Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse


Remember the Maine — To Hell with Spain!  The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain. No, not the Plane Dealer from Cleveland Ohio — (the largest circulation of any Ohio paper) and yes, Ohio is important, not because of its central location but because Skull and Bones got its start from Ohio with the Taft family, by way of Yale. (No longer a divinity school).

No, the rain in Spain started with Columbus which is not Cleveland. The Spanish might be considered the worst of all colonial rulers except for the murderous Dutch (who are actually the closest blood lines to the British Royals, known here as the “Bloody British”)

Leading up to the Spanish-American War, The USS Maine steamed into Havana Harbor to protect the interests of American businessmen in Cuba. Sugar, a commodity where many of America’s richest men got off to a good start in the 1800’s. “Would you like some candy, kiddies?” (Warren Buffet? Junk food and razor blades!)

USS Maine was an armored cruiser, not a battleship — it was built to be fast enough to outrun a battleship and able to defeat anything up to a battleship. USS Maine was outdated when it was commissioned in 1895. What better way to replace a boo-boo than to use it as a prop to start a war and build more ships?

The USS Maine cost $4,677,788.75 — it had 8 boilers that generated 9,293 horsepower. Today, the cost to build the USS Maine would be $140,317,383.85. The United States Government had a foreign policy of isolationism. It was mindful (one hundred years after the birth of the nation under our modern form of government,) of the warnings of President Washington.

Old Cincinnatus had warned of the dangers of involving our nation in the constant squabbling indicative of Europe which was led by inbred royalty. These inbred rulers were susceptible to fighting wars on credit.

“An astonished western world agreed with the judgement of George III. Unable to believe that any military leader would voluntarily surrender such power, the king scoffed that if Washington resigned his commission, “He will be the greatest man in the world.” The king’s confusion epitomized his inability, throughout the Revolutionary conflict, to comprehend the enormous emotional power which classical republican ideals wielded over American minds”

Britain was exporting military technology to the western hemisphere i.e., Brazil (after buying British-made warships,) had a more powerful navy than The United States by 1881. (This was 16 years after the War Between The States and 10 years after The United States became the largest economy in the world).

The War Between The States was not about freeing the slaves. If it were, Reconstruction in the south would have been mindful of the poverty of the former slaves. It was not — they were reduced to sharecropping and may have had a better diet prior to emancipation. In all of this, the agents of the Bank of England had been at work subverting our nation and its people.

A prominent element was resolved once the south had seceded from the Union (and was no longer present in the U.S. House of Representatives) a series of railroad acts were passed into law. (Congress had been previously deadlocked.)

Many of our Army officers (pre-Civil War) were engaged in surveying the west, much like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s father in Colonial America. Foremost of these surveyors seeking a rail route for a transcontinental railroad was West Point graduate — Jefferson Davis. The same Jefferson Davis who was to become the President of the Confederate States of America “CSA.”

During the administration of Grover Cleveland (the 1st democrat elected to the Office of the President after The War Between The States) it became a priority to reduce the size of the federal government which had become bloated in its self-perpetuation.

President Cleveland created the Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate the railroads. William Collins Whitney received appointment as the 31st United States Secretary of the Navy (the son of James Scollay Whitney). The family is related to William Bradford through his mother Lorinda Collins (descendants of early settlers from London to Watertown Massachusetts).

William Whitney graduated from Yale University in 1863 where he became a member of Skull and Bones. The modernization of the U.S Navy can be attributed to Whitney. By the time he left office, the USS Maine was commissioned. Whitney’s second wife – Edith Sybil May was the widow of Major Arthur Randolph of the British Army. (Edith and Arthur are buried together at the Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C.)

The Home Whitney Bought For His 2nd Wife (The Widow Randolph And Mother Of The 1st Yalie Killed In WW I).

It is important to note Whitney was involved with a certain Charles Tracy Barney — whose Knickerbocker Trust Company eventually precipitated The Panic of 1907.  The panic was a vehicle for the Rothschild’s front man in American banking — J.P. Morgan. Morgan mobilized his bank to step in and save the economy and the government, in a shell game which eventually led to the creation of a private (foreign) corporation that coined U.S. money: The Federal Reserve.

J.P. Morgan was shown upon his death, to only own a small percentage of the bank himself — a true front man.

Understand that both The Federal Reserve and the Spanish-American War could not have happened to the United States without the media of the day, performing functions of propaganda for the elite masters.

