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During Bill Clinton’s second term, (as the Presidential paramour to Monica Lewinsky) key Democrat operative (and husband of Republican strategist – Mary Matalin) was sent to Israel to advise Ehud Barak. Corporal cue ball Carville is actually Mr. Matalin. Dispatched along with Carville were Stanley Greenberg and Bob Shrum (later forming the consultancy firm – GCS to influence elections in foreign countries. This could be likened to a shadow Central Intelligence Agency without covert activity).

Israel’s economy began to suffer after 6 years of the Clinton Administration, because the United States was not acting in Israel’s best interest (our most loyal ally in the middle east).

Apparently the democrat party has grown comfortable with mirroring our government and its organization. They have covert operators, (this is attributed to the Unofficial Chief of White House Staff; Hillary Clinton. Immediately after the 1996 reelection of her husband, she embarked on a campaign against all enemies — enlisting criminal behavior so horrific that Dick Morris quit – rather than associate himself with the criminal cabal) a military wing and a shadow state department (also taking upon themselves… regime change).

These GCS players have become a fixture in Israeli politics today – sowing a false reality under the rainbow flag, i.e., the biggest gay pride parade in the middle east (that’s a no-brainer). 

Ehud Barak beat out Benjamin Netanyahu. Bibi was despised by Bill Clinton and so Bill Clinton’s CIA roots got the best of him. He sent over the snake from Louisiana. (The most prolific visitor to the Clinton White House was… Yasser Arafat).

Barak was elected because secular jews from America – living in Israel (and some of the most short-sighted people on the earth) decided that peace at all costs was good for Israel. The first consequence of this was seen immediately – as Palestinian missiles rained down upon Israel.

The tradition of meddling in foreign elections (by democrat presidents) continued under Barack Obama. The structure of the democrat party has become the Communist International. Barack Obama is a community organizer (political agitator) and product of ACORN… which was a product of Little Rock Arkansas.

Acorn (with its embezzlement and fraudulent voter registration drives) has been neutered in America, and as a result – chose to become an international organization (rather than lose its structure by closing its doors). It has become Acorn International.

Stan Greenberg is married to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, (a multi-millionaire lawmaker) Dear Rosa has a British connection as well – a graduate of the London School of economics which was formed by the Fabian Socialists. The couple allowed Rahm Emanuel (while Chief of Staff to Obama) to live 5 years – rent-free, at a D.C. location they owned. A founding partner of Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner Research with headquarters in Washington D.C. for over 30 years, providing political research and campaign strategy for the Democrat party. GCS was formed after Carville and Greenberg formed Democracy Corps (targeting progressive groups with research and strategic advice).

James Carville worked on Tony Blair’s campaign in 1997. (Afghanistan 2009: Carville worked for Ashraf Ghani [the Rothschild candidate, Ghani had worked for the World Bank and quite closely with the U.N.] in that country’s presidential election [pro bono]. [Ghani would win without Carville in 2014].  2010 Carville worked in Colombia for Presidential Candidate Juan Manuel Santos and adviser to the Governor of Buenos Aires in a reelection campaign – Daniel Scioli.) It seems his best work was Bolivia. It was so good they had to make a movie to cover it up. In essence, hiding in plain sight – they established the CIA’s candidate – Sanchez de Lozada, who was as American as you and me  – the Bolivians called him “el gringo” because of his accent. In cahoots with the IMF, de Lozada established a 12.5 tax rate for all people making over $130 a month. (This is where the Republicans wished they had a Republic Corps to compensate for their dumb asses always late to the show. Right, Karl Rove?) It didn’t take the CIA President of Bolivia long to establish chaos in his country. 

Bob Shrum was a speech writer for NY Mayor John Lindsay and later worked for Ted Kennedy (who was known to be a Soviet agent). Shrum had the misfortune of working on the failed campaigns of Democrats and critics point to his presidential “curse.” He cut his teeth on TV, radio and print advertising for many campaigns and he also worked for the British Labour Party in 1997 to elect Tony Blair. These are the three principles that formed Greenberg, Carville, Shrum – “GCS” 

If we assume that Bill Clinton is an agent for Rothschild, (from his days as a “degree-less” Rhodes Scholar) we are led to further assume that the political machinations of these entities are about enslaving the rest of the world – so that the mineral richness of the earth, can be gathered in by the monied-elite; the European banking interests.

If you appreciated the information herein please realize it wasn’t reported to you at the time by the main stream media. It was presented to readers as commentary with a historical perspective. So let’s have a conversation about one email from Donald Trump Jr. which is the history of the Trump campaign minus 33,000 emails making it -32,999.

The illegal drug use introduced into our society, (and facilitated by intelligence operatives) created an underground economy and sub-culture (imagine the attending vice associated with it). It has boiled under the surface of society until these communist operators could grow a generation… that would follow the dope into a tyrannical corral.

The British dealt so much opium into China before socialism (propagated by Marx in Britain) became its government. There are no coincidences. Their hand is behind the British invasion – we know this as “The Beetles.”  Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – “We hope you have enjoyed the show” ???

The Bible further warns those who don’t believe that if they persist in their rejection of Christ, a strong delusion will come upon them after the Rapture, (see 2 Thessalonians chapter 2) and they will go into the Tribulation UNABLE to repent: 

“Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.”–Rev 9:21


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