For a hamburger today, I will gladly repay you on Tuesday.

Money makes politicians run. Kickbacks are the lifeblood of politics.

It now appears that the immigrant crisis which has been festering since 1997, has been a money-maker for organizations at privately operated immigration and customs facilities.

Churches are reaping big benefits from the law that George W. Bush enacted with his signature. Not only did “W” sign the bill but his administration lobbied congress incessantly – this bill passed congress in a unanimous vote.

We see here that there’s money to be made. We know congress has its hand out for every crumb. Nancy Pelosi calls tax cuts crumbs while she’s the biggest crumb-snatcher who has been walking the halls of congress for almost 60 years.

Nancy and Steny Hoyer cut their teeth in Senator Brewster’s Washington, D.C. office. Brewster was under a cloud of graft himself – some thing’s never change.

There are no differences between republicans and democrats in congress – they are the same thieving lot, only one has stripes and the other has spots, so that their supporters (jock straps) can line up behind them and feel good about the America they envision. Politicians sell lies and take bribes. (Insider Trading)

The Obama administration had much less couth than the last Bush administration and of course, Obama was known to order $65,000 worth of hot dogs and pizza from Chicago to the White House. It is illegal to bring food into the White House – ask the Secret Service.

The Catholic Church advocates for illegals and has teamed with leftist lawyers to represent unaccompanied children and children separated from their parents. Monies from the federal government to the Catholic Church will more than likely pay for these leftist lawyers; in other words, we fund these ticks.

Now we know why Pope Francis is so interested in the plight of the dreamers. It’s money in the bank.

During the Obama administration, non-profits were profiting (while Tea Party organizations were hamstrung by the I.R.S. at the behest of democrats and republicans in government) as the federal government sought to resettle in a program known as the Refugee Resettlement Program. Believe it or not, many re-settlers in this program were muslim. They are our friends and neighbors – don’t lay down with the snake boys and girls!

Not only are the christian non-profits involved but the leftists have gotten involved as well. Can you tell the difference between the christians and the leftists at this point?

The Ethiopian Development Council, U.S. Committee For Refugees and Immigrants, International Rescue Committee, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, all help to seal the doom of American society for the want of a buck.

When President Obama spoke, his voice was no different from Paul Ryan’s. Remember Paul’s beard? Was he an ISIS sympathizer like the refugees of muslim ideology? So during the Obama administration $1Billion in annual revenue went to “volunteer agencies” who went on to become contractors for the U.S. Government. They are active in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Compound that with the flood of communist leaning Puerto Ricans who may have been moved by non-state actors, seeding clouds to alter the weather.

Not only has the American voter been forgotten by the republican and democrat parties which are actually the two-wings of the Deep State Party, but christians in America have been forgotten by their church leaders. Every new immigrant group is frisked at the door and welcomed (“Dominick, go frisk ’em”).

In some cases, parish churches (which became unviable due to diminished attendance among American church-goers) have been leased to islamic societies. The Crosses have been replaced with crescent moons of the Canaanite fertility god: Moloch, whose name has been changed to Allah by a Bedouin camel jockey.

Moloch sacrifice - Psalm 106


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