Private Beach, No. Zvimming Allowed!

President Trump has been dealt a poor hand in the political gin from his advisors. It is despicable that a contrived Alt-Right moniker (developed by an academic) has been applied to him by his enemies. Trump’s enemies are our enemies. This is the new era in America whether the left likes it or not.

When Hillary Clinton let the words “Alt-Right” roll off her diseased tongue, everyone should have sat up and said “why is she trying to hang that moniker on the Trump movement?” People can say that Hillary is stupid and a lot of folks will agree with that, but if you said Hillary is crafty… most would agree.

Realize when the left gets in front of a camera and winds up and throws a moniker pitch… beware! Everything the left is about is hate: unborn (burden) elderly (burden) handicapped (burden)…yet their constituents (legal and illegal) are burdensome to the middle class taxpayers. (They must be stopped. Nothing better than class warfare for them.)

Paul Gottfried was born in America – Brooklyn, New York in 1941 and his family moved to Connecticut shortly thereafter. His father had fled Hungary after Chancellor Dollfuss was assassinated in the July 1934 Putsch, and before people like George Soros (Schwartz, György) nazi provocateur (petty thief) rose up. (Many Hungarians were under no illusions to the nazi menace threatening Germanic peoples across Europe – a satanic cult, the nazis.)

Inequality (longtime democrat/communist catchword) is a foundational belief of Alt-Right’s movement and its godfather – Paul Gottfried. Inequality (which exists in any system and will continue to exist, no matter what) has fomented haters who have various brands of hate – but… at their core, they are strident, communists.

Mr. Gottfried formulated his description of the Alt-Right in 2008. Hillary Clinton used the term Alt-Right in her speech in Reno on the campaign trail (8/25/16). This was after the Burning Man – we can only imagine how many sacrifices to Moloch were offered up in those desert hills. (If you had a child that disappeared in this timeframe?….see Hillary Clinton).

Steve Bannon was a new hire in the Trump campaign at the time of this speech. Hillary Clinton is responsible for Steve Bannon’s White House exit.

There are interesting markers dotting Gottfried’s life and upbringing. His father – Andrew, was enamored with F.D.R. although he was a registered republican. He did show hatred for nazism but we must realize that Zionism, Marxism, communism and socialism are all drawn from intellectual thinkers who were the flotsam jetsam of wheezing monarchies. (Especially Russian jews in Germany who had fled the Czar.)

Supposedly not a religious sort, the younger Gottfried attended Yeshiva University as an undergrad in New York. If this wasn’t painful for someone who thinks like he does today – what was it? On to Yale. A prolific writer – Mr. Gottfried’s pieces are in a class of morass closely resembling the psycho babble of The New Yorker Magazine in the 1970’s.

The Fourth of July – and No Flag?



Fifteen cents was a ripoff

Paul has an archive located at UNZ.COM – The UNZ Review: An Alternative Media Selection.  A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.

One particular article: The Death of Marxism Revisited – 900 words from the 9th of February 2017 – starts with “about 10 years ago I published a book The Strange Death of Marxism which argued strenuously that the present Left is not Marxist, but post-Marxist.” Unlike traditional Marxist and European democratic socialists, the type of left that has gained ground since and even before the fall of the Soviet Empire is culturally radical but only secondarily interested in economic change.”

If you analyze that statement – this man’s words are written at the left, at the right, and at the anarchist. Each side of this triangle of hate can read what this man writes, and hang their hat on it.

He continues on in paragraph 2 “although I haven’t changed my view about how the left has transformed itself since I wrote my book it does seem that in some ways there’s been more continuity between the old and the new left than I once suggested. Old time marxists here and in Europe became multiculturalists almost overnight,…”

You can read this 900 word piece in its entirety here.

There can be no honest disagreements with those who either by design or because of dangerous ignorance are working against “hope and change.”

This man – Paul Gottfried, was cherry picked by the CIA (in his college days) which now  employs him (indirectly) through the “I’m with Her” campaign.  Ms. Purple has hired some operatives to run as if they were General Hillary’s staff. The bona-fide leader of the Antifa/Alt-Right/Soros movement. Nobody’s paying attention to CANKELS with a HOLEY tongue. You can bet she has the goods on every politician in the District of Columbia.

The Purple Gang

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