From West Point, We Can See Russia On The 50-Yard Line

Communism marched into the betting parlor by way of the Algonquin roundtable. This was but one of the gutters that the despicable European humanist pipe dream has taken. Sports and its betting have taken the time of so many lives. They wake up as their mortality has run out and realize…they were chasing the wind. Just one angle of a Godless society (liberalism). ~ Barefoot Cavalry

While President Trump is surrounded by people being investigated by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, (for supposed Russian influences in the 2016 election) the final push by the communist 60’s radicals has been foisted upon America, by the NFL Players Union.

It’s not actually known whether the union is involved in this, but we do know Barack Obama sought to exert influence over the NFL in support for the unconstitutional  Affordable Care Act. (The IRS is the collection agency for the Affordable Care Act and as such, along with the IRS’s swat team, is the bane of rich athletes.) You can only imagine exactly how bad it would be (as we wait for another Black October) if CANKLES had actually won.

Obama has done a great service for America. Everybody with ears that stick out feels more comfortable about themselves. The rest of us have had our ears pinned back onto our head. Remembering the signer (these antics must have confused all the deaf world leaders at this solemn occasion) at the Mandela Memorial Service in South Africa where Michael Obama was jealous: all the world’s a stage.

Barack Obama assists the Prime Minister of Denmark with the taking of a selfie while David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, plants a sophisticated listening device in her purse.

Communism is a world-wide movement. There are communists in every nation of the earth. Camaraderie, a word born of the French Revolution is the cement of worldwide communism. And the French Revolution was a product of the bankers in Europe. They in turn, educated the rich children of America’s elite after our Civil War, until the 1st World War. These educated from Europe came home agitating for a change in our society and our system of government.

Great upheaval on the heels of progressivism, culminating in the puppet Woodrow Wilson – paved the way for a hundred-year plan to enslave America and destroy its constitution and history.

Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton’s puppet as well as the co-puppet master and the perpetual political 501(c)(3) foundations. Both families seek to put into place with other people’s money, a new twist to an old fad.

It was the foundations created by old money in America (which was financed by old money in Europe) who had taken old money America’s children, indoctrinated them in foreign schools, creating the foundational morass responsible for our present day situation.

Soon, NFL owners are going to realize bullshit only goes so far. If the American public refrains from betting NFL games, owners will begin to feel a pressure that few of us could bring to bear across the board.

The games people play in the real world are truly dangerous (like swimming off your private beach in Miami). Crying “help” won’t get you anywhere. Most team owners in the National Football League like a good bet. They place these bets with people with funny names. If you really want to turn up the heat on them NFL boys, don’t bet the NFL.

You want to put their feet to the fire after they’ve been scalping your super bowl tickets for a half century? Do you want to get back at them for the drug problems they have created on and off the field? If you want to get back at them for throwing the game – this is the way to do it. Don’t bet the NFL!

The underlying motivators could give a shit less about sports, or our society, its morals or for that matter – the religious upbringing of our youth. They only want power (take your pick of the half-time shows, you wouldn’t want your children or grandchildren to watch).

Today you’ve got Superman at West Point showing his Che undergarment. Che who, (according to Felix Rodriguez – the present owner of Che’s Rolex) was only capable of marching in a circle in a Bolivian jungle. Each time the band passed by villages, they were in more desperate condition than the last time they had passed. The Cuban Revolution apparently didn’t have a course on Marching by Compass.

West Point superman, a real military genius, touting communism with an education funded by tax payers. Tax payers engaged in a capitalistic system which has been snatched from them and given over to an Imperial Senate and perpetually funded candidates in the U.S. House.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.59.29 PM
It was really supposed to be 32 years of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton – Obama is just an organizer from Acorn which was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Now back to football – just prior to America’s entry into the 1st World War – the National Collegiate Athletic Association was set up, more or less an extension of Ivy League Sports. At the University of Pennsylvania in 1914, Coach George H. Brook started a sophomore as quarterback: Bert Bell.

After the 1917 season, in which Bell had led Penn to a 9-2 record, Bert joined a mobile hospital unit of the U.S. Army and was deployed to France. We can owe this to his Quaker upbringing as he did not participate as an infantryman. Returning to Penn as the Captain of the team, he just missed becoming an All-American, never graduating from Penn.

Working for John Heisman as backfield coach for the Penn Quakers, Bell was to coach Carroll Rosenbloom. Bell and Rosenbloom were out of the same mold; indifferent students and successful leaders.

