Ex Parte

“I had heard someone say and so I said too, that ridicule is the most effective weapon. Well, now I know that there are things that never have been funny and never will be. And I know that ridicule may be a shield but it is not a weapon.” ~ Dorothy Parker (Long time member of the Algonquin Roundtable)

Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway just knew — she had the world by the tail in 1995 (while working with Senator Fred Thompson and the Republican National Committee).

Kellyanne did not realize Washington D.C. was a town that eats its young.

Mrs. Conway is a woman who learned life’s lessons, picking and packing blueberries. She could make a difference like Larry Klayman, (the son of meat cutters and packers from Philadelphia which is not far from the pine barrens of South Jersey where Kellyanne was raised).

We hope Kellyanne still has some of that sand between her toes, because she could very well expose Washington D.C., and its Georgetown Set of politics.

Today more than ever, a great divide is visible between the elites (and the governing class of puppets that they raised up) and the majority of the everyday folks of America. We must look at how we got here.

IT BEGINS WITH THE EDUCATION OF OUR YOUNG. The eugenics movement was nursed along by the 322 Skull and Bones crowd. This secret society sought to overtake the American political landscape as well as the government. Not much good comes from Yale and its secret societies, which in turn birthed foundations, councils, quarterlies, elite boarding schools, the U.N., and the giants of industry who financed political campaigns.

Prescott Bush was at one time Treasurer of the Eugenics Society. Skull and Bonesmen gravitated to foundations, and it seems that these horse breeders had come together with a desire to breed humans for their stables.

When you look at Rhodes Scholarships (Cecil Rhodes was already dead and a Rothschild was responsible for setting up what has been described as a “scheme”) and the fact that there is a Kellogg School at Oxford (which was named for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation) you must realize that the Skull and Bones people who ran AMERICA, enabled the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to go into 3rd world nations in Asia, South America, and in particular, South Africa, to right the wrongs perpetrated by white men (who were the elites in the first place). The Rockefeller Foundation was comfortable spreading its money in Europe.

Secret Societies and foundations are not run by blue-collar folks. The Rhodes-Milner Round Table refers to a movement founded in 1909, advocating worldwide British Empire Federalism. It published a journal which was a quarterly review of the politics of the British Empire. A British Imperial Federation was deemed the best government for the whole earth. We can be thankful that this was researched by the John Birch Society so that we know this today. The John Birch Society had been reviled all these years, and so the most dangerous man in America in 1983 was a democrat congressman from the Georgia 7th District — Dr. Lawrence Patton McDonald. Congressman McDonald was not only a democrat, but the chairman of the John Birch Society. Larry McDonald the 2nd President of the John Birch Society was an anomaly and a threat to Bill Clinton (who was a Rhodes Scholar until he was thrown out of Britain for rape in 1970) who ran as a centrist democrat approximately 9 years later.

Congressman McDonald’s KAL 007 flight. https://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/history/item/4684-kal-flight-007-remembered

On April 5, 1991 — a moderate republican — Senator John Heinz,  who was positioned to skew the 1992 election, died in a plane crash. As the story goes… they had a problem with their landing gear and supposedly a Sun Oil Company helicopter was newly airborne after depositing its passengers . The Bell 412 helicopter answered a call from the tower that it would check the landing gear on the Piper Aerostar to see if its gear was in fact down. The age of drones was not new in 1991 — ironically, the remains of the pilot and copilot of the Sun Oil Company helicopter were never found. (Of course, the insurance payments were made and the lawsuits were settled.)

We were assured then, that we would either have George H.W. Bush as president, or his best bud from Arkansas: William Jefferson Clinton.

Those who adhere to a new ordering of the world, rather than accepting the fire that Christ set on Pentecost Sunday — attained virtual control in America during the 20th Century. First, with foreign banking interests, which resulted in the creation of the Federal Reserve System and then, with secret societies that weren’t exactly secret. They derived their secrecy from the elitism that permeated the rooms where their meetings were held. Recall — Freemasonry had been spread around the world by these same peoples and their empire which created Round Table, Pilgrim Society, and eventually the Council on Foreign Relations.

Albert Pike — a declared Luciferian. Albert Pike was born in Boston, Massachusetts… 9 years later in 1818 — Karl Marx was born in Trier (which was in the Kingdom of Prussia at that time). Karl Marx fomented revolution and was eventually brought to England so he could produce his writings on communist theory which deny the very existence of GOD and is Luciferian in nature. Marx was packaged for the everyday man. Albert Pike was packaged for a certain few, rising in Freemasonry.

Marx was thrown out of every country he ever lived in, except for England where he is buried.

Pike and Marx ran for the same jokers. These jokers came out with Darwinism and the Fabian Society whose emblem is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Then these Fabians go out and produce more wolves in sheep’s clothing and by end of WW II — the American people had been knuckled under. We have not had a total victory in any war we fought since end of WW II. Over 70 years without total victory but we have many men with PTSD and now, women missing limbs. Whose world order is this? Who is new? Christ is new. All things have been made new in Christ. For those of you who follow Q drops as if they are chapter and verse from the Lord Almight — Jesus did not say I am Q, he said “I am.”

Today in Washington, D.C. we have a new “Georgetown Set.”

George T. Conway III and Laura Ingraham  we are to believe were lovers before a little break-up. George is anti-Trump and it seems Laura has gone through her “I don’t like Trump” phase and today finds common ground with the president. Conway has likened the Trump Administration to “a dumpster fire.”