The two biggies of the late 1800’s both made their home in New York City. The New York World was the fiefdom of Joseph Pulitzer while the New York Journal had William Randolph Hearst as overseer. It was between these two newspapers and these two men that the sensationalist press of the 1890’s became known as Yellow Journalism. (A style designed to evoke emotion and tug at the heartstrings.)

And if they didn’t have what they considered “good news” they would manufacture a story.

Even the sacred United States Mail was not a safe place (for someone like the Spanish minister to the United States) to post a letter to a friend disparaging President William McKinley, a freemason.

The letter was stolen and found on the desk of William Randolph Hearst who published it on February 9th. As the outcry increased, the fervor whipped up by the newspapers was answered in Havana Harbor. The USS Maine was attacked and 260 U.S. Sailors lost their lives on February 15, 1898.

All this because the United States was not depending upon Cuban sugar. Hawaii had been annexed in a land grab prior to this. Economic warfare by the sugar conglomerate in America precipitated a Cuban Civil War (against their Spanish masters) in which 1.8 million people in Cuba lost their lives in our backyard.

Newspapers in America under Hearst and Pulitzer sought to reverse U.S. foreign policy and propagate a war.

Their journalists never painted a pretty picture about what was going on in Cuba, in fact, they made it look worse than what it was. But in actuality, for them, 1.8 million people was merely a prop.

Today we find the Associated PressAP” and the Justice Department working against Paul Manafort. Manafort is in solitary confinement, yet no charges have been filed against him. The rest of the main stream media are totally okay with this. A significant number of the 350,000,000 people in America should be absolutely outraged at the behavior of a tin-horned god (Mueller) and a Deep State Department of Justice.

The tin-horned god has munchkins — one Andrew Weissmann, is a card-carrying munchkin of the Deep State. A graduate of Princeton he went on to the University of Geneva (Switzerland) by way of a Fulbright Scholarship. He obtained his law degree from Columbia.

Weissmann went to work for the Department of Justice at the Eastern District Court of New York. It is the same court in which he clerked for Judge Eugene Nickerson. Weissmann was involved in the prosecution of the New York mob. He led the team that convicted Vinny “the chin” Gigante. It’s only fair to call Weissmann — Andy “the nose” Weissmann. Andy “the nose” is the camel’s nose under the tent of the Associated Press.

“The nose” served as special counsel to Robert Swan Mueller III during his directorship at the F.B.I. After working in private practice, “the nose” returned to the F.B.I. in 2011 serving as general counsel under Mueller.

In Andrew Weissmann, The DOJ Makes a Stunningly Bad Choice for Crucial Role

Paul Manafort’s lawyers have recently become aware of an April 2017 meeting arranged by “the nose” with AP Journalists: Jack Gillum, Ted Bridis, Erick Tucker and Chad Day. Day and Gillum actually published an article against Manafort the day after the meeting which highlighted Manafort’s work with a Ukrainian political party (which was allied with the Russian government). The AP, of course, has a Director of Media Relations and she says “everything is cool.” This April meeting in 2017 is before Bob Mueller becomes a special prosecutor under this subversive DOJ.

It appears the meeting was a two-way street where “the nose” and the AP team traded information. The media have succeeded in dividing America to such an extent where  people are losing their lives and their liberty as our society descends into the predestined anarchy. A place where the elites wait to pick up the pieces because they never let a crisis go to waste.

It is apparent that “the nose” has some of the glitter of Hillary Clinton. There are no profile shots in social media where you can see where he got his nickname “the nose.”  “The nose” is full frontal and he seems to be accompanied quite often through pictoral history with Justice Department lawyers such as Matt Friedrich. These guys all hang together – Mueller, Friedrich, “the nose,” Eric Holder et al.


Going back to a DOJ case against Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) who was indicted in July 2008. Anticipating the DEEP STATE win, the DEEP STATE crooks at the F.B.I. and DOJ unsung bureaucrats of the elites, (toiling in their business suits and getting their nails done) had been working on this case since 2004.

Senator Stevens was a decorated Naval Aviator in WW II. And to the DOJ jerks, he was a prime target of the DEEP STATE because he was from the same state as McCainiac’s running-mate who was the best part of anything he ever had. (This all lines up with the fact that the bureaucrats and their elite masters had knowledge that McCain was going to pick Sarah Palin as his “running mate” before he announced it publicly in late August of 2008). Somehow McCain in losing managed to maintain his DEEP STATE credentials while Senator Stevens was eventually convicted by a crooked DOJ.

