When government gets involved things invariably turn to, for want of a better word… swamp gas. Swamp gas has an odor of its own; the only thing that beats swamp gas is dead air. You won’t smell it, but it will kill you.

Politicians are always worried about our health – they wear various colored ribbons which are the cockades of the past, brought to us here in the future (so we can line up by colors because we don’t read well). Knowing that is an insult to some, it must be explained: language and mathematical proficiency are not the focus of our schools today; otherwise, gender studies professors would have to work at McDonald’s.

Everyone blames lawyers for the break-up of big Tobacco (lawyers did get enormous payouts but there are no obvious benefits to our citizens’ healthcare). The average American cannot wrap their mind around the amount of money that was floating around the tobacco barn. (If you wanted to benefit from the breakup of big Tobacco in relation to your cancer, you would have a better opportunity buying a ticket for a government-run lottery).

If it was the lawyers who broke up big Tobacco, it was the government lawyers who were in charge ultimately of trying the case (even the judge was a government lawyer).

The divestment strategies presented to the Trust Fund Tobacco heirs were thought up by lawyers. Many, many brands cross-pollenated with American Tobacco and its products. Tobacco has always been a sure-bet to launder money internationally. A smugglers dream: no hassles getting rid of this particular weed.

Emerging economies of the world have no shortage of cheap cigarettes while people in New York City might pay $10 a pack. This is what it looks like on the other side of the pack.

Tobacco money was nothing compared to the break up of AT&T.

AT&T and our intelligence community were one in many ways. The Forbes family (of which John Kerry is a member) had been on the ground floor of what became AT&T.

William Hathaway Forbes (son of a French railway tycoon) was actually president of the Bell Telephone Company. As an employee at JM Forbes & Company, he was in a position to direct many of the rich Boston-Brahaman, Mayflower, Halve Maen (Half-Moon) crowd to invest in what was to become the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (which eventually opened an international office, in of all places… Brussels Belgium).

Cameron Forbes was the grandson of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Although the Forbes family  maintained an estate in France, this particular Forbes is better remembered for the Colony he created in Manilla – a gated community that was known as Forbes Park in what became the financial center of the Philippines. Forbes was involved in some way or another from 1904 through 1913 in subjugating, ruling, and profiting off of his private little country.

A little known fact is that Cameron Forbes was also involved with United Fruit in Central America and where the U.S. Marines were instrumental in maintaining a good business atmosphere for Mr. Forbes to profit. By 1930, Mr. Forbes was charged by President Herbert Hoover to investigate persisting rebellion in Haiti (which we know today is in so much need of the Clinton Foundation). 

In 1930 Cameron Forbes became Ambassador to Japan. Eleven years’ later, the Japanese attacked Hawaii and the Philippines.

The Philippines was a breeding ground for the United States Army — specifically, two officers who figured prominently in the 20th century: General John J. Pershing and General Douglas MacArthur. In all this we can’t forget the media – America loves a good story, especially involving tainted heroes and ladies in wrinkled clothing.

Drew Pearson had reported indiscretions from Henrietta Louise Cromwell (General Douglas MacArthur’s 1st wife who had been Mrs. Walter Booth Brooks until 1919 3-years later she married MacArthur on Valentines Day of 1922). After the divorce in 1929 Louise informed Pearson that MacArthur was transferred to the Philippines because General Pershing wished to pursue a love affair. General MacArthur promptly sued Drew Pearson – the story does not end there.

MacArthur was a hated conservative because of his put-down of the Bonus Army in Washington D.C. since he saw communism as a revolutionary threat to America during the depression. (Drew Pearson was a fervent democrat who later became a fervent “New Deal-er”).

Henrietta Louise Cromwell-MacArthur

The former Mrs. MacArthur would not testify in court for Mr. Pearson who cited her as his source, but through his contacts from what would become America’s Intelligence Service, he was pointed to Isabel Rosario Cooper (Elizabeth Cooper) who had been brought to D.C. by General MacArthur as his mistress then summarily sent away. Ms. Cooper had love letters and Pearson had leverage. MacArthur dropped his defamation lawsuit.

We were sleeping at the Pearl on December 7th, 1941 and the Philippines under the command of Douglas MacArthur were attacked by Japanese aerial forces the next day. In the process, half the Philippine Airforce was destroyed. The General had been warned and advised to move these forces immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the humble opinion of this blog we gave away the Philippines to the Japanese so the Japanese could go throughout Island Asia and seize all the wealth that had been accumulated over centuries and then placed in underground locations within the Philippines. These underground locations were filled by willing Japanese who were interned with the pirate loot. There are photographs of the General walking between gold bars stacked two meters high.

The American Intelligence Officer tasked with acquiring the lost (stolen) Japanese gold was Ed Lansdale. This is the same Ed Lansdale who schooled Oliver North on running an operation that generated its own funds. He was also identified by Colonel Fletcher Proudy and General “Brute” Krulak as the gentleman passing the three tramps on November 22nd, 1963.


AT&T by the 1970’s had the ability to transmit and receive data through the air. America’s military had been using it for quite some time and so the Anti-Trust lawsuit fell into the Reagan Administration. AT&T was ordered into a divestiture.

Cellphone technology was about to take off and it was handled by the lawyers in government who worked for the elites (who were poised to make money with an ever-new, trickle-down technology for a buck). (A model GM and Ford would be proud of; i.e., the new model year.)

You would have to wonder how government would fare in all of this. Government is run by the elites and the parties are run by the elites. And so when enormous amounts of money are generated out of the technology and a dot.com explosion, the government grew so large that it was now able to hold the population hostage.

Deep pockets lose $9 trillion? That’s enough to finance the best prison system/gulag anyone could dream of: no one escapes.



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