George was introduced to his wife Kellyanne by Ann Coulter (the third spoke in the wheel known as the Washington Pundettes). If we are to believe that there is a 2nd wave of feminism, then we must believe that feminism has led to the Second wave of EOE – equal opportunity employment.

Some insight into George T. Conway III — you see how he bristles because he’s known as Mr. Kellyanne Conway. Not only is there a new Georgetown Set made up of newbies, but it appears they were trained by the oldies.

The 27th President of the United States was also the 10th Chief Justice of the United States –William Howard Taft.

William Howard Taft’s father, Alphonso — one of the founders of Skull and Bones at Yale University (along with a Mr. Russell, whose family fortunes were tied to opium), was a judge, an ambassador, Secretary of War and Attorney General under Ulysses S. Grant. This was during a time of intense financing and birthing of railroads in America. Alphonso Taft also served under Chester A. Arthur as Minister to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (“Bohemia”) and also Czarist Russia — at a time when the Czar was perpetuating purges against radical jewish elements within his nation. These same jews were later to be shown as the springboard of Bolshevism.

By the early 1900’s — William Howard Taft was posted to the Philippines by President McKinley, but only after Taft resigned a Federal judgeship. Taft had been fully assured by McKinley of an immediate appointment to the Supreme Court upon a vacancy.

The Taft Commission — also known as the 2nd Philippine Commission, was responsible for maneuvering the military out of the day-to-day operations concerning proposed self-government by the Philippine people. The military and American-occupied Philippines had been under the command of Lt. General Arthur MacArthur Jr. who was the father of  General Douglas MacArthur — one of five men promoted to the rank of General of the Army during WW II. (Both men were awarded the Medal of Honor.) Arthur MacArthur Jr. clashed with the future president Taft.

President McKinley ensured that the Taft Commission maintained executive power in the Philippines. The Commission was given control of the military budget.

Taft’s good friend, was vice president of the United States at that time — Theodore Roosevelt, who became President Theodore Roosevelt upon the very convenient assassination of William McKinley.

Taft had a son — Robert Alphonso Taft Sr., (the eldest son). Robert and his brother Charles Phelps Taft II, were of course… Skull and Bones. An interesting note: Charles was the playmate of Teddy Roosevelt’s children while his father was Secretary of War. Robert was 1st in his class at the Taft School — he graduated Yale in 1910 went on to Harvard Law School where he edited the Harvard Law Review. After practicing law for four years he was sent to Washington D.C., to work with the Food and Drug Administration.

Charles Taft dropped out of Yale and joined the United States Army during WW I and he went to Europe.

Robert went on to Paris, France working with Herbert Hoover and the American Relief Administration. He was also a proponent of the League of Nations.

Domestically, Robert was an outspoken critic of the Ku Klux Klan which had seen a resurgence during the Wilson Administration.

Robert Taft became a U.S. Senator from the State of Ohio in 1938. In 1941 he and his wife purchased a home in Georgetown.

His wife Martha, was a very valuable asset. Taft, although powerful in republican circles, mostly because of his grasp of policy and political interest, had trouble politicking and speaking.

His speeches tended to display his grasp of complex details. His wife, Martha Wheaton Bowers, was exactly like his own mother, in that she softened Robert Taft’s intellectualism, complimenting his public persona.

Although an opponent of the New Deal, Taft’s conservative domestic view of limited government spending, did include social welfare programs.

In other words, no matter which side of the coin, America was going to go down the road of socialism. If you don’t believe this, take a look at social security. People had the money deducted from their paychecks every week, month, year and then the politicians by the 1960’s had robbed it blind. That is socialism in a nutshell.

Robert Taft did his best to become president of the United States but it just wasn’t in the cards. So in 1953 he was to become senate majority leader. With his presidential aspirations behind him, Taft became good friends with President Eisenhower and it was in the spring of 1953 (at Burning Tree Club – a private, all-male golf club in Bethesda, Maryland), Taft experienced excruciating pain which lead to a diagnosis of cancer.

Burning Tree to this day, does not allow women on its grounds.

Burning Tree has had four notable members who would surprise most of us today: William Randolph Hearst, Bob Schieffer, Bryant Gumbel and Jack Valenti.

Robert Taft had four children — William H. Taft III, Robert Taft Jr., Lloyd Bowers Taft and Horace Dwight Taft.

William H. Taft III graduated from Yale and we can surmise he was also Skull and Bones. He went to Princeton for his doctorate. In WW II he was an analyst for military intelligence. After the war, he continued teaching at Yale and was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency where he worked in the early 1950’s before becoming an Ambassador to Ireland.

His son — William Howard Taft IV, was born just after the end of WW II. Taft IV attended St. Paul College Prep in Concord New Hampshire and of course, he went to Yale where we can imagine in 1965… he too, became Skull and Bones (along with John Forbes Kerry as they were both class of 1966).

William Taft IV became one of Nader’s Raiders which can only be described as seven law student-volunteers with too much time on their hands.

This was at a time in our nation’s history that intelligence operators spawned by Skull and Bones were setting up the presidency of the United States with intelligence operators and palace intrigue which resulted in a CIA Psy-Op we know as Watergate.

From 1970-1973, Casper Weinberger was Director of Office Management and Budget in the executive office of the president and Taft IV was his principal assistant in the management of the budgetary process, policy review and program oversight for the entire federal government. From there Taft moved into a position as executive assistant to the United States Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, where again, he worked for Casper Weinberger and later, Forrest David Matthews between the years 1973-1976.

In April of 1976 Taft was appointed General Counsel of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare by President Gerald Ford. In this position he supervised over 350 lawyers in Washington D.C., and other cities around the United States.