No surprise, Barack Obama was able to get Janet Reno’s best gopher through the senate to his appointment as Attorney General of The United States. Eric Holder has carried a nickname ever since: Obama’s enforcer.

Holder, in his testimony before congress, pointed his finger gun — which is a democrat gang symbol employed by lawyers like Rosemary Lehmberg and Rod Rosenstein. (When Rod was in front of Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio, he pointed his finger at the congressman and ten days’ later, the congressman’s nephew was involved in a fatal [1-vehicle] car crash, reminiscent of a CIA hit).

The prosecution of Senator Stevens had started during the Bush administration. The case passed over into the Obama administration as Steven’s lawyers sought to clear his name. Corrupt prosecutors succeeded in many ways before their corruption was brought to light. The prosecution cost the citizens of Alaska their innocent senator (conveniently replaced by democrat Mark Begich). Stevens was found guilty in federal court in Washington state on October 27, 2008 — just eight days before the election.  This corruption from bureaucrats swung the balance of power in the United States Senate, thereby installing Harry “nuclear option” Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

Begich is now running for Governor of Alaska.

Eventually the Stevens case came before Judge Emmet G Sullivan of the 9th Circuit Court. Judge Sullivan nailed the DOJ’s hide on the wall: “In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case.”

When it became clear to Attorney General Holder that Judge Sullivan was going to dismiss the indictments in the interest of justice, a DEEP STATE huddle was held. Holder announced that he was going to clean up the justice department proclaiming that all prosecutorial misconduct be brought to his attention. The department was shown to have concealed the records of key witnesses, including the involvement of sex trafficking of minors and subornation of perjury. Other cases in Alaska were reversed by 9th Circuit Court Judge Betty Fletcher.

The intentional prosecutorial misconduct are intentional acts of misconduct — Eric Holder as Attorney General refused to release the names of the prosecutors.

Prosecutors are supposed to seek justice — Eric Holder’s Justice Department instituted new training for prosecutors, while at the same time attempting to change ethical rules in each state to make it easier for prosecutors to hide evidence. This is why George Soros is attempting to influence elections for Attorneys General across the United States.

The Wall Street Journal called for severe sanctions after the Schuelke Report was published. https://www.emptywheel.net/2012/03/15/the-full-text-of-the-schuelke-report-on-doj-misconduct/

The six prosecutors involved in the Stevens case were reduced to five on September 26, 2010.

Nicolas Marsh was under investigation for his role in the Stevens case. The man who actually micromanaged Senator Stevens’ indictment — Matthew Friedrich, was not investigated. Friedrich, Andrew “the nose” Weissmann, Kathryn Ruemmier and John Hemann were all well versed in stacking the deck against American citizens. Marsh slashed his wrists and hanged himself in his basement, 48-days after Senator Stevens’ died in a plane crash in Alaska.

Marsh clerked in Alaska for Judge Andy Kleinfeld beginning in 1998. Kleinfeld is considered a conservative judge with a libertarian slant and he was confirmed by the senate after his nomination by President George Herbert Walker Bush on 9/12/91.

In 2003 Marsh was brought into the DOJ (Public Integrity Section) and in 2004, he was secretly in Alaska investigating Ted Stevens as well as others. (While investigating secretly in Alaska, Nicholas Marsh supposedly never had contact with Judge Andy Kleinfeld whom he had clerked for only six years before.) This is the DEEP STATE — you will remember in 2004, it was another toss-up like 1992. George W. Bush was running against John Forbes Kerry and it did not matter who won because they were both Skull and Bonesmen!

The takedown of America was placed in motion and the Justice Department case against  Senator Stevens — ensured that the senate would get Harry Reid as majority leader. Barack Obama would in fact be able to pass the baton to Hillary Clinton (in a DEEP STATE perfect world.)

If the Justice Department was receiving the same publicity say as… Richard Nixon received during Watergate or Donald Trump was given on the bogus Russian collusionAmerica would be better served.

But as it is, the DEEP STATE and the media are long overdue for a RICO investigation. The DOJ is anything but justice. This cancerous culture is ensconced in systematic and intentional concealment and threatens indictment at any and all. Justice is no longer blind with a scale — it’s a business suit with a finger gun.




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