The Democrat Hood IS the Back of the Bus!

Ms. Crabtree to Barefoot Cavalry today: “It’s amazing how the world is so different when you don’t have TV. They’re having a meltdown over Trump in Helsinki and they’re yelling TREASON!” Barefoot (in the middle of frying potatoes) said to Crabtree: “did you not expect them to beat their drum? It’s the only drum they have!”

In another life Barefoot would send faxes to Newt Gingrich’s office, begging Gingrich to go after the media and rein them in. This was in 1995 or 1996 before the Republicans replaced Newt with Denny Hastert who then had a 10-year reign in pedophile heaven.

In the 1990’s — Jerry Springer was TV. A new culture was being foisted on us right in front of our eyes. America had money, so over time, a lot of Americans learned how to milk the system; the man would go out to work and the woman would sit home and collect welfare.

One of the perfect jobs for a situation like this was trucking; the man could go away for a month or two at a time, and the mama could collect her check and watch Jerry Springer on TV.  She was to become a liberated woman while surfing on Oprah’s tears, becoming a feminist as well.

This is not new – the Mormons had their own way of milking the system. The man would just move around from house to house and have a bunch of wives and children (who were on social services). David Koresh thought he could have it all under one roof (a place where all his welfare mamas could live at one address). Unbeknownst to David Koresh, the government was going to make him a TV star. Stars are what sell the day in America.

My daddy always told me bullcrap sells the day and money makes the mayor run. My daddy grew up in Philadelphia when it was still horse and wagon — you see that shit hole today? Bullcrap — and the mayor is running for the money.

Richard Jackson, who until recently lived in Philadelphia – sought to work his way out of the hood. If you don’t know what the hood is, good! If you live in the hood, get out! Walk away!

Police: Man Shot, Killed After Answering Knock At Door In South Philadelphia

When one looks back at history, it is quite apparent that life is a series of coincidences. People at the right time — at the right place, making connections and going far. In the hood, making connections and going far is a dope deal.

Richard Jackson would renovate homes in his Philadelphia neighborhood.

Philadelphia (believe it or not,) is where Donald Trump (while a student at the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania,) had workers renovating homes as a business model.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.14.16 AM
Thank you Fred!

Jackson… more than likely was not aware that he was following the footsteps of the man who would coin the phrase “Make America Great Again!”

After renovating a home on his street, it was apparent to Mr. Jackson that the neighborhood needed to be cleaned up. He couldn’t make a good return on his labor and expenses because no one wants to live in the hood and pay a bunch of money.

From all that can be gathered from this tragedy, Jackson sought to change the behavior of someone who was selling drugs in the neighborhood – someone he may have known personally. After approaching the man and offering him work as an alternative lifestyle to selling drugs, the two entered into an argument, (which is usually the case with someone who’s hopelessly addicted) and a fight ensued.

Back in Barefoot Cavalry’s daddy’s day, the Bijou was the name of a movie house in south Philadelphia. (In the neighborhood it was pronounced Bi-jo, Bijou is a French word which refers to “jewel” and it is pronounced bee-jew). Movie houses were one of the earliest public locations to be air-conditioned. Poor housewives would sit in the movie theater enjoying the pleasant air conditioning and in many cases, leaving a house full of kids to be cared for by the eldest i.e., “little mother.” The movie goers felt good in the air conditioning and they were being entertained without having to read a book. Sadly, the entertainment was propaganda in the form of Hollywood bullcrap. Life was to become a stage as Shakespeare said.

In all actuality, Jackson may have lived longer if he had gone to Hollywood. Maybe if he had died his hair with colored streaks, pranced around in a tutu while applying for a job with the Teamster Local that builds Hollywood sets. Of course, he would have lost his soul.

The man Richard Jackson fought with on that evening came back and knocked on his door at 11:30 pm. Jackson did not answer the door with a porch broom.

The perfect porch broom would have been a pump-shotgun in a bullpup stock. If Jackson had done this, he would be alive today. At seven minutes to midnight, his body was in the hospital where he was declared dead.

The murderous nitwit acting as if he’s a gangster, (someone obviously has been playing the part of a TV show or a Hollywood movie) is on the run. Imposing on any and all of his friends (and their families) so he can survive another few hours in the style he’s accustomed to.

So, America… WE THE PEOPLE must rein in the media and the Deep State and Hollywood and TV and these leftist producers who have corrupted our society.

Racketeer – Influenced – Corrupt – Organizations (ACT) = RICO.

America is soon to be totally populated with children who adhere to debauchery as a religion. Indoctrinated, they will believe they have a right to live in a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, under the Constitution (which they can’t even read). A lifetime learned, backed up through the nifty devices they get their hands on at an early age. With wifi and cable and satellite at their fingertips, they seek higher education and are polished like a jewel by reprobates, masquerading as “social engineers.”

Where are the loudest voices against our president?  They are loudest in New York City and California, (specifically Hollywood) and of course, Washington D.C., but the chorus is in the urban areas (the blue Clinton Archipelago).

University “safe spaces” are booked as our president seeks to inspire the nation which has a segment divided that has learned to “sit it out.”

There is a divide in America. The media must beat the drum or they will lose precious territory to MAGA; therefore, the media froths at the mouth over Trump in Helsinki.

One thought on “The Democrat Hood IS the Back of the Bus!

  1. You’ve gone and told the truth, what kind shit are you tryin ta pull here, your gona screws up the whole rigged game, what could you possible have been thinking, : ) Well dont stops now ya has ta finishes it off. Please.


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