Men Are Behind the Eight Ball These Days

Powerful Women Are Not Allowed To Have Conservative Values. Who’s Running This Game?

Gloria Allred — Norma McCorvey’s attorney, was roasted at the Friars Club in Manhattan (if only they had turned her on the spit). Norma, some of  you may know, is actually the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade. Norma was not of superior intellect and was a tool in the hands of leftist lawyers of which Gloria Allred was the leader.

Roastmaster Judy Gold mentioned Harvey Weinstein was originally supposed to be roasted so she would open with a joke – the joke would have brought down a burlesque house after a few drinks had been served. And of course, the man-haters for the first time ever — filled the dais with women in pantsuits. And this ever-so-funny joke? “Nice tits.”

Allred had sued the Friars Club in the 1980’s – she wanted to use the steam room. After winning her suit she entered the steam room at the Friars Club in an 1890’s-style bathing suit.  She did knock, then she entered with a measuring stick while crooning “is that all there is?”

You may recall women in the early 1900’s at the beach, being measured to see if the bathing suit the woman was wearing was within the standards of decency for the era.

Today, the standards of decency do not apply to 48 year-old Leandra Felix. We may assume she is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and we are left in the dark by the news media as to her true immigration status. She lives not far from St. Barnabas Hospital (Bronx, NY) and works as a house-keeper in the intensive care unit.

Her son died steps away from the hospital, hacked to death by a gang known as the Trinitarios, who have absolutely nothing to do with the Trinity. Leandra’s son – Lesandro Guzman-Felix age 15, was slaughtered in the street in a tragic mistaken identity murder.

To show the absolute insanity that is swallowing urban areas of the blue wave, the gang leader apologized “I’m sorry – I know it doesn’t mean a lot, it wasn’t supposed to be him.” On Snapchat the leader of the gang explained that he had kicked all of this fumbling scum out of his gang. What a cleansing!

You can never trust the news to report anything correctly, not even Fox. One must remember – they are nothing more than talking heads.


Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.31.46 AM
If you would like the name of the perpetuator of this HUGE punking of the media, please send $5 to the P.O. Box.

Field McConnell ( punked the news media which was a dig at the FAA and Field and have quite a history of exposing what can only be described as deep state shenanigans.

This brings us to Jorge Pena — who according to the news outlet that you might watch or read, was the aggressor who had slapped a woman riding the F-Train to Queens (4:55 a.m. Friday, June 22, 2018). In the New York Post it says the furious woman ripped off her shoe and stabbed the heel into the left side of the 26-year-old man’s scalp.  (Jorge is a former baseball player for the Oakland A’s, now club bouncer who stands at 6’6″)

The NY Daily News reported it:

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.13.00 AM

In the above video the absolute insanity is captured on someone’s cellphone which is the saving grace for Jorge, he did not initiate nor was he the aggressor in the face of this demon.

Jorge, another Dominican, if not for legal counsel, quite possibly would have been treated worse than the butchering Trinitarios street gang.  This gives diversity and mea culpa, new meaning. Sorry, we murdered the wrong guy.

We see here how the media will lie, they will lie as freely as Gloria Allred at the Supreme Court with Norma McCorvey (who wasn’t even pregnant but was used throughout her life of drugs, alcohol and abuse by lesbians, only to be given a spirit of renewal from her Christian faith. Her faith caused her to speak against Roe v. Wade). Norma McCorvey is no matter to Gloria Allred; she’s “nice tits” and a measuring stick.

Are men up to the measurements? Does testosterone exist in America? Jorge actually apologizes for slapping the woman. Does anyone recognize her as a steamed, stylish, straphanger as described by the NY Daily News? No, she was demon-possessed, like the Trinitarios. It’s evil. Planned Parenthood has murdered 60 million children so Gloria Allred can sue her way into the Friars Club.

Do you see Ms. Allred coming to the aid of Sarah Huckabee Sanders or DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen? What we see here is President Trump appointing women into important positions as if they are men because this used to be a man’s world. Harvey Weinstein lived in a man’s world – it was a little man’s world but he liked it. Would be nice to run the betting at the Pearly Gates on how many times Harvey said “nice tits.”

No one went after Harvey until after Hillary Clinton lost the election. The direction taken by the elite-driven media changed, and Harvey become “me too” with a vagina skull-cap. Really, Harvey’s behavior in predatory mode is not much different from Jeffrey Epstein. It might be a good idea to have Jeffrey and Woody Allen take a DNA test to find out if Jeffrey is actually a FitzWoody?

Characters like Harvey, Epstein, Woody and Allred (to name just a few – they are countless) are friends of the Clinton’s. When the Clintons were  in Arkansas as Governor and First Lady, friends of Bill (a/k/a FOB) got to “hobnob” with the Arkansas executive and his wife – a lawyer who did business with the state.

We have another divide in America. A thrilled young girl singing on stage with the rapper she obviously adores….

Although not a fan of rap, or white trash for that matter, you cannot help but wonder why this young girl would want to be one of them? The audience was one in idol worship, she was standing there with her idol and she wanted to be just like him. True to form, dumbasses on the left, react with the gut rather than the head.

Rap is not known for high I.Q. and in some cases, it is the ultimate heavy metal poisoning. Needless to say, this has been elevated like the same filth that Harvey Weinstein put out. Why is it elevated (this young girl on the stage was cut off at the knees) in our society in an never-ending search for the new idol? Why is the media and the culture tailor-made to turn young minds away from Christ Jesus? Because Christ-haters do not come in all sizes or shapes – they come as spawn of demons.

Ms. Allred more than likely will not rush to the aid of Leandra Felix against New York City and the Trinitarios. New York City is run by her own kind. The Trinitarios are not the kind of people who Gloria Allred pokes her stick at. Gloria takes her measuring stick to the little weenies at the Friars Club. During Ms. Allred’s roast the dais was covered with women who had gathered in their pantsuits so as to replace the man pigs they hate. (A memorial to the famed-failed candidate who has been in more dog dirt than anyone can shake a measuring stick at?)

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.33.28 AM
This is what women in pantsuits conspire to do. Conservative women must throw off the yoke of abortion.

Conservative women have been shunted to the side and the best weapon they have against these leftists is to take the abortion issue and flush it.

The men in America are going to have to stand up. The femi-nazis brought abortion into our land. They keep it going because everything is sister-this, and sister-that, and girls’ night out. Women apparently are not awoken to the fact that 10 times as many babies have been murdered than jews by nazis. Over 120 million people died in the last century due to conflict, of that 120million+ people dead, were six million jews. Sixty million babies is a big number compared to six million jews. If you were a propagandist against abortion wouldn’t a Holocaust x10 be a gold mine?

If the women in America wish to have a career in politics, they must first destroy Roe v. Wade. If President Trump wants to appoint women into positions in his administration, then they will need to have some strong men go to lunch with them. It really truly is a man’s world. That man died on the Cross on Calvary Hill and America has forgotten him.

A 3-D image taken from the Shroud of Turin


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