Are you for the God of Creation, or the moon god?

Jumpin’ Jack Flash and many other dirty tricks were barely below the surface at Republican National Committee gatherings in the early to mid 1990’s. We can only imagine what the intelligence types were running on the DNC; it doesn’t take much to fog those people because most of them were predisposed to testing for street purity.

Have you ever wondered how in such a short space of time (a generation or two) we have become separated from family, friends and the camaraderie that the republic demands which is a courteous, cohesive society?

We have become a top down nation rather than a bottom up nation where power is from the people. They have made the federal bureaucracy so large and invasive that it has poisoned all the way down to the school board at local levels.

We have programmed minds to the point where they cannot determine evil because there are varying degrees of good arbitrated by the P.C. police who are working for the government to bring about total control.

Everyone will be controlled from their “device” in other words, your device is your mother, your father, your siblings, your friends and your god. If this sounds really odd to you, I heard a similar speech at Parris Island in 1971. Only the words were changed; in other words, the same psyche job that I went through in 1971 is being used on the techno-kids now.

I am very angry about what I went through to become a Marine. Today, the Marine Corps lowers the standards of the yellow footprints in my humble opinion. Those footsteps through time, from the rigging on the Bonhomme Richard which won the battle (hey home, my homie). The footsteps of the cannons going to Tripoli through the desert with Presley O’Bannon. The black volcanic ash beach of bloody IWO where many good men died and were unrecognized for their bravery.

Evil is the enemy. If you cannot see evil and point it out in your own country, please open the door of your own country for these muslims – they think they know what evil is. They are evil. Every degree of PC we are exposed to is to allow evil to take down our nation, whereas we are supposed to be a nation under God.

There are 60 million unfulfilled American lives whose souls have returned to God. We are NOT a nation under God and Barack Obama was right when he said we are not a “christian nation” and especially if we don’t know what evil is. To define our CONSTITUTION we have allowed the Justice Department to rise up above the Legislative and Executive Branches. Is there anything more evil than a usurpation of our CONSTITUTION by elites?

The Justice Department’s IG report comes out (as if they can investigate themselves) and then we get the psyche job in the Brinks-like truck.

Then we are fed the separated illegal alien children (and their dumb-ass parents who are more than willing to work for the socialists in our nation) by a rabid media (no fetus is safe around them, because it’s not a baby and cannot speak for itself).

Socialists are evil. Are we supposed to replace the 60 million aborted problems with illegal children? What kind of game is this?

The bleeding heart liberals eat bleeding hearts.

Are we not to attack evil in our nation? If you asked God which is the worst evil in the United States today – he would say abortion. He would say do not take your children down to the Wadi and sacrifice them to moloch.


8 thoughts on “Are you for the God of Creation, or the moon god?

  1. So sickening, and so true. Thanks for shoving this under our noses. The politically correct, hypocritical spin about ‘women’s health is obnoxious.


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