Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Search Engines!

Next to Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey lies the body of Ernest Rutherford. Born in New Zealand to Scottish parents, Rutherford was awarded a research fellowship and traveled to England to the University of Cambridge. The 1851 Research Fellowship for the Exhibition grew from what could be considered – the first world’s fair.

In 1844, the French hosted an Industrial Exposition (EXPO) and as it opened – the King of France toured all of the exhibits and interacted with the vendors. This was actually a bit of showmanship. For the next seven weeks, the King toured the exposition, lending what we could call, celebrity status, as he bantered with the exhibitors in his once a week appearance. (In 1844, French royalty had a one-day work week; a carnival barker for industry, as Bastille Day (July 14) was enshrined to the Illuminati.)

The exhibit opened with a concert and a choral arrangement. Also featured was an acting troupe. (Theatre had been long available to the Kings and Queens and those at court. Many nobles would move their theatre between their winter and summer residences as if it were furniture. For centuries, minstrels, troubadours and doers influenced the court and its behavior, with choreographed, group hypnosis.)

The earliest definition that we could equate to the word doer would be actor.


Today the definitions have changed, but in the 1400’s – a doer was one who could conjure a scene, imitating life. Doers ran the gamut… from sleight of hand, to Greek tragedy. So it seems – royalty learned how to run 3-card monty and star-struck Hollywood… six-hundred years ago.

By the 1800’s it was sex and drugs and rock and roll to the beat of chamber music. By the latter part of that century, Queen Victoria – the epitome of moral decency, declared herself the Empress of India.

The money made by the British merchants on the opium trade (from what is modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan, to ports in modern-day India and destined for the multitude of Chinese addicts,) is incalculable.


The misery and its aftermath stares us in the face, as godless communists turned capitalists, hurdled the Chinese people on their way to… a massive payback. (Within our borders today there may be enough synthetic opiate [Fentanyl and Carfentanil – manufactured in China] to put the nation to sleep; but… are the Chinese leadership running for their old British bankers, trading partners, and masters?)

George III of England – his inheritors paid the price for losing the colonies of America. Royalty in Europe is an inbred cesspool. George’s grandmother was of the House of Hohernzollern, the Prussian House which eventually unified German principalities into a nation which was ultimately led into WW I by Kaiser Wilhelm.

George III was actually the grandson of George II – his father Frederick became Frederick – Prince of Wales who was raised in Hanover (in what became Germany) and kept there by his father, George II to perform royal duties in their lands. Frederick, the Prince of Wales, continually subverted his father’s rule.

It was an age when monarchies (transformed by the social realities of European people who struggled to free themselves from the absolute rule of monarchies) experimented with parliamentary governments and constitutional monarchies. In later years, preceding WW I and beginning after German unification, the social reality was the rise of communism, socialism and fascism.

Royal marriages (which could be better described as political arrangements) were fashioned in grandiose scheme, designed to elevate the inbred clique. George II had sought a marriage for Frederick with the house of Prussia and this was not to be. On a trip back to their Hanover lands, Frederick’s mother (Queen Caroline) suggested he travel to Saxe-Gotha to observe their princesses. He reported back and was finally betrothed to Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.

George II’s trip to Hanover was not viewed well by his English subjects and Frederick chose to capitalize on every misstep that the King – his father made, and as a result – never became King himself. It appears Frederick was made to pre-decease his father, George II, in 1760. The King died later that year on October 25, 1760 and his grandson who became known as a tyrant in the Colonies was made King, known as George III. (It must be noted that today in modern America, the rule of King George III would appear as a breath of freedom. Our leaders in the modern age have enslaved us in a tax-funded tyrannical, surveillance state.)

