The Swamp Yankees

Joseph Randolph Coolidge married Julia Gardner — both families were Boston Brahmans. Joseph was the great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson. Their third son as well as all 5 of their sons, graduated from Harvard University… just like their father. The third son – Archibald Cary Coolidge, was born in 1866.

Coolidge was a student of history – his mother’s family — the Gardners, were a prominent Boston banking family who were also involved in shipping. As with so many of these families in Boston in those days – the Far East India trade spelled OPIUM to China.

The five boys in the Coolidge family were prepared for their education in an ever-searching experimentation of educational theories. The family was greatly traveled and the children were introduced to European culture for long periods of time. Archibald was admitted to Harvard in 1883 and graduated Sum Cum Laude in History in 1887.

Archibald spent 6 years abroad in scholarly pursuits – attended the University of Berlin and the École des Sciences Politiques in Paris. Archibald received a PhD from the University of Freiburg Germany in 1892 and he became fluent in seven languages: Russian, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, French and Spanish.

Coolidge was directed to focus on contemporary international relations (the U.S. State Department made use of the young man even as he was engaged in his studies).  He returned to the U.S. in 1893 with the firm opinion that the Eastern Mediterranean held the key to European affairs. Coolidge held this theory – that this turbid, area of the world, was the key to understanding world politics of the day.

Immediately upon returning to the United States, Coolidge was appointed to Harvard College, first as an instructor. Coolidge was tasked with making great historical periods understandable to young students, who were not prepared in this field.

Harvard believed Coolidge could provide guidance to both graduates and undergrads, thus opening historical study to these young minds with his focus on European and Far East history. This marked the beginning of our modern state department and diplomatic corps (under the control of America’s Eastern establishment).

Immersed in Harvard and a master of his subject-matter (known for the conveyance of information with the utmost accuracy), Coolidge built Harvard’s massive library. A work which began in 1895 – Archibald purchased thousands of books from his own funds — a scholarly collection of books, carefully chosen, and encompassing many fields. It can only be equated to today’s search engines for scholarly pursuits.

As Director of Harvard University Library – the acquisition of books and other library material. Building projects went forward as it became one of the great libraries of the world. (While Coolidge was at Harvard, the U.S. government continued to use him as an intelligence gatherer in Europe prior to WW I – where he lectured in Paris.)

The Department of State was co-opted by elites in the late 1800’s, as America’s international stature and influence grew out of its trade with the nations of the world. The United States Navy and Marine Corps became intelligence gatherers as they posted forward in their duties. Naval Intelligence today is intertwined with the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The oldest institution of higher learning in the United States is Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Established in 1636 as a beacon for young Americans seeking higher education. Harvard has been a recruiting ground for operators for the Eastern establishment – primarily government and foreign policy.

The republicans controlled the government for many years following the War Between The States,. The elites realized they had to have control in both parties so that their influences would always be attended by whichever party was in power.

It is very interesting to note that W.E.B. Dubois graduated Harvard in 1890 cum laude in history and received graduate training in sociology on a scholarship. He received a fellowship from the John F. Slater Fund For The Education Of Freedmen for graduate work at the University of Berlin. Coming of age, traveling through Europe, he was influenced by the social scientists of the day, and in 1895 — was the 1st African-American to earn a PhD from Harvard University.

We would soon see how German education of American students had been a burden on the body politic of America. Born in Watertown N.Y., (four years before W.E.B. Dubois),  Robert Lansing (the 42nd U.S. Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson) graduated from Amherst College in 1886, and after studying law, he became a member of the law firm Lansing and Lansing at Watertown.

(Another Harvard graduate and veteran of the War Between The States: John W. Foster was our 32nd Secretary of State. Foster directed the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy. He also maintained a summer home at Watertown, N.Y. [Lansing married Secretary Foster’s daughter, Eleanor.])