Returning to government service in 1981 — Ronald Reagan appointed Taft as General Counsel for the Department of Defense. From that position he was appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense where he served for over five years, until April 1989, serving under Casper Weinberger and his replacement, Secretary of Defense — Frank Carlucci, until January 20, 1989.

Taft IV was appointed Acting Secretary of Defense prior to the confirmation of  “Dick” Cheney. (Let’s go hunting!)

From 1989-1992 and during the Gulf War, William Taft IV was U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO (a position that holds the rank of full ambassador).

Taft answers the call once again when George W. Bush appoints him chief legal adviser to the Department of State under Colin Powell. It was here that Taft became involved with Richard Armitage, Colin Powell and the Valarie Plame affair. At the very beginning of the justice department investigation of the Plame Gate Hoax, Taft IV notified the justice department that Armitage had info on the case. Taft was the state department’s legal adviser.

FBI agents met with Armitage who at the time was Deputy Secretary of State. Armitage acknowledged that he had passed along information to reporter Robert Novak (known as the dark prince). The FBI notified DOJ prosecutors investigating the leak of this information. The three officials at state department who knew of the leak but never spoke of it were Powell, Armitage and the legal adviser: William H. Taft IV.

James Comey wastes no time and illegally appointed Patrick Fitzgerald as Special Counsel – they were long time friends. Comey became acting AG of the United States in this matter after Ashcroft recused himself, (for no good reason).

Ashcroft should have tendered his resignation of course, and then Comey should have been empowered with the full powers of the Attorney General by way of a senate confirmation. Another deep state actor in this was the Director of the FBI – Robert Swan Mueller. (Mueller is a former classmate of John Forbes Kerry who was soon to become the democrat candidate for U.S. President in the 2004 election.) In this ball of wax, media actors whipped up a furor to garner public support for a deep state fraud, masquerading as justice. (The 2004 election was fast and slow on a Skull and Bones track.)

Patrick Fitzgerald is actually godfather to James Comey’s children.  George W. Bush playing his deep state game at the behest of unseen hands and “W” would only commute Scooter Libby’s sentence.

This miscarriage of justice was eventually put to bed in April of 2018 by President Trump when Scooter Libby was given a full pardon.

Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald’s behavior was described as overzealous and politically motivated. The deep state is not a political party it is a cabal of power-brokers and lawbreakers, masquerading as do-gooders.

We see the power elite who had to pick a party to run the show. The Tafts were/are supposedly republican — as a mater of fact, Horace Dutton Taft — younger brother of President William Howard Taft followed in the Taft family’s Skull and Bones tradition at Yale. Horace Taft had been trained as a lawyer but seems to have been placed in his position as an educator. Horace founded the Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut which is known on the sports field as the RHINOS.

A graduate of the Taft School in 1953 — Ralph K. Winter Jr., went to Yale University and then graduated Yale Law School in 1960. He clerked for another Yalee — Caleb Merrill Wright and then went on to clerk for Thurgood Marshall at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, (a very important court). Blessings were showered upon Ralph K. Winter Jr., (who hailed from Waterbury CT) as he returned home to his state, becoming a faculty member at Yale Law School, working his way from lecturer, and finally becoming a professor of law. At the same time, he became a senior fellow at Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. (a repository of off-beat liberals).

In 1981, Winter was nominated by Ronald Reagan and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit where he eventually became chief judge. Then this pillar of the legal community became one of three judges on the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review (FISCR) from 2003 – 2010. This court was established in 1978, and its constitutionality should have been in question for the last 40 years.

What we have is a court solely dedicated to a federal judge and government lawyers where the defendant’s interests are not considered, EX PARTE. The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court should be renamed Spooky-Tooth.

Winter’s list of notable law clerks is almost as inbred as some of the pedigrees in Britain… but for now, just focus on two:  George T. Conway III and Laura Ingraham (who also clerked for Clarence Thomas). This is why the GOP is riddled with hardline softballs. These are corrupted; they may not realize they are corrupted but they are corrupted. (Lawyers have the best gig. They are able to represent both sides of the coin giving them a feeling of superiority — above the fray, so to speak).

Ann Coulter’s recent comments about our president pertaining to the wall would indicate she has become a self-appointed arbiter. Of course, politically — she has no skin in the game. Be reminded, she and Kellyanne Conway and Laura Ingraham (Dartmouth and University of VA – Law School) were the Pundettes on TV in Washington D.C..

The new Georgetown Set lined up against our president. Notice, one of the first to show disapproval was Ann CoulterGeorge Conway III has been critical of President Trump.(As you can see with George – Harvard Magna Cum Laude in Bio Chemistry, JD – Yale 1987 – Editor of  Yale Law Journal —  he’s keeping all options open…ready, willing and able to work for the deep state)  All of these political fixtures being played in a card game designed to wear down President Trump. It’s not a new game that these folks are playing.

Modern lawyers today have been indoctrinated. The courts have been subverted by elite lawyers. If they can’t steal your children outright from you, they’ll steal them while they are in school.

The children are being indoctrinated and made intolerant, so as to affect societal change and remake America into a socialist paradise. (Under Obamacare, your children of college age were dependent and considered insurable. In other words, you had a job and they more than likely did not, so you had more taxes to pay for this enslavement. Today we see these same post-college aged children running around with masks on their entitled faces, to make our society jump through hoops it shouldn’t!) Nazi/Communist… anything but the REPUBLIC of the rising sun!

Close-up of Rising Sun Chair in Independence Hall
“A Republic, if you can keep it”

It was easy for the lawyers and educators to steal the young minds of mush in law school. Our institutions of higher learning are teaching a corrupted form of law. But truly, to change America, and place her in tyrannical chains, they needed to divide society. So they did.