George III suffered mental illness and when compounded with the loss of the American Colonies, he had crossed the financiers of the future Europe, i.e., the banks and the newly freed class of entrepreneurs and creators. By the end of George III’s reign, the German blood in England’s Royal House allied with the German banking family – The House of Rothschild. A systematic purging of British heirs to the throne ensured a controlled (think brainwashed) Alexandrina Victoria Hanover (an isolated and gloomy child who was habitually depressed and was more comfortable existing in a state of sadness).

Observing rulers and government throughout history, it seems insanity is not far removed. More so in European Royalty, the inbreeding is unlike what we observe today in the muslim world, tempered by the culture of the Royal Court and the pomp and circumstance, far removed from the eyes of the subjects.

Queen Victoria was the last in the line of Hanover, sitting upon the British Throne. Although Britain was a constitutional monarchy, the royals had aligned themselves with those who controlled the money; in other words, there was a secret marriage in the Royal Household: the banks and the royals ran the money.

It mattered not who wrote the laws of the nation. The Rothschilds had grown from a banking-house in Frankfurt,  Hesse-Kassel. Within the Holy Roman Empire it was possible for jewish banking houses to assemble large amounts of money which gave rise to a jewish elite. These elites became co-conspirators and with the money, could well influence any government that was over the people.

Queen Victoria’s first cousin was the moving force behind the 1851 Research Fellowship (derived from the Royal Commission for the Exposition of 1851) ensconced in its crystal structure (everybody remembers the purported power of crystals in the 1980’s – they were thinking in terms like that for a long time.. you little satanists). (Waterford Crystal – a natural outcropping of Ireland is probably run by some Britisher who stole the place to manufacture cheaply. Remember… Thomas Sowell’s research points out that our slaves [who are Americans today] ate better than the Irish).

Queen Victoria’s mother was Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. This area of Germany is in what is known today as the State of Thuringia after German reunification (which has culminated in Angela Merkel, a Lutheran minister’s daughter.)

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – the Prince Consort, and Queen Victoria had nine children who all lived to adulthood. There had been an attempt to assassinate the Royal couple when Victoria was pregnant with her first child. The gentleman was deemed insane and was not put to death. He said that the gun contained no bullets, only powder charges of which he fired two shots. This seems very much like theatrics as the Prince acted calmly in the chaotic situation, he instantly became a darling of the public.

Victoria was raised by her mother in a tyrannical seclusion. Her Irish tutor, a British Intelligence Officer, was very much out of favor with Victoria but her mother was more than happy to make her childhood into a system that can only be described as good guy, bad guy. The good guy being Johana Clara Louise Lehzen – the daughter of a Lutheran minister.

The governess Lehzen was employed by Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (who after a brief first marriage, entered her second marriage to Queen Victoria’s father which was also short).

The bad guy in Victoria’s childhood – Sir John Conroy (the intelligence officer) and the governess Lehzen were the most influential figures in Queen Victoria’s formative years (which can only be compared to an MK Ultra upbringing). Victoria had become very sick and cared for through a month-long illness by her governess Lehzen.

Louise Lehzen was a thorn in Prince Albert’s side and suspicion arose when The Princess Royal, Victoria “Vicky”, fell gravely ill (Munchausen by proxy?) Forced to retire back to Hanover, Baroness Louise Lehzen lived with her sister who died shortly thereafter.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s first child, German Empress Victoria, married Prince Frederick William of Prussia who became Frederick III. The British Royals had succeeded in marrying into Prussia and the first-born of this union was Queen Victoria’s oldest grandchild – Frederick Wilhelm Viktor Albert later known as Wilhelm II or Kaiser Wilhelm.

Wilhelm’s childhood was a different kind of torture (as opposed to the Kensington System under which his grandmother had been raised); a more German version marked his upbringing. His British mother would not allow any German doctors in the delivery room. In a breach birth the nerves from the 5th and 6th cervical spine were severed resulting in a deformity known here as Kaiser Willy’s short-arm.

