Make Sure The Plug Is In!


Profiting from government has become an art. This art has such a following that the people’s government is broke and the politicians continue to profit in and out of office.

A government shutdown looms closer and our government officials have spent the last 6 1/2 months holding hearings which amounted to free campaign optics. About to hit the wall, government – by the monied interests, will allow it to become a mad-dash for budgetary back-slapping.

The Congressional Budget Office had a projection in January 2001. It projected that the Federal Government would accumulate a $5.6 Trillion surplus in a 10-year period from 2002 – 2011. Within this period (looking back) there is much finger pointing happening as to why we are so deep in debt today.

Whatever the reasons for the failure of government to operate on a budget, blame is placed on a recession or war or changes in legislation. The simple fact is that our government today actually operates like the corrupt S. Vietnamese regime (so many American profiteers) in the 1960’s and 70’s.

We have been fleeced, they have stolen us blind, and they’re still getting elected. Were you one of the ones standing up –  patriotically, when mudslingers were papering Dick Cheney with Halliburton and KBR? When 9/11 happened, the ripoff was on.

Tons of money have been spent restructuring intelligence – military operations and of course, the democrats were squalling for Katrina and Rita money in New Orleans so that they could get a slice of the pie (everybody knew that place couldn’t hold water).

Bailing out the banks, bailing out Wall Street, and bailing out insurance companies by way of the Affordable Care Act. Made possible by the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act in 1999 by the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House: Denny Hastert, a pedophile. The repeal of this Act allowed banks to become Wall Street and insurance companies; therefore, all of the bailout monies, ultimately went to the bank.

When you send your income tax it goes to the Treasury which is the Federal Reserve and once again… it’s the bank. And of course, all illegal activities ultimately need a bank. So who runs the government? And are we in debt to them, or China?

They have broken us so badly, that Obamacare today is more appealing than passing the legislation to fix it. There is no reason for us to have such a do-nothing government (other than the fact that senators get elected to a 6-year term).

For the 1st 125 years of our Republic it was different and Americans were kept safe. Senators served at the pleasure of the State’s elected bodies. Another glaring reason for this disaster upon our Republic – is credited to mainstream media which we all now know… is fake news.

The people are divided by these propagandists who cover for bad governance and generate profits from advertisers. Advertising in the media could be considered the equivalent of lobbying. If you spend millions of dollars with a company, (advertising your product) it would be safe to say that you could make a phone call to get your “shoes shined.”

George W. Bush and his crew did really well in 8 of those 10 fiscal years. The unintended, (or so we hope) consequence of this fleecing was Barack Obama embarking upon a  Cloward-Piven strategy to bring our nation down (like the C.I.A. operation in Venezuela).

President Trump has restricted lobbying activity for the people within his administration. The President sees lobbyists who have just left government to be a problem. The legislative branch cannot be trusted to clean up its own act.

Since 2008 – more money is spent by lobbyists in Washington, D.C. than what is spent on political campaigns. At a rate of close to 50% – retiring representatives and senators dance on down to K Street. The hokey-pokey never gets old.

The legacy of  Obama: The Tiny House

Make Sure The Plug Is In!

Our legislative branch of government is sitting on top of some tremendously bad financial news. They are absolutely afraid to comprehensively inform the public. If they were to do so through the media, it would become a media circus.

So instead of the media bringing our brokenness to our attention on the evening news, they tell us that tiny houses… are the wave of the future. Does anyone seriously believe that you could tow your little house on wheels with your electric car?

I don’t think we need to worry about healthcare. (Insurance.)

Population reduction is going to be the order of the day… unless enough patriots are awakened like thousands of sleeper agents. On popular radio shows today – questions are asked about how to rein-in the lying, fake news.

If these same people (who herd every story for their masters) are not reined-in by government, they must be made to appear in court for creating thousands of cases of mental duress; citing assassins of police officers, and shooters of congressmen as extreme examples.

Bring the lawyers against the media.


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