Population reduction is not a new idea and of course, we’re supposed to know that we have our betters — for better or for worse. America — you’re in a rocky marriage. Not with the constitution, but rather with the deep state actors. They have the power and if you are like millions of other Americans you have no one other than President Donald J. Trump to stand up against them.

The truth is — he’s an outsider. He’s not a member of their “club.”

The establishment won’t allow any politician of any spot, stripe or color to work with him. The politicians may well keep up appearances, but the string pullers and puppet masters are running the show.

Since the assassination of JFK, we have had one outsider as president — anyone guess Jimmy Carter?

We must say that Jimmy Carter was MKUltra’ed while he was a mid-shipman at the U.S. Naval Academy. Carter’s roommate was the nefarious Jackson Stephens who, in his day, ran the largest off-Wall Street brokerage house and the largest nursing home provider in the United States (Beverly International). Stephens also had his hand in the PROMIS Software and Hillary Clinton was the lead attorney on his behalf while working for the Rose Law Firm.

The PROMIS Software is the biggest ripoff of all in financial history. It was ripped off from its creator and then PROMIS was tweaked to rip off America in an instant — that instant was the death of Babylon, destroyed in a day — all the world’s merchants (the world’s merchants have become princes) will mourn her passing. She made the world rich with her trade. https://biblehub.com/wycliffe/revelation/18.htm

We call this event:  9/11.

Prosecutor’s Management Information System (“PROMIS”) was developed to give attorney’s better control of their case files, it was very fluid to begin with. Eventually it was introduced to some very advanced A.I. — a predictor of sorts, (the elites have always had their fortune tellers). How do you think they got the name “fortune-teller?” that’s exactly where PROMIS was applied; financial markets, trades in real-time and untraceable theft on an unimagined scale through back doors into secret bank accounts, say… in Switzerland.

Jackson Stephens was a big political donor of both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

It was Ronald Reagan who was actually the other outsider president. Reagan was so outside of the loop that they tried to whack him, just like JFK. Donald J. Trump runs a very great risk by putting himself out in front of the deep state cabal. The deep state is not domestic — it is global.

Just over 17 years ago — our government laid the blame of 9/11 at the feet of islamic radicals. Over those 17 years, a tyranny has grown up around Americans.

Today in America — if you have something to say about a muslim, you are a racist — sit back, and let that sink in. How did we get scammed with two stolen presidential elections by a muslim, mixed-race, Manchurian candidate?

The two political parties have been sponsors of this assault upon our constitution. Please realize that the last shovels-full of dirt thrown into President John F. Kennedy’s grave at Arlington, were the work of the Warren Commission and its lawyers.


Arlen Specter — the lawyer who dreamt up the single-bullet theory (future five-term senator from Pennsylvania [30-years of Specter]), was a democrat before he was a republican then back to his democrat roots (which he suddenly rediscovered, late in his political career).

Also… realize that on April 4 of 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., had to die so that his civil rights movement (in which King emphasized self-reliance and the absolute need for respectability within a homogamous society) could be co-opted and replaced with a system run by government mandate. Two-month’s and two-day’s later on June 6th of 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. His death birthed the violence of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

King’s assassination precipitated what was known as “race riots” throughout the nation in  1968:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Washington, DC
  • New York City
  • West side Chicago
  • Detroit Michigan
  • Louisville,  KY
  • Hill District – Pittsburgh PA
  • Summit, Illinois (Argo High School)
  • Miami, FL
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Wilmington, DE

On August 28, 1963 — just before JFK was assassinated, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., gave his famous “I have a dream” speech while marching on Washington, D.C..  One-year later to the day, in 1964 — Philadelphia experienced three nights of rioting and looting. Many were arrested, one rioter was killed and of the 339 people hurt, 100 of them were police officers. Out of the ashes of Columbia Avenue, Arlen Specter rose like a phoenix to become the District Attorney of Philadelphia in 1966, having switched parties to republican in 1965.

The man who became known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz was paroled from prison in 1952. In the six years he was imprisoned, he was to become a member of the Nation of Islam. Eventually Malcom X repudiated the Nation of Islam and its leaders, as well as Shi’ia Islam. In April of 1964 he completed the Hajj in Saudi Arabia as a Sunni Muslim. As previously explained regarding the need to overtake Martin Luther King’s movement — Malcolm X (who founded the organization of Afro-American Unity and Muslim Mosque, Incorporated) was a threat to both the puppet leadership and the circle of elites who controlled the strings of the Nation of Islam. (Those adherents to this social order/religion[?] actually have no idea that the contrivance is controlled from the outside). Malcolm X returned from Saudi Arabia with a new lease on life. His radical past was affected by what he had viewed as a guest (a “state” guest) of Prince (soon to be King) Faisal (an agent of the British Crown. The 1st Saudi Royal to visit England where he was brought into the fold during a 5-month visit. [Tavistock?]). Malcolm peered into a form of Islam where people of all colors seemed to largely get along. When Malcom returned from the Hajj, he may have been an operative of the elite (a foil against their pawns in the nation of Islam at that time). Same elite, but with a different angle of the dangle.

With all the surveillance placed about Malcolm X, the true details of his assassination may never be known. The perpetrators were never brought to justice as the patsies took the fall. What we do know though… any attempt to soften the militant stance of black Muslims in America was shutdown February 21, 1965.