The future Kaiser blamed his mother for his deformity and in turn, his mother blamed herself. The future Empress dictated young Wilhelm learn horsemanship as a compensation. The eight year old never forgave his mother. The crying Wilhelm was remounted until he was able to ride his pony. As was the custom, Wilhelm developed disdain for his father with its roots in his mother’s British influences and so… the seeds for many deaths were sown.

We can see in the mid 1800’s the drive for industrialization and the production of goods so that people could profit. What we also see is the rise of socialism in this same period. The people of Europe were now able to be swayed by mass media publications available on the street. An ever-changing news cycle which was viewed by a wary eye by those in power, as the news was wielded by the power brokers.

It became apparent – the fastest way to develop money for the elites was through the financing of military buildups. The parallel marriage in royal families was the secret alliance with banks – the banks were the constant in each camp.

The Rothschilds were the bank in the capitols of Europe. They financed technologies on either side – the Germans had the U-boat design that was ultimately stolen by the British agent Basileios Zaccharias known as Sir Basil Zaharoff. Zaharoff (The Merchant of Death) had stolen Issac Peral’s submarine design from the Spanish Navy. The British on the other hand, were interested in “waves”.

“Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves”

A period of intense research involved the reception of magnetic waves over distance. This was on the heels of James C. Maxwell who discovered that a changing magnetic field will induce a changing electric field and vice versa.

The wave cannot exist unless it’s moving and once it’s moving, an electromagnetic wave will continue on forever, unless it is absorbed by matter. Another inventor, Heinrich Hertz – a German physicist, measured the timing of Maxwell’s electromagnetic waves, proving Maxwell’s theory that the velocity of radio waves was equal to that of the transmission of light.

Microwaves, cell phones, are in the electromagnetic spectrum as well as the light transmissions we see in a rainbow. Rutherford was able to detect transmitted radio waves at one-half mile and in 1896, he presented his results at the British Association meeting.

The British Science Association was founded to develop and promote science, and in 1831 the founding members had determined that this foundation would concentrate on  physics, geology, natural history and chemistry. It seems as though the empire on which the sun never set was quite interested in garnering every penny from the world’s resources through knowledge and study.

Rutherford’s findings had been outdone by none other than Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi’s father was Italian royalty and his mother – Annie Jameson, was related to Jameson & Sons (whiskey distillers). Initially raised in England by his mother, Marconi was educated in Italy. His early interests were electricity – specifically wireless telegraphy, he was also able to capitalize on Heinrich Hertz’s work in radio waves.

Through back-channel, diplomatic exchanges it was impressed upon Marconi not to reveal his findings while in Italy. It was suggested he travel to England, where it would be easier to patent his idea while in turn, receiving the necessary monies to continue his work (and find a practical way of making a return for his investors).

The customs officers were waiting on the dock for the young Marconi to disembark. Good news traveled fast and jolly old England (and those in the know) always sought an edge upon the competition. The first radio station was just outside the center of the universe for the British Admiralty. From the Isle of Wight where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had built their winter palace – Marconi transmitted electromagnetic energy i.e., Marconigram for the first time in human history – and money was made.

Osborne House, East Cowes, Isle of Wight
Osborne House – Isle of Wight

Marconi remained interested in radio transmissions and reception, while Rutherford’s work in physics so well pleased his British masters – he was knighted in 1914. His work in sonar was crucial to England’s war effort. Undersea detection of enemy vessels was cutting-edge technology upon which, many lives would come to depend.

Scientists working under Rutherford through the years were awarded Nobel prizes for discovering the neutron, splitting the atom and demonstrating the existence of the earth’s upper atmosphere. Another 1851 Exhibition Fellowship recipient came to England to study under Sir Ernest Rutherford at Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory:  Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant.

Oliphant used a primitive particle accelerator to propel charged particles to near speed of light. Accelerators can be linear or circular – the latter using magnetic fields to contain the particles by bending them. This was commonly referred to as atom smashing.

