Barefoot Blurb – September 12, 2018

Today — everyone considers main stream media to be the enemy of conservative ideals in America. But the true enemies are the social media platforms that Americans use to interact with like-minded individuals.

It now seems evident that Google has partnered with Twitter for unlocking accounts. In the past, Twitter required a phone to verify the account and unlock it, but now…Google has been included where you must pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge and by doing so, you agree to Google having access to information about you, your device and your browser history. At that point, Google can control your searches on the internet and shepherd you in the ways that make Google executives…happy…politically.  This is a HUGE and imminent threat to a free society.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 5.47.56 PM

Google is the modern encyclopedia Britannica — the only difference is, when Britannica was printed, that was it. With Google, it’s whatever they say it is, in an ever-changing politically-correct, sheep-gate. Your searches have been “stomped-on.”

We are a free and independent constitutional republic, and we should take hold of this opportunity to set straight these people and their globalist cabal, once and for all.

Be prepared to rise up as shootings and threats and bombings are due to intensify as this minority here in this nation seeks to push us into the P.C. sheep-gate. What most do not realize, they have already branded us by intruding into our devices and social accounts.

These companies have many bright lawyers who have set their terms and conditions (which are subject to change without notice to the users) and as they have grown their business, the “companies” have become tyrannical, in all respects.

There has been no legislation for control of the terms and conditions that these companies set (which are exhaustive and who reads them anyway? Purposeful!) What we have are personal fiefdoms of executives running platform tyranny. Where are your papers?

Example: Twitter’s terms and conditions should be restricted to 280 characters.

2 thoughts on “Barefoot Blurb – September 12, 2018

  1. This is why I no longer belong to Twitter, FB or anything else for that matter. Still, I know I am being watched with every keystroke I make. Downright frightening.People just automatically check agree to whatever will allow them to use the the subject matter they are interested in.


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