It appears Malcolm X was very much on the money when he described the co-opting of the Civil Rights Movement by rich white elite. Stephen Currier (son of Richard Currier and Mary Whelan Prue) was the President of Taconic Foundation (cofounded with his wife, Audrey) and was heir to the Currier fortune of Currier and Ives.

Stephen’s mother Mary went on to marry Mortimer Morris Warburg (the son of Felix Warburg and Freida Schiff who was the daughter of Jacob Henry Schiff. There were Warburgs on both sides of the table at the Treaty of Versailles). Jacob Schiff is responsible for financing Japanese Imperialism as a bulwark against Czarist Russia. Agents for these jewish bankers propagandized 50,000 Russian POW’s (held by Japan) to radicalize them before they returned to Russia. (This was accomplished by the uncle of George F. Keenan, a member of the Georgetown Set — who was also to become Ambassador to the Soviet Union). Schiff is also paramount in financing Jewish revolutionaries in Russia as well.

Mary Warburg supported many social welfare programs, but most importantly, she was involved with the United Negro College Fund. Senator John F. Kennedy donated the money from his Pulitzer Prize for his book “Profiles in Courage” to the fund. (George Keenan had also won a Pulitzer prize).

The NAACP had a much longer history in the Civil Rights Movement than any of the other groups. A lot of money was being generated — they all wanted a slice of the pie and they felt the pressure when Stephen Currier raised $800,000 at the Carlysle Hotel in Manhattan.

The donations largely came from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. There were 93 other entities involved. Immediately, Currier recommended that the black leadership form the Council For United Civil Rights Leadership with Currier in charge.

As in any movement, cracks began to appear in the Civil Rights Movement. The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund split from the NAACP in 1957. The competing organizations included: the Southern Christian Leadership Council, the Congress of Racial Equality, The Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, the NAACP, the National Urban League and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (which was run by a white man, attorney Jack Greenburg who had replaced Thurgood Marshall). Here we see the black leaders running for the money in a classic “carrot and stick.”

Malcolm X described the meeting at the Carlisle Hotel: “As soon as they got it formed, they elected Whitney Young (executive director of the National Urban League) as the chairman, and who do you think became the co-chairman? Stephen Currier, the white man, a millionaire.”

The Council For United Civil Rights Leadership was assigned all rights to the recording of “I Have A Dream.” When Mr. and Mrs. Currier disappeared in their private airplane, 2/3rds of their fortune was left to the Taconic Foundation.

The Bruce family was very well-connected; Audrey Currier’s grandfather was once the U.S. Senator from Maryland but before that, William Cabell Bruce, had served in the Maryland Senate and was very involved with the City of Baltimore. Audrey’s grandmother was the sister of the fourth Secretary of War for the Confederate States of AmericaJames Alexander Seddon. Her maternal grandfather was Andrew W. Mellon –– Mellon was one of the longest-serving Secretaries of the Treasury serving under presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. Audrey’s mother — Ailsa Mellon Bruce was the founder of the Avalon Foundation.

In 1969 Avalon Foundation and Old Dominion Foundation (which was set up by Ailsa’s brother, Paul Mellon) merged to become the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in honor of their father. By that time, Audrey and her husband — Stephen Currier had been declared dead.

The Columbia Avenue riots must be viewed as the headwaters of unrest.

The majority of  business owners on Columbia Avenue were Jewish merchants. Coming together in public meetings with the black community, the Jewish merchants sought to minimize future losses and retain their businesses in the black neighborhood.

It must be noted that many freedom riders from the north, going south for the civil rights movement, were radical jews from liberal colleges. (If you have an issue with the way this was just described, please realize that Rev. Al and his $531,000 book deal to his charity, is blood money from Freddy’s Fashion Mart). A Temple University study attributed the Columbia Avenue riot in North East Philadelphia to rumors spread by two black muslims. A fabricated story of a pregnant black woman who was beaten by a white police officer and then shot to death. This rumor was yelled on street corners by the two individuals as if it was the Gospel of our Lord.

 Spooky Tooth was one of the bands featured in the 1969 documentary “Groupies.” 

The LP must have been successful because here’s the film!

“Excellent…Stunning and Unforgettable” says Judith Crist of New York Magazine

In hindsight, the “British Invasion” was perpetrated by the elite.

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 12.37.46 pm

They had their Rock ‘N Rollers on an intelligence leash and were about to create a new nobility which every Tom, Dick and Harry in the U.S.A. could emulate. Get ready for the drug epidemic.

Please take in some background: Ms. Crist was born in Bronx New York as Judith Klein. Her father was involved with the fur trade in Canada where the Kleins lived. The family had a bullet-proof(?) Cadillac, servants and multiple homes at a time when the Bronfmans were running liquor to a dry United States.

Apparently, the Kleins were not informed of the coming disaster. They lost everything by the time Judith was ten years, old during The Great Depression.

The family headed back to New York where it seems they received financial support (in a period when soviet agents were actively building spy networks within the United States). Judith Klein was able to attend Hunter College (formerly the Female Normal and High School).

Judith then enrolled in Columbia Journalism School — just your average girl. She was hired immediately as a feature writer for the Herald Tribune where she stayed until the demise of that paper in 1966. It seems both Judith and her husband, William B. Crist (who had been an executive with the newsreel division at Paramount pictures… [this screams “OSS intelligence operator”]) focused on the education of the youth. William formed his own public relations firm, catering to liberal arts institutions while Judith was an adjunct professor of journalism at Columbia School of Journalism (founded by Joseph Pulitzer) from 1958 until she was 90 years old in 2012; a true icon!?