Oliphant discovered both Helium-3 [He-3] and Tritium [T or 3-H]. (First thought to be radioactive, it is now known that Helium-3 atoms release large amounts of energy but do not produce a radioactive environment).

Tritium also known as Hydrogen-3 is extremely rare on earth. Tritium is produced in heavy water reactors whenever a deuterium nucleus captures a neutron (deuterium being a heavy hydrogen). Tritium is the only radioactive isotope of hydrogen. It decays with a half-life of 12 years by emitting a beta particle which eventually becomes Helium-3.

Oliphant theorized the particles released when he fired heavy hydrogen nuclei deuterium at various targets — released far more energy than they started with. The result is nuclear fusion – releasing the energy inside an atom.

Oliphant’s parents in Australia were theosophists (best described as occultists). Oliphant’s work with electromagnetic separation was interrupted in the late 1930’s when  the onset of WW II engulfed Europe. Oliphant (known as Mark) concentrated on solutions for radar detection to enhance British defences and to miniaturize magnetrons (which necessitated greater power and a tighter microwave signal). Today microwaves are weapons that can be used by the military – in other words, cellphone towers can be weaponized against us.

Oliphant’s mentor at Cavendish Laboratory – Ernest Rutherford, had proposed the nucleus of an atom contained positively charged particles which he called a proton – he also theorized the existence of neutrons which would be a neutral particle found in the nucleus of an atom. Following Rutherford’s death on October 19, 1937 neutrons and protons were proven to exist and many discoveries were based upon his work – he would become known as the father of nuclear physics.

Oliphant could be considered the father of nuclear proliferation. His work and that of his group, were instrumental in drawing the United States into the business of producing nuclear weapons. Oliphant and James Sayers produced an efficient klystron while team members John Randall and Harry Boot developed a cavity magnetron. In conjunction they were able to produce short wave lengths. The magnetron was the most important invention credited to the British in WW II. It is the essential radio tube for short wave radio signals of all types. Most people today use it in their kitchen in their microwave ovens.

The magnetron was plagued by frequency instability and the team member credited with solving the problem was James Sayers. This discovery was leaps ahead of anything America had and so it was shared technology which served to galvanize good will between the British Military and the Americans.

Small cavity magnetrons allowed high quality radar to go airborne, and the submarine technology of Germany was once again blunted – as maritime patrol aircraft were able to see a reflection through microwave radiation, objects as small as the periscope of a submarine.

Oliphant now turned his attention to convincing the United States of America to build a nuclear weapon.

The British (in secret negotiations) cried poor mouth prior to America’s entry into WW II.  The British as well as the French had become indebted to America during the war to end all wars. (America was virtually debt-free in 1916). The British and the French borrowed large sums which according to The Treaty of Versailles, were to be repaid to the United States when Britain and France received reparations from Germany. Germany was destined to go broke as noted economist, Maynard Keynes, quit the Versailles negotiations predicting Germany would never be able to govern without money.

The Treaty of Versailles had Warburgs on either side of the table and was written up in part, by the Dulles brothers (it seems that the banks [and the Wall Street lawyers in America – now on the payroll] were able to control the peace which was designed to facilitate another arms build up for profit). This was the beginning of the Military Industrial Complex of which Eisenhower warned and Kennedy was crushed.

Sir Mark Oliphant flew from Australia to personally meet with the Uranium Committee prior to our misfortune on December 7th, 1941.

A foreign-born jewish physicist at Princeton released correspondence from Heisenberg in Germany at this same time, which alluded to the fact that the Germans were proceeding frantically to construct and possess a nuclear bomb. In hindsight, we see how the United States of America was pushed into the arms race as the same type of jewish intellectual were responsible for delivering nuclear secrets to our ally – become adversary; a nuclear armed Soviet Union. It was like a grand experiment to see which economic system would win.