The firm of Lansing and Lansing was recognized as an authority on international law and served as counsel for the United States in arbitrations and tribunals (as the American destiny was fulfilled going so far as to practice at The Hague).

Lansing replaced William Jennings Bryan – a pacifist. When Bryan resigned, (following the sinking of the British Lusitania by a German submarine), it was Robert Lansing who created the State Department’s Bureau of Secret Intelligence (which would eventually become the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service).

Lansing persuaded Denmark to sell the U.S. Islands in the West Indies which were named U.S. Virgin Islands. He had been an advocate for benevolent neutrality at the start of WW I. By the end of the War he moved against the Austro-Hungarian Empire as it crumbled, recognizing the Czechs, Slovaks and South Slavs as they declared themselves independent from this empire.

It was Edith Wilson, the President’s wife, who demanded Lansing’s resignation in 1920 for two reasons: he did not consider the League of Nations essential to the peace which sprang from the Paris Peace Conference and after Wilson’s stroke, he was the 1st cabinet member to call for the Vice President – Thomas R. Marshall, to assume the presidency.

“I believe that if the senate could only understand what this treaty means, and if the American people could really understand, it would unquestionably be defeated.” ~ Lansing regarding The Treaty of Versailles.

(It was Lansing’s nephews – John Foster Dulles, and Allen Welsh Dulles, who were instrumental in drafting the treaty for the likes of the Warburg Family which represented both sides of this war at the table).

As we entered the last stages of the war and the beginning stages of the peace, the progressives formed The Inquiry. Its members were composed of academics and were under the direct supervision of Edward House and Sidney Edward Mezes.

A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, and a doctorate from Harvard University, Mezes taught philosophy at the infamous University of Chicago and somehow ended up at the University of Texas.

Mezes was related to Edward M. House by marriage – they married sisters. House was the Rothschild agent in Texas as the oil industry grew. His father was British and House had attended an academy in Bath, England as well as prep schools in Virginia and New Haven, Connecticut.

House was a strong proponent of the League of Nations and you could surmise Mezes was as well. Not all of those in The Inquiry supported the League of Nations but out of this group, the Council on Foreign Relations was founded and Archibald Cary Coolidge served as Editor of Foreign Affairs (which was the council’s foreign policy magazine — considered the go-to read for international relations from its inception).

These same progressives who brokered our peace also allowed the bankers (six year’s earlier) to circumvent the Constitution by forming what is known as The Federal Reserve System. As debts were collected from the former Axis powers, using the Bank of International Settlement in Basil Switzerland (run by the maternal grandfather of Richard McGarrah Helms, the Director of Central Intelligence during the Watergate PsyOp) combined with U.S. efforts to obtain reimbursement for our Lend-Lease policies, caused the wounded economies in Europe to constrict.

Our bankers facilitated a bubble of epic proportions and in 1929, it burst.  As the world was thrown into chaos, safety lines were sent into Europe which allowed intellectual thinkers from various countries of Europe, to make their way to the United States – and this included, The Frankfort School.

Marcuse was another critical thinker from Germany and was born in Berlin in 1898. He was a stable hand during WW I and later involved himself with the Socialist Spartacist uprising. Germany was struggling between social democracy versus a soviet style government.

In the unstable atmosphere of post war Germany, Marcuse completed his PhD at the University of Freiburg in 1922. He returned to Berlin to study and write.

With the advent of the Third Reich, Marcuse involved himself with the Institute For Social Research. The Institute was a natural outcropping of German intellectuals, steeped in the relatively new field of psychology – married to a strident communist worldview (The Institute For Social Research is commonly known today as The Frankfurt School).

These leftists were under no illusions as to what their fate would be when Adolph Hitler rose with his fascism.  Although the left and fascism are both socialism – today’s educated people, no longer recognize that these two forms of socialism each have their own flag. Communism is a red banner while fascism is a black flag i.e., ISIS.


The Red and the Black are both enemies of capitalism.

