This is normal kiddies

Whose public library is this anyway?

The international list of diseases managed by the World Health Organization has been revised and has recategorized thin air diseases. They have added gaming as a disorder, in other words, a mental condition whereas today, our military seeks joystick cowboys in its ever expanding search for just the right weapon.

Lo and behold another disease (that’s no longer a disease) affects the military as well. Gender incongruence which ultimately cannot be considered a mental health disorder today (according to the World Health Organization) and truly cannot be solved without the government paying for some schmuck to deny God.

Sexual deviation got batted around to become gender dysphoria because psychiatrists have the best gig when it comes to the ever-changing english language. In some cases, they dispense the best dope. Gotta love them pill-pushers.

The Sierra Club is very interested in the goings-on at the Environmental Protection Agency and specifically, Scott Pruitt, who does not adhere to The Sierra Club’s policies or that of its donors. Just think how many mothers could eat better if the $5 and $10 donors from the basement would go out and get their mother a hamburger.

The Sierra Club processed a Freedom of Information (Act) request for Secretary Pruitt’s emails – lo and behold, Pruitt is not a fan of emails; he will use his phone and he does text, leaving all sorts of room for crazy conjecture to be reported in the news cycle.  Of course Politico has not been fingered by the Southern Poverty Law Center “SPLC” as of yet.

Chris Cuomo has just gone out and bought himself a raincoat. Everybody knows what it says on the back “CNN IS NOT FAKE NEWS” the rest of us are wearing a raincoat that says “I DON’T REALLY CARE, DO U?” It’s suggested you place your order early because the liberal media with CNN in the lead is really pissing on us and telling us it’s raining.

Stephen Miller – a 32-year-old child prodigy, who puts in an 18-hour work day has run afoul with Washington D.C.. There are rumors he’s wearing a NASA diaper and never pees during that 18-hour work day; but to be absolutely serious, Miller’s zero tolerance policy has upset the digestion of the Mexican restaurants in D.C.. The natural pushback for this across the nation would be to just not eat in any restaurant with a Mexican name. A day without Mexican in fat-ass America wouldn’t float because we have a lot of fat people who have absolutely no idea of how to discern between the piss from MSM and faith in God, family and country.

The child migrants separated from their families have been processed and reunited with their law-breaking, illegal parents.

MSM uses language to fog unintelligent and easily led individuals, who at this time, have been given a mouthpiece in the media so as to look larger than what they are and politicians in Washington D.C. (who really don’t have any hair on their ass, let alone, testosterone) are afraid of rabble lead by the media (which number in the Bolshevik category across the nation).

The push to urbanize the nation gives you a remote idea that control of vast numbers of our population (in concentrated areas) are more a threat of concentration camps to rural America than these pusillanimous rejects from the world. Latin America in particular, encompasses anything from our southern border and south.  Twenty percent of the Mexican population lives north of our southern border. That is an invasion designed for the socialists Cloward & Piven strategy that President Trump is countering.

The worldwide chaos we are seeing was supposed to coincide with a Hillary Clinton presidency. The elites carry forward their plan even though their planted candidate was not able to carry the election even with the F.B.I., D.O.J., and The Executive Branch as a whole. Not to mention the Judicial Branch and the bureaucracy of totalitarian proportions a.k.a. reliable voting blocs of unionized federal employees.


4 thoughts on “This is normal kiddies

  1. So I am new here. I guess it is your wife-who I sometimes tweet on Twitter, referred me here…Here’s what I know. If something goes Against the HOLY WORD OF GOD’s LAWS? IT is Still wrong. Period. When asked about Divorce, Jesus Digressed into ”In the Beginning WE made them MALE and FEMALE”’. WHY is that? Did He NOT understand the Question? He Knew & Understood. He (in Addition to Answering THAT question he was ALSO) ‘Answering’ us from INTO THE FUTURE. Several Issues as a matter of fact. To the Homosexual-Folks; Marriage/Love/Intimate relationships is for One MAN & ONE WOMAN. Period. So that made and still does two men or two women together; WRONG. It is ALSO an ANSWER to the T-Folks. God MADE you either a MALE or a FEMALE. He PUT Male or Female Chromosomes into EACH of the TRILLIONS of CELLS. Surgery, Pills, Adding something, Cutting something off, Beards, Makeup, Wigs, Clothes ; NONE of it can CHANGE each of those TRILLIONS OF CELLS. PERIOD. We are CALLED to be HOLY as believers. We are to stay CHASTE until Marriage and FAITHFUL after Marriage. That makes this Entire lgbt-now soon-p and soon ‘I’ and then Z or B…whichever you want to call it…WRONG. Mortal SIN. I AM A PRACTING CATHOLIC and I am sickened, saddened, and downright Angry that churches both Protestant and Catholic are NOT preaching this. Jesus IS coming and MUCH sooner than we think…we had BEST get ready and Stay ready for the Second Coming or our Lord….


    1. The spiritual battle that man is against in this natural world where his spirit is locked within the body has also been shown through the word of CHRIST in this sinful age, to be the last worker’s invited into the vineyard to work for 1 DINARI – such is the love of CHRIST in the understanding of a much more complex society, geared to ripping souls from HIS loving HANDS. Thank GOD that the prodigal SON came home.


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