianity. Watering down the faithful, Darwin has been rammed down our throats as if Henry VIII and his religious police – through the centuries, were behind it.

Today a good geologist can walk across the landscape and tell by the rocks if gold is present. Knowledge has increased, and news and discovery come at a rate which blows the average person’s hair back, as it passes by.

After much contact with Clarence King, Edwards determined to leave Bohemian Grove behind and go to New York to advance his stage career. Of course, Bohemian Grove had a send off party; Shakespearean actors and plays, and plenty of liquor under the Japanese lanterns, with many blankets upon the ground, the stage was set for the Bohemian yearly gathering. Surely, some of those present had their Chinese servants nearby – with the opium. Hop Sing.

Edwards proceeded to New York, surely making contacts with Clarence King’s old friends. He went on to Boston, where the Brahmans were the American cousins of The British Crown pirates, who dealt in opium. Then back to New York to stage fame and productions – on the road.

China experienced much misery and addiction while merchants of the world made themselves rich. Naked capitalism has no thoughts toward the social effects of enslavement. Conversely, the eventual Chinese answer to this slavery; Maoism has no thought of its enslavement on society, (because the same types of people will rise above the masses in any system).

Our system today is not naked capitalism, nor is it Maoism… but those at the top, who have perverted our Republic, must be shown the door. There is no king but King JESUS.

Kings Mountain is NOT Bohemian Grove

Earl Warren was born in Los Angeles, California in 1891. His parents were immigrants and his father was employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad. When his father was blackballed from the railroad for participating in a strike, his work took him to Bakersfield California, where Earl did well… well enough to attend the University of California – Berkeley… up to, and including his law degree.

Engaging in many secret societies, Earl Warren – along with his longtime college friend, Robert Gordon Sproul, became members of Bohemian Grove.

Sproul recruited Ernest Lawrence for his membership in the Bohemian Grove in 1932. Lawrence, a brilliant man, attended the University of Chicago and Yale for a PhD. Lawrence invented the cyclotron. Naturally, he was great friends with Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project was formulated at Bohemian Grove. (Both Lawrence and Oppenheimer were present at the Grove for this birth of the nuclear age)

Governor of California – Earl Warren flashes a gang symbol. California has a long history of secret societies of which today black and latino gangs have their qualifying hand signals for their members.

When Earl Warren was 8 years old, geologists noticed that an area over the low hills, northeast of Bakersfield, was an ideal site for oil exploration. (The Kern River Canyon is like the Grand Canyon which is like the Salt River Canyon. They are evidence of a grand flood of Godly proportions.)

118 year’s ago this month, oil was discovered at 70 feet in what became the Kern River Oilfield. Warren was actually employed by an oil company before his public service began, i.e., the governing class.


The great lie of 19th century geology, is that the earth is billions of years old. Most of the scientists had been swayed away from God. British influences, (you know, the Church of England guys who eventually worshipped at Darwin’s altar?) … had caused them to fall away from their Christian faith… let alone, a religion. (Today’s religion in America is mother earth, the environment, not its CREATOR.)

The elites married the 19th century etymologists and geologists to the money-making Rothschild interests, who were controlling higher education in England by means and lucre.  Combine this with the Rothschild’s worldwide control of the money flow, through the Bank of England in the City of London which ultimately financed the industrialists and risk-takers in America.

Perpetuated on Americans along with the rest of the world, was the lie: petroleum was fossil based. As they drilled into the earth, core samples would be taken and given names, out of thin air – like psychiatry. Another finger of the Rothschild Dynasty was diamonds – the highest form of carbon known to man.

It would take a lot of pressure on a lump of coal, to press it down into a diamond. They are both of the same material: carbon. The least liked form of carbon is methane gas.

If one is old enough to remember… wherever there was a refinery, there was a fire in the air that danced like the eternal flame on JFK’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery.  The earth renews petroleum; therefore, petroleum is actually a renewable resource because of what the earth does on its own. God has placed everything here for his children (mankind).

The operators behind the scenes began to put together the next crew; the same schools, except now – the focus of the elites seemed to be on producing lawyers. Earl Warren was admitted to the California bar in 1914. Eleven year’s later – he was elected District Attorney for Alameda County.

As District Attorney, Earl Warren was a union buster and a staunch opponent of communism… which was making inroads with workers. He appeared tough on crime in a bootleg era, while he and his friends wet their whistles at the Bohemian Grove.

