Drudge In A Nutshell – It’s So Gay.

Barefoot Blurb – September 21, 2018

Another Hollywood fundraiser for Beto.

House Republicans no longer bash Obamacare.

Michelle O ready to GLAM.

Yellowstone thermal spring ready to erupt for 4th time – activity increasing.

(Column 1 on Drudge at this moment).


Drudge has become supermarket tabloid. 3rd column which starts with “Scientists discover how to upload knowledge to your brain” with a photo of Ivanka Trump “Ivanka Dazzles mission control”


Then you get to the real meat of Drudge: “Sex Robot Brothel planned for Houston gets push-back from religious group.”

Under that a photo of Beyonce with a stringer “Beyonce drummer claims star practices “extreme witchcraft”” and below that “Man who posed as housewife made secret sex tapes with 150 men.”


About the man who posed as a housewife:

Gonna spoil it for ya’ll.

He’s up on charges for having sex with an underage boy.


This above just in from Drudge! Facebook wants to be up your butt, all day, everyday. Can we determine how evil this is by reading here on Drudge?

So much for Drudge.






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