Globalism: Members Only

Who has the biggest news megaphone in Washington, D.C.? John Podesta would have you believe it’s the paper he works for – the Washington Post (which in earlier years played an important part in national politics) and is now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (2013).

Jeff is now developing a cloud for the CIA with Amazon. Our boy at Amazon, exhibits close ties to the CIA and this is quite disturbing. We see at work an entrenched “deep state” fighting our Constitution. Please remember… Chuck Schumer warning the President that the intelligence people have “six ways to Sunday to get back at you.”

Everyone in America has a different idea in the composition of the Central Intelligence Agency. Conservatives automatically assign their values to this agency (which really has proven itself to be a drag). Liberals catalogue it as an organ of government that needs to be infiltrated so that all conservative tendencies can be rubbed out.

The Central Intelligence Agency can be compared to the Pentagon of the last 25 years. It has become a haven for leftist-progressives due to William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The Washington paper is now an organ of the Central Intelligence Agency.

On the other hand, in New York City – the New York Times has experienced difficulties making money and in the process, made Mexico’s Carlos Slim the majority shareholder (a value estimated $341.5 million in 2015).

Warren Buffett’s media holdings also have a hold on your news.

Facebook’s founder – Zuckerberg is now stepping out like the best mealy-mouthed politician observed in quite some time. Don’t bother looking into his media holdings… Yahoo News is his sweet spot today.

Microsoft’s founder/monopoly player is hiding his eugenics plan in plain sight.  (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

Reproductive healthcare in his mind? (forced sterilization)

Bill’s got a megaphone too and it operates Univision.

The North American Union has already become reality for the rich, monied-elite in Mexico, Canada and the United States. Many of the richest in Mexico are heavily invested in the United States and the monied in the United States are invested in Canada.

In all of this, Canada is an odd duck. She is actually an extension of the criminal British Crown, and as a result, Canada’s monied-elite are invested in ways that leverage her influence throughout the western hemisphere. For instance, CN (Canadian National Railway Co.) is the only transcontinental rail line in Canada, which would suggest that it is a government sanctioned monopoly. Finally privatized in the 1990’s – the first order of business was a projected merger with Burlington Northern Railroad.

Through the early years of Canadian rail development, the government loaned money to failed rail entities. When these rail lines were unable to repay government loans, they were absorbed by CN Railway Co.

Bill Gates is the largest single shareholder in Canadian National Railway Co.

All the boys in-the-know have shown their hand. Canadian National has expanded its operation south, to the Gulf of Mexico, along the Mississippi with mergers – specifically the Illinois Central in 1998. This positioned Canadian National in a north-south rail alignment to take advantage of NAFTA.

Canadian National also has agreements with Kansas City Southern Railway. This will enable them to partake of the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor which would facilitate the movement of goods from Mexican ports to Kansas City. The proposed corridor was initially envisioned as 600 yards wide. Multiple lanes were to allow for cars, trucks hauling freight, and multiple rail lines.

Spanish-based company – CINTRA partnered with Australian Macquarie Group, creating  Skyways Concessions Company LLC.

Skyways Concessions Company LLC scored a 99-year lease on the Chicago Skyway in January 2004. Shortly thereafter in 2006, the Spanish and Australian partners formed  Indiana Toll Road Concession Company LLC, and paid $3.8 billion to the Indiana Finance Authority and entered into a 75-year lease.

The first order of business in Indiana for the consortium was to double the tolls. Responsible for only $800 million of the $3.8 billion – they filed for Chapter 11 in 2014 (assuredly the tolls had paid them their investment in this international shell game). Lo and behold, an Australian consortium, won the bidding war for control of Indiana’s bankrupt toll road. IFM Investors (on behalf of IFM Global Infrastructure Fund) acquired Indiana Toll Road Concession Company LLC in March 2015.

These corporations are formed into separate entities and structured to protect the parent company from losses. (CINTRA was a spinoff from Ferrovial Group. Ferrovial Group fully reacquired it in 2009 in a reverse takeover.) They could be called public/private partnerships, something that Canada would be more comfortable with than here in America.

Long leases enable these structured entities to claim depreciation on their taxes for the road. The consortium risks little upfront capital; the majority of the risk for the debt is taken on by private bond investors, or tax payers. Therefore, when collecting tolls it only takes a few short years to recoup their initial investment.

In Texas – CINTRA, the Spanish based company did not choose another international company to partner with in the SH130 Concession Company; they used San Antonio-based Zachry American Infrastructure(A subsidiary of Zachry Construction) The new toll road opened in 2012 and four years’ later – they declared bankruptcy.

CINTRA increased its presence in America, specifically to gather in the Trans-Texas corridor (TTC-35)

The big boys had developed a plan that would shut down California ports. California has been strangled by green regulations at ports such as Long Beach. What they envisioned would avoid pollution and truck congestion on its crowded highway systems.

The main crux was to create ports in Mexico where Chinese goods would flow north. Achieving this in Mexico is much easier than pulling permits in California. Goods would move through this new infrastructure at warp factor five.

U.S. Truck traffic (and freight by rail west from California) would be reduced crossing the continental divide in the Rocky Mountains, using ultra-modern port facilities in Mexico on newly constructed super highway/rail system through Texas. The Trans-Texas Corridor was hot-to-go… to Kansas City (an established rail hub.)