The Frankfurt School briefly settled in Geneva where it may have been the recipient of operational funds before journeying to New York City to set up house. (Columbia University and its affiliated schools.)

Entering the United States in 1933 – Marcuse became a citizen in 1940. Please ponder how during WW II the democrats under F.D.R. and along with Wall Street lawyers, gathered Herbert Marcuse into The Office of the Coordinator of Information: a propaganda machine set up by ex-patriot Germans.

The Voice of America grew out of this office and films were produced explaining the Japanese relocation (better known as internment) while working hand-in-glove with Hollywood.

Marcuse was then transferred to The Research and Analysis Branch. It was founded as a branch of the OSS in 1942. William Donovan (WW I Medal of Honor recipient and Wall Street lawyer who led the Office of Strategic Services during WW II) was enamored with the propaganda skills of the left, finding them indispensable. (We see here the fallacy of academic thinkers – they are not doers but rather pontificators, steeped in long rambling missives, more or less like every edition of The New Yorker.) 

The head of The Research and Analysis Branch was William Leonard Langer – born in South Boston, the son of German immigrants, he studied at Boston Latin School and attended Harvard University and earned a B.A., M.A. and PhD. He was fluent in German.

During WW I, Langer was in a chemical weapons unit in France which saw the use of these chemical weapons on the battlefield. Langer was the first to hold The Archibald Coolidge Chair at Harvard. After his work with OSS he continued on in intelligence, helping to organize the Office of National Estimates which is known today as the National Intelligence Council. Langer also served from 1961-77 on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board which was then disbanded by Jimmy Carter but reinstated by Ronald Reagan.

Langer’s best work was The Research and Analysis Branch which was the largest think tank ever assembled in America at that time. It was a descendent of The Inquiry and thus, strongly influenced by the Council on Foreign Relations.

After OSS was disbanded, Marcuse worked with the State Department until 1950. During the war years he had collaborated with another Frankfurt School cohort — Franz Leopold Neumann.

Franz came to the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research which was in exile at Columbia University. He had been a labor lawyer in pre-nazi Germany and fled to England where he studied under Harold Laski. While teaching at the London School of Economics, Harold Laski was also an executive member of The Fabian Society (1922-1936).

The ties of worldwide socialism or communism or fascism can all be traced back to Europe. When we were having problems in America with assassinations and bombings of the 1800’s, many people would not associate German or British intellectuals with the Bohemians and Italian anarchists (who were doing the legwork of the Fabian Society and the German humanist thinkers). What ties the Germans and the British together is the House of Rothschild.

The Clan For High Brows

Marcuse was a philosophy professor at Brandeis University and held classes at Yale,  eventually landing at San Diego State where he openly advocated violence and became identified with the Black Communist Party activist — Angela Davis. But before that happened, he taught one class at Harvard University – and lo and behold, a 23 year-old Paul Gottfried was served up to Herbert Marcuse. (Marcuse was such a well-kept, high-level secret in the Frankfort School that when he visited the Frankfort schools in Germany, the leaders had no idea that he actually outranked them.)

Paul Gottfried was an academic who coined the phrase Alt-Right to describe a non-existent faction in America, drawn out of thin air like Marxism. Now to be used by nazi provocateur – George Soros, in a twisted Saul Alinsky soap opera (hired operators and actors on both sides of a media conjecture).

Note:  History was rewritten because of foundations of elite business families in America seeking to pit American citizens against one another. The people who brought the rebirth of the Klan and then partnered with Black Americans at the same time opposing civil rights – they became the champion of the oppressed black man. President Donald Trump is the antithesis of all of this hate and violence.

This has all been controlled from Academia – they overtook the government, and created the race narrative starting with W.E.B. Dubois.

Woodrow Wilson’s Top Advisor, Edward M.House and Wilson’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy – Franklin Roosevelt (as a candidate for president speaking with the sage)

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