Judith was force-fed to the American people (it was her duty to affect culture in any manner, shape or form). She was given a pulpit on the Today Show from 1964 – 1973. Her writings appeared in New York Magazine but she reached many more homes with her marxist, cultural bent, through the ever-present piece of Americana… the TV Guide.

For several decades, Crist hosted an annual film festival in Tarrytown, New York. One of her many guests — Woody Allen, used Crist’s Tarrytown gatherings in his script for Stardust Memories — a drama, in which dear Judith had a cameo appearance.

She became a celluloid hero through the pillar of the community: Woody Allen.

Other guests at Tarrytown included a kid from New Jersey (Stephen Spielberg) and Paul Newman along with Robert Redford who starred in the 1969 movie — Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid which mentioned railroad tycoon — E.H. Harriman.

The film festival at Tarrytown and Harriman’s Arden Estate are just over 30 miles apart. Two of E.H. Harriman’s sons — W. Averell and Edward Roland Noel were members of Skull and Bones at Yale. (E. Roland and Prescott Bush were both inducted into Skull and Bones in 1917).

The Crists also had a home in Woodstock, New York which may explain her fascination with groupies and their effect on the young women of America in 1969.

What played out in America? The young men acted in real life as if they were rock stars and conversely, the women who were dressing like groupies, got treated like groupies and they didn’t like it. New warriors for the Second-wave of feminism. ~ Barefoot Cavalry

The Normal School was founded by Thomas Hunter in 1870. Born in Ardglass, County Down — Hunter was of Scotch-Irish ancestry. His father was a sea-captain (and may or may not have been involved in the opium trade.) Hunter had much support from progressives as he sought to reshape education in New York City.

Hunter was the President of the Female Normal and High School for 37 years. During this time, the school became incorporated as a college and according to the statutes of New York, was given the power to confer Bachelors of Art degrees. When the phraseology “normal course of study” fell out of fashion, it had to be abolished. This is progressivism.

Normal schools are known today as “teacher colleges.”  The State of New York renamed the school — Hunter College in 1914.

Hunter College had become the leading producer of teachers for the New York City public school system. This is the standardization of education in the heartland of progressivism. This was where everybody teaching in New York City had their head shaped. They had to be versed and capable of the precision “duck-walk.” An extreme example of the precision “duck-walk” is a Nazi soldier on parade for the Führer.

Hunter had incorporated elementary and secondary schools, later adding kindergarten. Eventually there was a merger within the city colleges to form Brooklyn College in 1946. The Bronx campus was the site of the first sessions of The United Nations Security Council here in America. In 1968 and 1969, political unrest by black and Puerto Rican students (incited by outside organizers) resulted in rallies and takeovers of buildings to force studies more to their liking.

Also in 1968 — the Bronx campus became Lehman College (a separate entity), named after Herbert H. Lehman, son of Mayer Lehman who had with his brothers, founded Lehman Brothers.

The brothers had made their fortune in Alabama when cotton was king. (Lift that bale, tote that barge).

Mayer and his brother Emanuel, moved the company’s headquarters to New York City in 1867, throwing their weight behind the founding of the New York Cotton Exchange.

Herbert Lehman attended the Sachs School which was founded in 1872 by Julius Sachs (who had married Rosa Goldman).

Sachs later went on to become a professor at the Teachers College at Columbia University. Herbert Lehman became a partner in the investment banking firm of Lehman Brothers and served in the U.S. Army as a colonel during WW I.

By 1920, Lehman was Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Democrat Party and elected Lieutenant Governor of New York by 1928. Herbert became the Governor of New York at about the same time when Judith Klein’s family was living in a 1-bedroom apartment.

Lehman was reelected governor three times and resigned on December 3rd, 1942 to accept a position at the U.S. State Department. His position was called Director of Relief and Rehabilitation Operations. It appears the state department was a stepping stone to a U.N. appointment in 1943. Lehman was on the ground floor of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration where he served for three years.

These last two positions would more than likely work hand-in-glove with the Bank of International Settlements in Basil Switzerland. (The 1st chairman of BIS was Gates McGarrah, the grandfather of Richard McGarrah Helms, Director, Central Intelligence (during the Watergate years) and a Georgetown Set party animal. BIS was a pass-through during WW II to the financial entities within Nazi Germany. 

Herbert Lehman, while governor, ran the for U.S. Senate for New York in 1936 and lost. Lehman ran again in 1949. He defeated the future U.S. Secretary of State —  John Foster Dulles in a special election. Dulles’ brother, Allen was to become Director of Central Intelligence and these two brothers had been assigned to the Treaty of Versailles which had precipitated the events that lead to the rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Lehman had ties to Georgia Tann.

Today, child trafficking, New York State and the Bronfmans are coming together in the news. Through social services today, (if we leave these people to their devices will become reminiscent of Hitler’s Gestapo), your children will suddenly have rights that you never had as an adult.


The most popular courses at Hunter College today involve education and social work. (Since its establishment in 2006, Hunter is the home of Bella Abzug’s Leadership Institute). Elena Kagan’s mother was an instructor at Hunter and her illustrious daughter attended Hunter College High School. Kagan, a shining light of judicial activism which she applies in the manner of a religious zealot.

In addition, Kagan’s apparent lack of respect for the First Amendment was further evidenced when, as Solicitor General, she signed her name to a brief in United States v. Stevens [2010] making the disturbing argument that “[w]hether a given category of speech enjoys First Amendment protection depends upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs”. (https://www.redstate.com/diary/uvbogden/2010/06/05/elena-kagan-is-no-supreme-court-justice-2/)

Elena appears to have learned her lesson well at home. The saddest part would be all of the other young minds her twisted mother touched, in the absolute perverted Religion of Leftism.