One of the first steps in all of this was to allow Mexican trucking firms to come north of the border. This was approved, but has been limited. Americans aren’t quite ready…to give it up. (The U.S. border with Mexico is where drugs from all over the world transit to American users, and of late – opioids have enslaved a good number.)

The seeds for globalism are not newly sown…the replacement of the failed League of Nations… the United Nations – was created to enslave the world by elites. Nationalism — especially in America, is the ultimate impediment to their plans.

Throughout decades, the monied elite in America maintain deep ties to European banking interests such as the Rothschild family and their network of European Houses. The same American elite that brought you Woodrow Wilson, (and a resurgence in the KKK) were the same elite who swore at the altar of eugenics, and forced sterilization. They brought slavery to America in the form of the income tax and the Federal Reserve, making sure the 17th amendment became the law of the land.

The good people of America refused the Charter of the League of Nations for good reason, but Fabian poison was slowly working in the veins of the United States: its government.

Agenda 21 organizes the earth into 10 regions.

In 1942 the forerunner of the U.N.’s proposed division of the world, was advanced in the United States by F.D.R. in a time of war. Basically, it telegraphed to the Soviet Union as to how much territory it would eventually possess.

“As the USA with the cooperation of the Democracies of Latin-America, the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, assumes world leadership for the establishment of a New World Moral Order for permanent peace, justice, security and world reconstruction.” – F.D.R.

According to the map below (drawn up in 1942 – 3 years before the world realized peace) the westernmost portion of what would be the United States’ area included Hainan Island, a province of China.  (Hainan translates: “South of the Sea”) [Hainan is mineral rich: titanium, zirconium, manganesetungstenbauxitemolybdenumcobaltcoppergold, and silver. There are large deposits of lignite (brown coal which is between peat and coal and still shows signs of being wood) and oil shale on the island, and significant offshore finds of oil and natural gas have been discovered]
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.39.12 PM
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 1.27.32 PM

Pay particular attention between 3:50 – 6:15 timeframe in this youtube video:

The glimpses of the G20 in Hamburg – given to the world by Fake Media, tells the obvious: they are designed to reflect President Trump in a bad light. The media are a willing participant in the attack on America’s LEADER. The Central Intelligence Agency CONTROLS the media and until recently, the F.B.I. was the bouncer.

They all run for the elites…who are now petrified of President Trump; a dire threat to their members-only vision of the world’s future.

The regulatory environment created by run-amok government was designed in all aspects to throttle the American economic engine, as we were taken down, peg-by-peg by political leaders, working for globalist elites.

They have taken over our media. They have taken over the government and they were preparing to take over every aspect of life by way of Hillary Clinton. Ms. Clinton represented the worst of America; the criminal cabal with its very satanic nature.

The culture of death has passed the baton from the era of Margaret Sanger to the new wealthy adherents of eugenics, abortion, sterilization, euthanasia and population reduction.

The evil, satanic cabal was held back by prayers from the faithful, to our Lord God in heaven.

After these things I beheld in the vision of (the) night, and lo! the fourth beast, fearedful, and wonderful, and full strong. It had great iron teeth, and it ate, and made less, and defouled with his feet other things; forsooth it was unlike (the) other beasts, which I had seen before it, and it had ten horns. (After these things I saw in the vision of the night, and lo! the fourth beast, fearful, and wonderful, and very strong. It had great iron teeth, and it ate, and devoured, and it defiled, or trampled upon, everything with its feet; and it was unlike the other beasts, which I had seen before it, for it had ten horns.) Daniel 7:7

And of ten horns which it had in the head, and of the tother horn that came forth, before which three horns fell down; and of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth speaking great things, and was greater than others; (And about the ten horns which it had on its head, and about the other horn that came forth, before which three horns fell down; and that horn had eyes, and a mouth speaking great things, and it was greater than the other horns Daniel 7:20

Forsooth (the) ten horns shall be ten kings of that realm; and another king shall rise (up) after them, and he shall be mightier than the former, and he shall make low three kings. Daniel 7:24

And another sign was seen in heaven; and lo! a great red dragon, that had seven heads [having seven heads], and tenhorns, and in the heads of him seven diadems. Rev. 12:3

And I saw a beast ascending up of the sea, having seven heads, and ten horns; and on his horns ten diadems, and on his heads the names of blasphemy. Rev. 13:1

And he took me [away] into desert in Spirit. And I saw a woman sitting on a red beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads, and ten horns. Rev. 17:3

And the angel said to me, Why wonderest thou? I shall say to thee the sacrament of the woman, and of the beast that beareth her, that hath seven heads and ten horns. Rev. 17:7

And the ten horns which thou hast seen, be ten kings, that yet have not taken kingdom; but they shall take power as kings, one hour after the beast. Rev. 17:12

And the ten horns that thou hast seen in the beast, these shall [hate the fornicary woman, or whore, and shall] make her desolate and naked, and shall eat the fleshes of her, and shall burn together her with fire. [And the ten horns that thou hast seen in the beast, these shall hate the fornicary woman, or whore, and shall make her desolate, and naked, and shall eat the flesh of her, and shall burn her together with fire.] Rev. 17:16


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  1. Excellent article. Bill Gates also promoted & funded Common Core to create global citizens via our education system. By age seven, children’s useful path has been established & guided by Internet teaching.


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