Divided America Actually Equals The Haves and The Have Nots

The Have Nots Are Easy For The Democrats — They Run For Pennies.

As the mentally challenged bolshevik democrats packaged up eight farcical bombs for the Klan media to distribute by bag lady mail express, we see the stock market take a tumble which includes NASDAQ. Home sales are at a two-year low as America comes to grips with rebuilding in the midst of a hurricane season. Half of America makes more money on welfare than it pays in taxes… and these chumps vote.

The political reality of a situation like this is California… it is becoming Mexico. The middle class is disappearing; it’s the haves and have nots which is what the elites want — because population reduction will be a reality.

In New York City metropolitan teenagers are pulling stick-ups on restaurants. The government is at fault for this because they used the mob FBI to take down the mob which would not allow this to happen. These kids would disappear off the streets, wholesale, and never reach the court system — even their mothers would be happy after a while. Life would be better and death would suit these punks.

A 70-year old woman was found on New York’s upper west side with her throat slashed. There were no signs of forced entry and there is a person of interest; another woman who lives in the building. By all accounts the dead lady was kind to animals and would rescue. We cannot have things like that anymore because the federal government has taken upon itself to be kind to animals and rescue them.

It’s time for a major change in America– if you don’t own property, you can’t vote. The government already thinks like this… from the past. If you’re in a disaster area today and you don’t own your home and seek help from FEMA, they will not deal with you. Therefore, if a person goes on welfare, they must turn in their voting rights until they get back on their feet and show themselves to be a responsible citizen. Responsibility has gone the way side in a society of gamers and people who are nothing but a front…. a sugar coated shell.

California is indicative of where this nation is going and the original melting pot on the east coast (New York City) has become a cesspool — once again.

And to tell you who did this to us? It was academia, social workers and lawyers (private and government). Yahoo was recently sued and will have to pay $85M to settle a massive data breach. Here’s the split: 200 million affected users get $50M in compensation while the lawyers get $35M for fees and expenses. Do you get that?

Steve Bannon recently held a rally for republican candidates and no one showed up, which is good — because Steve Bannon is the rot that ruined Breitbart. Steve Bannon put together a bunch of people with ties to Europe and had them run an operation on American conservatives. He even tried to assume the mantle of “king maker.” Make no doubt about it, Steve Bannon is an intelligence operator and may be the reason that Paul Nehlen went off the rails like he did during the Judge Roy Moore campaign. Bannon has been shown to have two left feet on the dance floor.

America has been seeding clouds since WW II and lo and behold, Florence and Michael were very much destructive. A lot of folks believe these storms were tweaked by man. Please remember, Ian Fleming was a spy for Britain during WW II. Many folks say he was a schmuck and some say he was the bee’s knees… but as he sat in Jamaica, penning his novels and smoking ganja, he discerned that the evil forces in the world were not just  governments but the moneyed individuals behind the government. His villains were always the super rich.

As we look across America do we see the people who will rise up and finally throw off the yoke of European tyranny that is actually foisted by its banks? We pray (that it is) so.



One thought on “Divided America Actually Equals The Haves and The Have Nots

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