A major play to divide society was accomplished when millions of men were overseas during WW I. There were no absentee ballots then and no one cared about their votes. The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union along with crooked lawyers and politicians (and a criminal network that was poised to make an absolute fortune) prohibited the sale of alcohol. Disdain for the law was the order of the day — every kid in any city knew where to sell glass bottles to the bootlegger. And so… women started to step out.

Shortly after prohibition in 1921, Betty Frieden was born in Peoria Illinois to Harry Goldstein, (a jeweler who had fled Russia) and Miriam Horowitz (who had fled Hungary).

Before attending Smith College in 1938, Betty was active in the jewish leagues that had been generated by European bankers and their jewish lawyers at the American Bar Association and within academia.

Betty had been an avowed Marxist since high school. She graduated summa cum laude majoring in psychology at Smith College then spent a year at UC Berkeley on a fellowship for graduate work in her field (psychology). Betty immersed herself in labor activities but turned her organizational skills toward the feminist movement which blossomed after psychiatrists were able to prescribe medicines (drugs).

Before Jacqueline Susann (nice jewish girl with an I.Q. of 140) published the Valley of the Dolls in 1966, Betty published her book: The Feminine Mystique. When you see the word mystique, think sinistre — a book crafted by a Marxist psychologist bent on unleashing a revolutionary era ignited by burning bras.

At this same time, the elites were gearing up for a war in Vietnam where our CIA had been involved since 1945 — selling drugs from the Golden Triangle to finance various bush wars (primarily, in the beginning, to finance Chiang kai-shek against Mao Zedong.) Talk about penis envy, Betty?

The Valley of the Dolls was a novel depicting three different ladies who all had the same problem: prescription DOPE. Do you see where this led America? Arthur Sackler of OxyContin fame and fortune was doing the advertising for all sorts of little helpers.

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 1.56.32 pm
The New Yorker 10/30/2017

The Rolling Stones “Here Comes Your 19th Nervous Breakdown.”

Betty Frieden’s book came out but not before John F. Kennedy had to die. This is where the democrat party started to change for the worse. It wasn’t the ‘68 convention riots in Chicago that started the decline — it was done by little soldiers like Betty.

Smith College does not produce democrats and republicans, it produces their brand of feminism. Along with Betty, Barbara Bush attended but did not graduate from Smith College. (Barbara was a proponent of Planned Parenthood).

Gloria Steinem’s paternal grandmother was born in Radziejow Poland which had been part of Prussia until the year 1807. (Steinem’s mother Ruth Nuneviller was Prussian and of the Presbyterian faith). Grandma Pauline Perlmutter Steinem was the daughter of Russian immigrants and she was raised in Bavaria (the homeland of one of Gloria’s favorite dates…Henry Kissinger).

Pauline Steinem was the first Jewish woman to hold elected office in the United States when she became a member of the Toledo Board of Education in 1904. (It doesn’t sound like there was much discrimination against Jews in America. It appears that this has been a contrivance of people running their victimhood). Pauline Steinem was a follower of an occult religion known as Theosophy. Followers of Theosophy do not claim it to be a religion; therefore, she was also able to identify as Jewish.

Grandma Pauline was the National Chair of the Sabbath School Committee for the National Council for Jewish Women and also served as a Chair of the Toledo Chapter. She was also President of Hebrew Associated Charities and Loan Association (which flew under the radar as petty cash for socialists, anarchists and communists). Pauline was also active in the National Women’s Suffrage Association and a delegate to the International Council of Women. Her son Leo was the father of two girls: Susan Steinem born in 1925 (graduate of Smith College Class of 1946) and Gloria Steinem born in 1934 (Smith College Class of 1956). Gloria’s mother, Ruth Nuneviller Steinem and Leo Steinem divorced in 1944. Susan was nineteen and Gloria was ten. It is believed that Gloria lived with her father, (Leo) in California for a time. Ruth Steinem suffered deep bouts of mental illness and it appears Susan became her caretaker in Washington, D.C. and that is where Gloria finished high school.

During the 1950’s, Gloria Steinem clerked for Mehr Chand Mahajan who was at the time chief justice of India’s supreme court. There are indicators of some deeper things going on here — Ms. Steinem supposedly studied as a Chester Bowles Asian Fellow for two years. Mahajan was chief justice for less than one year because of a mandatory retirement age of 65.

Bowles was the U.S. Ambassador to India under President Truman and then Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Chester Bliss Bowles was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He attended a boarding school in Connecticut and then went on to Yale University. After graduating with a B.S. in 1924, he became a newspaper reporter and after a brief stint with the U.S. State Department, he took a job in New York City with the Batten Company (a large Advertising agency where he met his future partner– William Benton. Benton was the Publisher of Encyclopedia Britannica).

Benton and Bowles Advertising Agency was founded in 1929 and by the mid-30’s (in the midst of The Great Depression) it had become a multi-million dollar company. Benton and Bowles created the “soap opera” and with psychology in the back of their minds, they produced advertising for products targeted to the radio audience.

Remember that Gloria Steinem graduated in 1956 — she later revealed to all eager feminists that she had an abortion in 1956 while in London.

It appears that Cord Meyer recruited Ms. Steinem (among others) and she worked within a CIA front organization known as the Independent Research Service. While there, she became acquainted with Clay Felker.