(Bert Bell Jr. who was Rosenbloom’s business manager for the Baltimore Colts in the 1960’s stated “you knew he was robbing you, but you liked him anyway”)

In the period before the Federal Reserve plunged America into the depths of depression in 1929, the Saratoga Racecourse in Saratoga Springs, New York – had a very interesting group of Bert Bell’s friends:

  • George Preston Marshall who later owned the team known as the Boston Braves which actually played in Fenway Park and later went on to become the Washington Redskins.
  • Timothy James Mara a bookie by the age of 18 (a legitimate business at the time) who became the owner of The New York Giants.
  • (Last but not least) Art Rooney — the hardscrabble son of a saloon keeper in the Monongahela Valley of Pennsylvania. He became the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gambling was so pervasive 100 years ago – that a sports writer named Bat Masterson was the personal body-guard for George Gould’s family. Masterson was a lawman and faro dealer with a pinch of outlaw thrown in. Apparently Mr. Gould (whose father had attempted to corner the gold market of the United States during the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant) felt as though Masterson would be good for the family.

There is a marriage here between the acting community, the robber baron rich, and gambling. The man the bookies work for is a seldom seen face on the street. The misery generated in so many households of the day, fueled with alcohol, and compounded by the pockets emptied because of gambling are incalculable.

Bert Bell married Frances Upton, an actress and radio entertainer, who was on the ground floor of the new media known as television. Bell, the founder of the Philadelphia Eagles, also had a stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers but his friend Rooney, was isolating him at every turn within the organization.

In 1946 Bell became the 2nd NFL Commissioner after Elmer Layden. The golden age of television met the gamblers and risk takers of the NFL at this point. No other sport in America generates gambling like football. Bell protegé, Carroll Rosenbloom (the owner of the Baltimore Colts, and the Los Angeles Rams) was instrumental in negotiating the NFL’s relationship with network television.

NBC was the first to televise an NFL game – the Philadelphia Eagles and the Brooklyn Dodgers played on October 22, 1939. Networks today are paying millions of dollars for the broadcast rights, under Commissioner Roger Goodell, the National Football League gave up 70 years of tax exempt status in 2015 – no longer operating as a 501(c)(6) business league.

When the Giants’ Mara died, Bert Bell had a heart attack. He was advised to stay away from football if he wanted to live. He’d rather die watching football – which he did, with his fans in end zone seats, suffering a heart attack during the 4th quarter. He died later that day – his last game at Franklin Field, on October 11, 1959.

At this same time, Carroll Rosenbloom had two NFL championships under his belt, due in no small part to the favor of his mentor, Bert Bell. Baltimore was an interesting town; Nancy Pelosi’s father was its Mayor.

Tommy D’Alessandro traveled with Rosenbloom to the Colts’ away games on a regular basis. They seemed to have been a good match because Gene Klein, owner of the San Diego Chargers, was quoted in his book First Down and a Billion: “Carroll was one complex individual. Very smart, very tough, often very nasty. He always gave you the feeling that, if you crossed him, he was capable of slitting your throat, then donating your blood to the Red Cross Blood Drive”.

As an owner, Carroll Rosenbloom’s winning percentage is the greatest in football history at .660.

Carroll always lived close to the sea, spending most of his time at his home in Margate, New Jersey. He also owned an estate in Golden Beach, Florida. He drowned in waters he was quite familiar with. The official version does not jive with the Canadian witness, who was on the scene and later interviewed in Canada.

Today we see that the rich and the communist and the fascist have common ground. This could only point to a new world order. Hollywood and the NFL and George Soros and the gambling underworld, and drug money, are all linked. The foundations that we believe are benign and helpful to our nation, society and moral bearing, are wolves in sheep’s clothing (skin).

The NFL has royalty of sorts – Patricia Rooney Mara who is a Hollywood actress and philanthropist. Her sister, Kate Rooney Mara – is also an actress who made her film debut with Harrison Ford in 1999 when they were directed by Sydney Pollock in the film Random Hearts. Some of her quotes:  “being vegan has been good for me, I’ve never felt better” and “if I’m mad at my mom I root for the Giants and if I’m pissed at my dad, I root for the Steelers”.

So along with sister Patricia’s charity in Kenya Uweza Foundation working in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya – we see the roots of the Steelers’ knee.

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  1. @YOJACK454 Just found this site via a link from a friend on the article about the Clinton Cabal, and its many links and connecting dots to all sorts. Excellent compilation and presentation! Have been trying to figure out how to contact you directly to get permission to republish on a new website with which I am involved. I believe webmaster would like permission to publish in entirety with a link to your site. If interested, here is the site:

    Site launched in August and doing very well; getting lots of hits and support from other conservative sites. Two email addresses bottom right of homepage, and I have already emailed this one,, and suggested contacting you. You can also contact me directly at mcclainra-at-unseen-dot-is At the very least, will suggest adding your blog to our website/blogroll on the right. If you are interesting in writing something other than on your blog, your anonymity is guaranteed.

    Great blog!


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