California was really a rough and tumble place. There was always someone coming into the state to make their fortune and so – large segments of its population were actually from someplace else… without roots in the state, its economy or its politics.

While running for Attorney General of the State of California in 1938, Warren placed himself on the ballot of every party in the race by way of a cross-filing system. He won easily, replacing Ulysses S. Webb (the 19th Attorney General of the State of California – a Republican-Progressive who had been in office for 37 years).

Webb’s tenure was marked by forced sterilization under the state’s eugenics laws, which were enthusiastically enforced. Racial laws involving land transfers, specifically aimed at Japanese and Chinese, were also stringently enforced. Earl Warren continued these policies.

It was Earl Warren who called for the internment of over 120,000 Californians of Japanese heritage. Some very choice properties changed hands when President Roosevelt sent in the F.B.I.

Interesting note: J. Edgar Hoover always vacationed in La Jolla California at Clint Merchison’s hotel – a favored destination of mobsters and spooks. (Another $2 betting window? For the longest time, there was a reason J. Edgar Hoover maintained that there was no such thing as the mafia.)

Viewed as a fiscal conservative in 1942, Earl Warren seemed very much in control of the media at this time. Posterity would have you believe that he was a Social-Progressive (sterilization, racial segregation and land grabs are not the earmarks of a Social-Progressive… unless Social-Progressives are actually Fabian Socialists in sheep’s clothing.)

Public Works projects were pursued by Governor Warren after the war. When Earl became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, his Lt. Governor, Goodwin Knight, served out his term and then was easily re-elected in 1954. In 1959, Governor Edmund “Pat” Brown (a Democrat) continued in these same policies, creating the water system that feeds Southern California today.

Brown showed his liberal-progressive nature early in his political career. He was against the internment of Japanese-Americans while on the other hand, raiding Sally Stanford’s bordello in San Francisco.

Herb Caen – a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, described Ms. Sally’s whorehouse: “The United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford’s whorehouse.” Here we see how pleasures and politicians mix behind the scenes and behind the curtain, a camera catching the delegates with their delicate boys and mean girls.

A modern example of this is the 1993 A.P.E.C. summit when Bill Clinton bugged and blackmailed the world.

Edmund Gerald Brown, Sr. ran unsuccessfully for State Assembly as a Republican in 1928. Hailing from San Francisco – it is no stretch to imagine that Earl Warren and Pat Brown knew each other.  Those above them with the strings attached, saw to it that Pat Brown became an ardent “New Deal” Democrat. At the end of the 2nd World War, politics in America had become two wings of the same party.

While District Attorney of San Francisco, Brown was successful in advancing minorities, particularly blacks and Chinese, who were previously omitted  from positions within the District Attorney’s office.

You would think that this was symbolic of the coming together of all Americans: the melting pot. On the contrary, modern examples of the results of California’s outreach are Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters and Leland Yee. (Click on their names for the stories).

Governor Brown’s massive building projects and improvement to infrastructure were critical to a new wave of immigration into 1960’s California. College campuses (within the state’s higher education system,) benefitted greatly from Pat Brown’s progressivism (expansion of campuses and a modernization of curricula).

Dr. L. Jolyon West was a collaborator of Aldous Huxley, (the British pioneer of LSD and a satanist,) had trained in group dynamics at the Tavistock Institute in England. Previously, West had studied returning Korean War veterans who had the misfortune of being psychologically tortured by the Chinese People’s Army and North Koreans.

West became a Fellow at Stanford University in Behavioral Sciences in 1966. It appears that the Bohemian Grove also ran the Central Intelligence Agency and its LSD experiments. Progressivism in California had gone from opium parlor to shooting gallery. Central to all of this is the 60’s free-love, turn-on, tune-in and drop out.

Controlling the media, the drugs, law enforcement and the State Government of California from Bohemian Grove.  An LSD trip – a recipe for disaster.

In 1967 the California Jaycees were having their annual convention at the Hilton Ballroom in San Francisco. During the men’s luncheon Sally Stanford, San Francisco’s most notorious madam, entered… dressed for the occasion.

Among the dignitaries attending were Edward Kennedy and Melvin Belli. After greeting all the dignitaries, one at a time, Ms. Sally took the podium and brought the house down by naming each one as a past or present customer. She went on to become Mayor of the City of Sausalito because at the heart of it – she was always a public servant.