The magnetron which the British delivered was the carrot and Heisenberg’s purported letter from Germany was the stick. It helped that Oliphant was friends with Ernest Lawrence (a member of the Bohemian Grove). Lawrence went to work on his friends here in America, and was inspired to convert his 37″ cyclotron into a mass spectrometer which would facilitate isotope separation to capitalize on the work that Oliphant had pioneered in 1934.

Well everyone knows some history of the Manhattan Project in America – and for a short period, we were the world’s only nuclear power. But not many people know that the Uranium Committee met at Bohemian Grove, to come together and formulate a plan to secure uranium 235 – in the early days of the second world war.

After WW II – Oliphant impressed upon a young Munir Ahmad Khan to develop nuclear energy in Pakistan. Khan is the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapon. Khan studied in America and found work as he lost interest in electrical engineering – he moved to Chicago, studying thermodynamics and kinetic theory of gasses at Illinois Institute of Technology.

In the mid-1950’s Khan was participating in “atoms for peace” while training at North Carolina State University – simultaneously conducting research at Argonne National Laboratories in Illinois.

Khan’s work at North Carolina State University specialized in reactor physics and nuclear engineering which dovetailed with his later work at Allis-Chalmers (Wisconsin). Most would consider this company to be an agricultural and mining equipment manufacturer, but in reality, it was integral to the beginning stages of our nuclear industry – spawned in the Manhattan Project.

Khan’s work in this Wisconsin based firm was focused on managing the complexity of projects – taking an interdisciplinary view and approach by focusing on the interaction and behavior among a system’s components, subsystems and those subsequent interactions. Lo and behold! after a brief time with Allis-Chalmers, Mr. Khan went to work for Commonwealth Edison (“ComEd” Illinois) which seemed to be married to the Argonne National Laboratory and a project known as EBR-1.

EBR-1 started construction in 1949 and the reactor was installed in 1951. Although EBR-1 produced electricity, its main purpose was to validate nuclear physics. EBR-1 confirmed the hypothesis that additional fuel could be produced during fission. The nearby town of Arco, Idaho named after Georg Wilhelm Alexander Hans Graf von Arco – a radio pioneer and German physicist who helped develop high-performance tube transmitters and worked in the development of high-frequency engineering. Arco was a monist.

Monism was introduced by Christian von Wolff to explain all happenings by a unifying principle as manifestations of a single substance – in other words, monism is a philosophy of the human mind.

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and an early Bolshevik – Alexander Bogdanov, (who had an interest in human rejuvenation through blood transfusion [the history of spirit cooking – part 1]) were modern monistic philosophers.

It has been argued that the Koran also has a monistic image of god. It is not known if Mr. Khan (The father of the Pakistani bomb) while at ComEd had any dealings with Thomas G. Ayers (who became President of Commonwealth Edison in the early 1960’s). EBR-1 was a breeder reactor experiment using plutonium, it proved the theory held by Enrico Fermi showing plutonium would generate more fuel atoms than it consumed, in a controlled nuclear reaction.

Gamma rays were named by Ernest Rutherford in 1903 – capitalizing on the work of Paul Dillard who studied radiation emitted from radium. Rutherford realized that gamma rays were of a shorter wavelength, which meant they were of a higher frequency. Artificial sources of gamma rays include fission and nuclear fusion.

Radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays, visible light are all forms of electromagnetic energy. Thunderstorms produce terrestrial gamma ray flash. Cosmic rays are high energy gamma rays. Pulsars and magnetars emanate gamma rays.

Quasars are the most frequent sources of gamma rays and are similar to the gamma rays produced in a particle accelerator.

The high energy electrons produced by a quasar are more associated with super massive black holes whose existence were first hypothesized by astronomers Robert Brown and Bruce Balick. These excited electrons will remain in that state as long as there is a magnetic field.

Now for the best black hole of all…CERN in Switzerland. This time, the Europeans have plenty of money. CERN was established in Switzerland in 1954. It is the European organization for nuclear research and it’s a french acronym. Today it operates the largest particle physics lab in the world. It has 22 member states and the only non-European state involved is Israel.

