Soros Marches Through The Shenandoah

Couple these optics with the media gloom and doom. Roll the dice, shake ‘um good and roll out SWEETart heroin from the Soros Confectionary Company (It was the Dutch who brought the first slaves here in the 1600’s – and it was the Dutch that slaved native Americans – Lenni Lenape known as the DELAWARE into the Caribbean to a life of slavery. We owe these parties for fomenting insurrection in our nation financed by a Hungarian Nazi operative – doing the bidding of his European banker-MASTERS in a satanic play to own the whole world)

Liberals have flooded the institutions of higher learning in Virginia – you would be hard-pressed to find a new Tom Clancy or Shelby Foote above the valley floor. They want it their way – nobody else has a say.

In some not-so-distant places of Virginia’s hill country – Woodrow Wilson is revered. His 2nd wife is from these hills and democrat ways die hard. Woodrow Wilson was the rebirth of the Klan. The great-great-great grandchildren of those who voted for Wilson are in these hills today. They are tradesmen and laborers, farmers and service workers – and they’ve had it up to here with the liberals and the colleges.

Little do they realize, it doesn’t take much to buy agitators… money that George Soros has sprinkled like pixie dust at Disney World. David Duke is aligned with democrat leadership – this should give a clue where the nazi salute really originates… Georgy Soros.

The first thing that the people of Charlottesville should have done was to seize the transportation of the activists – whether private conveyance, shuttle or bus… impound every vehicle regardless of the mayor, police and governor. This is what the people need to do to get to the bottom of what these tricksters, who have been given labels by the media, such as  – Black Lives Matter… “No Justice? No Peace, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”  RESIST has their desires (see statement below) and of course, the ALT-Right (a contrived B.S. media-infiltration of the new media) using the language of the old media.


Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.00.25 PM

In a April 5, 2016 story by National Review’s Thomas L. Rhodes Fellow (the human eraser… no doubt, with superpowers:) Ian Tuttle (@iptuttle) served up the perfect Alt-Right platter. (By the second paragraph he had associated Alt-Right with the word  evangelized.) (Recently Billy Graham’s son – Franklin, denounced media attempts to put the Alt-Right label around President Trump’s neck, like a Winnie Mandela necklace.)

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 4.07.35 PM





Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.09.55 PM



It is safe to assume an intelligence operation is at work in America. Mr. Tuttle had not tweeted between 13 Nov 2016 and yesterday 13 Aug 2017 about 10 pm EST. But first let’s address Yiannopoulos and Allum Bokhari: two British folks who perhaps just like to hang out and eat Camerons Meat Pies. This smacks of intelligence being run between the old media and the new media… with the old media seeking to co-opt the new media… all the way to the schmuck who works underneath the editors at the National Review.

We are not looking at this from the big picture – we have been trained to look up at the “tube.”  Today the new media is like flickers – the original movies – put a nickel in.

Ian Tuttle omits the Communist Party USA in his piece.

(Here is an excerpt from Barefoot Cavalry July 25, 2017:  It Takes A Village?)

Putin fired the Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, then voted out others and replaced them with Dmitri Medvedev and Alexi Miller.  At this moment in time, Hermitage Capital Management became involved, (specializing in Russian markets). Hermitage Capital Management was an activist fund. The company’s mission was exposing corruption within the companies it was holding.

At this point in time, the fund’s cofounder – William Felix Browder, (his grandfather was Earl Browder and former leader of the Communist Party USA) grew up as a jewish kid from Chicago yet managed to hook up with Vlad. Gazprom in 2005 purchased Izvestia and by November of 2005, William Browder was blacklisted by the Russian Government as a threat to national security. (end of excerpt)

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 7.47.35 PM
Above is a screen shot of a Washington Post article – July 18, 2017. The Story Must Be Told. Hermitage Capital is mentioned but the CEO’s name is omitted because he is the grandson of the former Leader of the Communist Party USA. It muddies the waters. This shows the total construct of the news through the CIA-affiliated news organization. This is deep state news.


William Browder represented a modern example: during the 1930’s under Stalin, Russia advertised in newspapers and publications across the United States – for skilled-labor, machinists and assembly line workers. Many goofy, disenfranchised, socialists within the nation (having read the glowing reports of Soviet Russia in the New York Times) set sail for the socialist paradise.

Like the Axis armies that marched into mother Russia, these dreamers disappeared into the gulag as they were then absorbed into the blood lines of post war Russia. Alexi Miller is of German blood as well as Herman Gref (President and CEO of Sberbank since 2007). Can we liken these Russky-Germans to the ones we moved west into Canada during Operation Paperclip, such as, Wernher von Braun?

In June of 2007 – Hermitage and its law firm were raided in Moscow, resulting in one employee hospitalized for two weeks after being severely beaten.

Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky was a partner at the legal firm of Firestone Duncan. This Russian law firm was cofounded by Jamison Firestone, (Tulane Law School 1991) along with Terry Michael Duncan, J.D. (George Washington University) who lost his life in 1993 when he involved himself in street demonstrations and took a head shot for his effort.

Sergei Magnitsky is the impetuous for the Magnitsky Act which is formerly known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012. 

Hermitage taunted the Russian Government by YouTube video, accusing it of fraud as its Russian infrastructure was dismantled by paramilitary thugs. William Browder’s legal representative (Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky) was then arrested in Moscow – accused of tax fraud and imprisoned where he died November 16, 2009… seven days before he was due to be released. He was a Ukrainian.

If you have read the link above (here) you can see that Mr. Propaganda is learning his craft from the editors of the National Review as the Thomas L. Rhodes Fellow. NR was at one time, a favorited read for conservatives.

National Review was, in effect, the fall-back for the Jeb-Marco-Cruz-Kasich wing of the Denny Hastert party.

It was anti-Trump from the beginning of his campaign and rabidly anti-Trump today — post Charlottesville.

Going back to November 9, 2016 – Ian Tuttle wrote The Alt-Right President

We can see below – Ian Tuttle tweets a link nine-months to the day of his last tweet and then (if he’s on the east coast and Alwin Roe is on the west coast) somewhere in a 7-hour period, our intrepid “fellow” at National Review, pulled his link. He writes as if his words should be given to Moses, while people like Milo – parade around as if they are god. The new media might be nothing more than a Psy-Op run by Mossad and the CIA.

The last words in the November 9, 2016 National Review piece that Ian shat – “but supporting a President Trump cannot mean giving a pass to the ugly fringe which has risen with him.”

Former Breitbart investigative journalist – Lee Stranahan, has teamed up with Dog the Bounty Hunter (don’t mess with his wife) and is shining a light on Soros and his drug fueled minions. The Klan and Antifa – like the same dope.



We can give thanks to social media for our PRESIDENT. No time to stand down however. We must be ever-vigilant as the workers of darkness are fully-funded and dedicated with demon-like desires.

Not DOMESTIC TERRORISM – Hungarian-Nazi-Funded Terrorism. Vice Mayor Bellamy is a racist. VSU?  Where did the money come from?

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