Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News!

I Got A Bad Case Of Loving You

The 4th of July – a big day in history which could be construed as a victory for Christianity in a world of insanity. It has a mirror image: an evil revolution which also has a date in July. The Illuminati-inspired French Revolution celebrates Bastille Day on July 14th. (That’s what the French get for crossing the British.)

The TSA has a prediction for freedom-loving Americans. This creation of the Deep State is a choke point at the airport to restrict travelers. It has nothing to do with security – it has everything to do with unionized government employees achieving a pension at the end of a good day (of being a pain in the ass to freedom-loving Americans).

Visions of octogenarian grandmothers in wheelchairs having invasive searches dance in our heads. The prediction is: it will screen 28.3 million freedom-loving travelers – citing Memorial Day figures 99% of the passengers passing through the TSA pre-check lanes, waited under 10 minutes. What kind of information did they have to give up to enter this pseudo “fast lane?”

The airlines work with TSA, helping to calculate the likely number of passengers on any given day at any time. In other words, all of your data held by the airlines, gets dumped into the TSA, automated screening lines and of course, the x-ray machine. Has everyone had their dose of radiation today?

The TSA is the equivalent of a federal police force, untrained in law enforcement, placed at the airport to choke travel. Local and state law enforcement will perform the same duties in the event of a catastrophe. Catastrophes used to be called an act of God. Now there is a term “man-made” catastrophe or “man-caused” disaster. It seems the humanism from the French Revolution has infected America via the Deep State and its Patriot Act.

If we don’t get our act together this infringement on free travel will continue for generations. Those employed in this mess will protect their jobs and seek to expand their authority and of course, their benefits. You will actually pay for this oppressive intrusion on a daily basis – plus, the retirement of these ticks who have not prevented one terrorist from accessing a domestic flight or an international one for that matter.

If the TSA was a business it would have failed year’s ago. Privatization may seem attractive but if the airlines are already helping TSA, why not let them police themselves? Just protect them from the lawyers who are larger and more fierce ticks than the TSA. Profile America we are all Americans – allowing this to continue is quite un-American. We are not free if we are “restricted in our movements.”

The first administrator for The Transportation Security Administration started out as an Ohio State TrooperJohn William Magaw, became a Secret Service agent in 1967. He was in charge of the Vice President’s detail which placed him with George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, Barbara.

George liked John so much, he appointed him the 17th Director of the U.S. Secret Service. His Deep State credentials were good enough for Bill Clinton to appoint him the 4th Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms — after the siege of WACO, the people who orchestrated WACO appointed Magaw to clean up WACO at the ATF.


Under Magaw’s watch at ATF — what many in America have held as a false flag for 23 years, occurred at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK in 1995. The building was the repository for the WACO debacle evidence. Most thinking adults knew that a rent-a-truck fertilizer bomb could not have destroyed the Murrah building, while only blowing windows out of the buildings across the street. Put a dot on a piece of paper and then use a compass to draw a circle around it. Inside the circle write “bomb blast” then superimpose that on the spot where McVeigh supposedly parked the truck. Bingo!

After ATF our boy John was appointed Senior Adviser to the Director of FEMA for terrorism preparedness in December of 1999. The Director that he served at that point was James Lee Witt, one of Bill Clinton‘s buddies from when they played little league together. On the day George W. Bush took office, John William Magaw served as Acting Director until the confirmation of Joe Allbaugh.

Magaw was selected by Norman Manetta (one of the “Bushies” who seemed to do well in The Department of Transportation and hurricane relief was his sweet spot. He had a cozy relationship with Landstar.)

With the blessing of Norman Manetta, Magaw set about creating the monolithic intrusion into free travel. President Bush sent Magaw to The U.S. Senate for confirmation as Undersecretary of Transportation Security in January 2002.  In his six-month’s there, he was not known to make many friends. The TSA was eventually moved to the Department of Homeland Security and lo and behold, John William Magaw is a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council today. These ticket-punchers never run out of things to do… they make work for themselves.

Bill Clinton used this to go after the 2nd Amendment in the form of militias and the 1st Amendment in the form of Rush Limbaugh and the TSA walks all over your 4th Amendment.

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