Wife of Mikel Jones (Mikel was a staffer for Congressman Hastings from 1993-2011) now is listed as a part-time employee in the Palm Beach County office of Alcee Hastings. Dona Nichols-Jones was ordered to prison for 1-day and required to make restitution in the sum of $400K.

Both Jones and his wife were convicted of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud – using a business loan for personal use (which brought the FBI). Lo and behold – the couple’s scheme centered around a loan from a New York creditor for a Philadelphia law firm… owned by Mikel Jones.

There is a clear trail of deception involving democrat politics as a whole. This is not an isolated incident nor is Alcee Hastings a bona-fide representative to Congress. Enough of these games!

As a member of Congress this disgraced judge (tainted by bribery) is responsible for staffing his office and is accountable for the pay and performance of people like Patricia Williams.

Ms. Williams just may be a girlfriend of Congressman Hastings since they met during his 1993 trial (she became an employee on his staff at that time).

Patricia’s daughter – Maisha, (who may or may not have an arrest record in the Orlando area) is also on the payroll. As of 2017 – Patricia Williams (the highest earner in the Hastings organization) has made over $2.25 million since 2000.

President Trump has just signed legislation that will place sanctions on Russia. The bill was specifically worded to point out Russian cyber attacks in the 2016 election (if this is true – it happened on Barack Obama’s watch). Nonetheless, this bill crafted by little jerk weeds working behind the politicians, was specifically crafted to appear as a slap in Donald Trump’s face.

Taking a swipe at the Executive Branch – the (legislative branch) thieves are now attempting to usurp power by attaching provisions to a bill they knew the President would sign (because they have been so recalcitrant in passing meaningful legislation or advancing the President’s agenda) a bill which places sanctions upon Russia which can only be removed with Congressional approval.

Repeal the 17th amendment and do away with this Imperial Senate! The quickest way to bring a challenge of this law to the Supreme Court is for the President to strip a sanction from this Congressional overreach and watch Congress come at him like the gay mafia they are.

Trump wanted cuts – he got bloat. NOAA spent $300K on a yacht… to go fishing? They should hook up with the Bushes and go tarpon fishing at Boca Grande.

These agencies behave like start-ups with unlimited Venture Capital funding, zero regard for cost of airfare, furnishings or yachts.

Trump sought to make cuts in the budget (that’s not a budget) as he is fully aware and understanding that America must act now against accumulating more debt. His request for cuts were answered with increases:

  • $15 BILLION cut at HHS received a $2.8 BILLION increase.
  • $4.7 BILLION cut at the DEPT. of AG received a $12.8 BILLION increase.
  • $6.2 BILLION cut at HUD received a $500 MILLION increase.

Debt ceiling will be raised with (another) continuing resolution.

Want to know why the deep state is so deep? They are passing around money.  It’s not just the elected officials cashing in – it’s the bureaucrats and it’s the generals and colonels who head into the defense industry. Take for instance  CCC – everyone would automatically think of The New Deal Program from FDR’s administration.

Commodity Credit Corporation which has been used in the past as a slush fund for operators. These operators within our government (in the late 1980’s) financed a military build-up of Saddam Hussein involving various banking entities (although only 1 notable case was brought to court).

This was a George H.W. Bush operation in Atlanta, Georgia involving an Italian bank and its small branch. They actually sought to imprison the bank personnel (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro) as if they had financed this conspiracy on their own.

This build-up in the 80’s included American weaponry which had been sold to various Arab states (which in turn were compelled to move these weapons to Saddam Hussein) leaving no direct fingerprints from the U.S. These nations were reimbursed from the slush fund.

This period also coincides with Saddam Hussein’s acquisition and use of mustard gas (laced with nerve agents) against Iran. A lot of these contracts went to Arkansas-based companies. There are many ties to Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm within this web. The death and destruction associated with the Clinton’s is massive and worldwide. (The chemical artillery rounds found after Bush 43 rolled into Iraq possibly had Hillary’s fingerprints from the 1980’s.)

Bill Clinton’s ties to the Central Intelligence Agency are well-known. What many do not know is he is an agent for the elites who control the world. Never before, at anytime in our history, has a thieving brood of marauding political operatives appeared, seizing the reins of both parties, in a vast theft from the public trust.

The outright disappearance of money into thin air was accelerated in 1992 and it is quite obvious from Denny Hastert and George W. Bush, that no brake was applied. To the contrary, gasoline was thrown on the fire. Call them what they are: thieves.

Both sides of what we think are two parties have brought us to a place where trillions have become billions (the way billions replaced millions). Today in Washington D.C. politicians are the last in a line of thieves. They have had the distinction of being in charge of our government in a place where the can has run out of road to be kicked down.



Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.49.15 PM
DC Clothesline – 1/8/2015


Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.52.30 PM
the Fiscal Times 4/4/2014


Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.55.27 PM
ActivistPost 8/8/16




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