In 1989 English scientist Tim Bernars-Lee is associated with the invention of the world wide web. His parents had worked on the Ferrante-Mark 1 – which appears to have been the world’s first general purpose electronic computer (ahead of UNIVAC 1).

WWW in the Hebrew alphabet is assigned a numeric value of 666 – and so in CERN, the home of the largest super collider in the world, we see the culmination of the World EXPO on the Franco-Suisse border, which is an upgrade to the Crystal Palace of the 1851 Exhibition and its attending Fellowships.

Royal consort — Prince Albert born in the Saxon duchy of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld, was instrumental in propelling the world into the 20th century. In 1917 King George V, the grandson of Albert and Victoria, changed the family’s name during the war from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor which adds up to some inbred stuff.

Thanks to Rutherford – we know that if you propel particles upon a surface, there is deflection. It is like shooting at an object and it shoots back. We know that the ionosphere conducts electricity. We know that radio waves will continue in a straight line until they are affected by an object. Electromagnetic waves that we consider a radio transmission are the lowest order of light. Gamma rays or gamma radiation are the highest forms of light. Gamma radiation is not easily deflected – it can penetrate a few inches of lead which is some of the most dense material here on earth.

To summarize the different regions of electromagnetic spectrum it would be ordered:

  • Radio Waves
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared
  • Optical Light
  • Ultra-violet (in its greatest state it is rather radiation than light)
  • x-Rays
  • Gamma Rays

Our atmosphere blocks most ultraviolet light, all x-Rays and gamma rays from reaching the surface of the earth. This is comforting, because gamma rays are very destructive.

In an electro-magnetic pulse, the nuclear blast causes the ionosphere to short circuit with the ground. It is like a solar flare and can bring entire nations from civilization to the stone age without radiation poisoning.

There are five nuclear arm-states under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. There are three states that are not signatories of the NPT and there is one state today that is undeclared.  South Africa has supposedly dismantled its nuclear weapons.

This leaves the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China as the club – India, Pakistan and North Korea as the rogue nations, and Israel – the undeclared state.

Lumping India, Pakistan and Israel together as creations of the British is easy. Linking North Korea and its program to Britain is not as hard as you would think. (Although Britain fought against North Korea in the Korean conflict).

Lloyds of London was only too happy to insure North Korea’s food crop in the late 1980’s through the early 1990’s, which enabled the rabid North Korean Dynasty (which has enslaved its people) to gain hard cash upon every crop failure. In other words, the British facilitated starvation in North Korea as well as its nuclear program. Israel is a British creation. India and Pakistan were led by British rulers for hundreds of years… and North Korea was given suck on the teat of Lloyds of London.

As the European Union toys with artificial intelligence “A.I.” the British again look as though they are just along for the ride. Just as sure as they have been the vehicle for the nuclear proliferation and the resulting danger, we see that the monied elite in the world, are positioned to once again, expand their wealth through military build-up conflict, death and destruction – and reconstruction. If they do not care who writes the laws as long as they own the money, what allegiance would they have to any nation?

1911 Delhi Durbar – The British Royals of the Day who were really Germans. Celebrating the beginning of his rule in India – George V cements ties with his subjects both Hindu and Moslem.
Military service brings out the best in some and in others, it breeds fanaticism

We should not forget that even Mountbatten had been born a Battenberg (changed in 1917) and was related to Kaiser Wilhelm, Czar Nicholas as well as every other royal family in Europe. Never forget that a German Prince Bernhard opened the doors of Belgium so that Hitler could back door France.

Bernhard is the past’s link to the Bilderberg Group. How do Germans tie their shoes? Nazis.


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  1. Interesting history lesson. If true the hypocracy of the Worlds Elite are designed to control the masses still by any means necessary or available. Gone unchecked for centuries after centuries the outcome still the same.


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