The Swamp Yankees

Joseph Randolph Coolidge married Julia Gardner — both families were Boston Brahmans. Joseph was the great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson. Their third son as well as all 5 of their sons, graduated from Harvard University… just like their father. The third son – Archibald Cary Coolidge, was born in 1866. Coolidge was a student of history […]

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Opioids For The Masses

Is Hillary Clinton hiring former DNC staffers and putting together her operational staff? Her last desperate act? The Wellesley girl wishes to have her revolution…NOW! What is it that drives this woman to be Bill’s political energizer bunny? Hillary Clinton is a (stumbling) living example that justice in today’s America only exists when the little […]

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Wife of Mikel Jones (Mikel was a staffer for Congressman Hastings from 1993-2011) now is listed as a part-time employee in the Palm Beach County office of Alcee Hastings. Dona Nichols-Jones was ordered to prison for 1-day and required to make restitution in the sum of $400K. Both Jones and his wife were convicted of […]

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