Opioids For The Masses

Is Hillary Clinton hiring former DNC staffers and putting together her operational staff?

Her last desperate act?

The Wellesley girl wishes to have her revolution…NOW!

What is it that drives this woman to be Bill’s political energizer bunny? Hillary Clinton is a (stumbling) living example that justice in today’s America only exists when the little people are involved.

Teflon Witch and The Court Warlock

The deep state that surrounds her has all the muscle it needs, all the lawyers it wants, and an unending bag of cash. Those who sit on top of the worldwide flow of money receive their piece of the action – no matter the legalities.

There was talk by some pundits in America (prior to the election) of a soft counter coup being executed against the deep state. (This was the psychological operation against America – preparing Americans to believe that a coup was okay and possible – especially if they thought that it would give them an advantage or an improvement upon their world view.)

Now there is talk of our new President being too close to the people — too active on Twitter? President Trump recently went to West Virginia. He and Governor Jim Justice could have rolled out of that venue with every last one of those people (D.C. ain’t that far). That’s why the punks in D.C. have holes in the ground in WV – they can go downstairs in D.C. and pop up at Greenbrier – complete with faggot waiters (cause they’re infiltrating West Virginia too).

The media made much ado over the fact that West Virginia people exiting the rally were mostly silent when questioned by reporters (liberals have never understood words are cheap in the real world).

Greenbrier is an antiquated facility – there are holes connected up and down the east coast – from North Carolina to New York State. Greenbrier is a tourist attraction and that’s as close as JQ Public gets to an underground safe space (they got, you not!).

For all practical purposes, the criminal elite had overtaken the United States by way of a corrupt two-party system which legislators strengthened through legislation on campaign finance (and an entrenched academic system, corrupted religion, and the plain old “carrot and stick”).

Not only have the organs of government been made criminal, the mafia has been replaced by a shadow, criminal element. The masses are influenced, angered and directed by modern media with its designated audiences. They seek to tether all living persons to a network they control while they drive diversity.

Ongoing censoring of conservatives on social media, and efforts of fake news organizations to override the new alternative media, are designed to place the masses in lockstep – with the ever-changing groupthink.

The soft counter coup, working against the entrenched powers  – could only have had one target – the Executive Branch of the United States under Barack Obama.

The onslaught of a deep state pushback against a duly elected President (and his administration) demonstrates where the true power in Washington D.C. resides. (Can you imagine a crew worse than Denny Hastert and Trent Lott or Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?)

WikiLeaks had delivered the goods and the treasonous activity was revealed behind closed doors. Barack Obama’s crimes were so glaring that he had to bow out rather than be arrested – leaving Hillary holding her bag.

$1.5 Billion spent on a campaign to nowhere. The democrats are being taken on by Bernie supporters in a class action law suit. Washington D.C. is the land of leaks.

After President Trump’s inauguration, newly approved Director of Central Intelligence, Mike Pompeo – was frothing at the mouth to get Julian Assange into US custody; the very man who had saved America’s hide. At one fell swoop Julian Assange paid America back for our operations in the pacific, which pulled Australia’s irons out of the fire in WW II. Thank you Australia!

The world today is extraordinarily dangerous because of stupid people. Stupid because we did not act against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s lying to America in the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and 3 other American citizens at Benghazi, Libya. We did not rise up when Extortion 17 was taken out of the air. When Obama stabbed America in the back with Medvedev on an open mic, or his Iran deal, or Uranium One or the Bundy stand-off — we didn’t stand up. This overreach originated at Randy Weaver’s cabin at Ruby Ridge, and we didn’t stand up.

If these satanic pedophiles are not removed, they will destroy the world in a grab for power. Make no doubt – they have secreted weapons of mass destruction throughout the United States to facilitate a chaos they can control. The Islamic immigration of Europe facilitated through the State of Libya today, is telling us who these leftists are aligned with. There is no quarter when you fight evil. The devil always has a trick up his sleeve.


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