Pat Brown was defeated by Ronald Wilson Reagan. RWR sought to set the State of California straight again, but the machine was even too big for him. He was forced to sign abortion legislation and gun control within the State.

Early in his Presidency, Reagan chose a former liberal Democrat, Clarence McClane Pendleton, Jr. as Chairman of The United States Commission on Civil Rights. Pendelton, a black man, was an opponent of school busing. He made headlines calling the Equal Pay Act of 1963 reparations for white woman and also called modern black civil rights leaders, the new racists. He was firmly against quotas and E.O.E.

The liberals lined up against Pendleton who firmly believed that minority promotion in any endeavor, should be solely upon merit and competence. Another great choice Reagan made was the appointment of Alan Keyes as Ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Also in 1985 Keyes was appointed Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization.

Keyes had worked in the United States Department of State under Jeane  Kirkpatrick. In 1979 Keyes was assigned to the Consulate in Mumbai India. Also served in the U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe.

It is safe to assume Ambassador Keyes had a clear vision of how hungry and poor the rest of the world really is, unlike the education that was being spouted to students of the day. Journalists of the day would pick apart Keyes for his plain speaking at the U.N.

Keyes, known for his eloquence, can be very blunt and so… sugar-coated journalists and their masters, were very much put off. These are two fine examples of black men advanced by President Reagan – totally based on merit.

Keyes was denied his Constitutional rights as a citizen, (but even more so – as a declared Presidential Candidate in the Republican Primary process) in Atlanta, Georgia. Having been previously invited, the venue had changed hands and Cox Communications had Keyes removed in handcuffs.


If we are to consider Richard Nixon as the beginning of the modern Presidential era, (post-Watergate Presidencies,) we must look at the power of the media, and the danger that it presents to America.

Earl Warren had vast media power. The wound between Warren and Nixon dating back to 1952 is a prime example. Warren forever described Nixon as a crook and a thief.

Nixon can be seen displaying to the people, (and ultimately to the media in the 1952) that he worked for everything he had. It is very apparent that Earl Warren could rustle up a true S#*TSTORM. Nixon aired all of his finances to a national audience.

Later in Nixon’s career – we see the same charges that Earl Warren leveled against him, have dogged Nixon for over 20 years. The media would never let up.


Earl Warren had been promised the position of Solicitor General by Eisenhower with the stipulation that he would become the next Supreme Court nominee when a spot became available. Before the announcement of Warren becoming Solicitor General, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Fred M. Vinson, died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 63, paving the way for progressivism by way of Bohemian Grove to infect our society by way of the law of the land.

Warren will forever be tied to the Kennedy assassination via the Warren Commission. The “white washing” of a Presidential assassination. Kennedy, although extremely popular with the media, did not merit a stringent media eye toward the Warren Commission which allowed the white washing to go forward. Lone assassin, single bullet.

Less than 5 years after the Kennedy assassination, the CIA coined a phrase for the assassination doubters “conspiracy theorists” which was duly fed to the CIA controlled media, Bohemian Grove productions, all.

The media in modern American politics is the arbiter of what is there and what is not there. This can be summed up by comparing it to the Warren Commission, what is there, is not there, and what is not, is. Or, that for instance, petroleum is fossil fuel rather than compressed methane gas? For a final example of how the media has enabled the politicians to hoodwink Americans and throttle its economic engine, we must again turn to California:

A modern example of this is the California Duster.



If you ride a scoot in California, take a moist towelette to your grimy face. It’s the color of the dirt you’re parked in on the side of the road. Millions of cars pass by daily. A cloud of dust rises into the sky (everybody’s allergic to dust in varying doses) like a tank column in the desert. Los Angeles has no rainfall to speak of. If they do start talking about the rain, they have mudslides. It’s a half a bowl on the ocean, surrounded by mountains.

The sheeple in California have been convinced that they can see car exhaust. Gases are invisible, particulate is not and a dust cloud is very visible.

It’s not a California smog-duster that’s sold on TV – it’s just a plain old California Duster and the smog is really a dust cloud.

Will Rogers, a famous movie star and political commentator from Oklahoma remarked jokingly that the Okies moving from Oklahoma to California increased the average intelligence of both states.




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