Cord Meyer’s family was from old money in New York, having been made rich on sugar from Cuba they established a model for real estate development in Queens New York. The father, Cord Meyer Sr. had been a WW I fighter pilot and diplomat. When the father died, Cord Jr. dropped the Jr. (Cord Meyer Jr. Yale – Scroll and Key, not Skull and Bones like his future father-in-law – Amos Pinchot) lost his left eye in a grenade attack on Guam. (His twin brother — also a Marine, died during operations on the Island of Okinawa, Japan). As Meyer recovered in the U.S., he endeavored to see a lot more of Mary Pinchot. Mary’s family was well-connected in New York and Washington D.C. — Amos Pinchot (her father) had attended Yale and in his junior year became Skull and Bones.

Amos’ older half-brother — Gifford Pinchot (also Skull and Bones, a  staunch ally of Teddy Roosevelt) was later to become governor of Pennsylvania.  Gifford Pinchot is considered the father of American forestry (by those who write history). The Pinchot family had endowed Yale University so as to create a graduate level school of forestry — it has morphed into the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Students were to attend a camp at Grey Towers — the Pinchot home in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Gifford Pinchot enjoyed the patronage of President Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy’s successor — William Howard Taft, appointed Richard Achilles Ballinger as U.S. Secretary of the Interior shortly after assuming office in 1909.

There had been an agreement between gentlemen, namely President Roosevelt and incoming President William H. Taft — along the lines of retaining Roosevelt’s cabinet members. Ballinger replaced James Rudolph Garfield, the son of President James A. Garfield who had been assassinated. Oh my, those Ohio boys!

Immediately it appears Ballinger’s actions favored companies that were much associated with Rothschild holdings today. Back then, the face of the Rothschild’s holdings was in the human form of J.P. Morgan (and the Guggenheim family). Soon, public opinion ramped up against Ballinger, accusing him of being cozy with energy interests.

In his position as Secretary of the Interior, Ballinger had shown favoritism and was accused of obstructing investigations. Taft, being the consummate Skull and Bonesman consulted with his Attorney General before issuing a public letter (which could be considered the tweet of the day [hey @GTConway3d]) exonerating Ballinger and authorizing the dismissal of his main accuser within the government (Louis Russell Glavis).

Gifford Pinchot lined up with Glavis who had published an article in Colliers Weekly – “The Whitewashing of Ballinger: Are the Guggenheims in Charge of the Department of the Interior?”

In January of 1910, Pinchot praised Glavis and openly rebuked President Taft and called for congressional hearings into the dealings of Ballinger. The U.S. House held hearings on Ballinger from that January until May of 1910 and he was cleared of any wrongdoing. Pinchot, for his troubles, had been fired. This is the Kabuki that split the republican party and allowed Woodrow Wilson the election of 1912. Gifford Pinchot was very much responsible for the split in the republican party.

The public falling out between William Taft and Theodore Roosevelt more than likely was exactly that. It was designed for public consumption. Between these two men, fundamental change was going to come to America — and a democrat would be blamed for it.

The split within the republican party (conveniently triggered) allowed the pipsqueak Woodrow Wilson to be installed as the puppet president. The Wilson puppetcy allowed the moneyed interests to overtake the United States with the Federal Reserve Act, the 17th Amendment and the creation of the income tax.

Amos Pinchot first married Gertrude Minturn whose family was closely associated with building of clipper ships (upon which the opium trade realized a quick profit). Amos and Gertrude had two children: Rosamond who committed suicide at 33 and Gifford Pinchot named after Amos’ half-brother. Amos and Gertrude divorced after 18 years of marriage. A year later, in the late summer of 1919, Amos Pinchot married Ruth Pickering who was from a family of Quakers. Ruth had lived the bohemian, free-love lifestyle right out of Vassar — at the beginnings of Greenwich Village as we know it today.

This groundwork had been laid from Bohemian Grove in San Francisco and the actors who founded it. Everybody loves a Broadway play. Disciples of John Ruskin? ~ Barefoot Cavalry

A staunch liberal progressive, (Ruth Pickering) graduated from Vassar in 1914 and immediately became involved with Crystal and Max Eastman. Crystal Eastman graduated from Vassar in 1903. She went on to receive a Masters of Art in a new field of study — Sociology, from Columbia in 1904. A very busy Miss Eastman endeavored to obtain a law degree from New York University Law. She was 2nd in the class of 1907.

In just a few years, Crystal was to become known as the most dangerous woman in America because of her social activism.

The Eastman siblings lived together in Greenwich Village. They were advocates of “free love.”  Today we have the 3rd wave of feminism and it is represented by a fat fake Muslim from Michigan and a horse-faced Socialist masquerading as a minority Tlaib/Ocasio and of course, our first — openly bisexual senator in history (Krysten Sinema). Crystal Eastman got the job done.

The Eastman parents had raised Crystal and Max in Canandaigua NY which is the site of Susan B. Anthony’s trial for illegal voting, as women were not allowed to vote. Both parents were ordained ministers of the Congregational church with their mother Annis Bertha Ford — one of the 1st ordained women in America.

The Eastman family was friends of Mark Twain.

It was in the company of some very rich Quaker folks that Mark Twain was able to meet the Czar of Russia at Yalta in Crimea. Twain was first and foremost a newspaper man. All the other hats that Clemons wore were secondary. When he failed in the gold field and the silver mines, he turned to the newspaper and was made famous by the Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County. And so it appears that our newspaper man was the tip of the spear at the soft underbelly of Czarist Russia. Twain and the Quaker party made important and lifetime contacts at court which spoke exclusively in French. There was no language barrier, many Quakers were in-fact French Huguenots. One did not have to speak in the native tongue of mother Russia because the Royals did not even consider themselves Russian.

At the end of his days, Mark Twain threw his support to the revolutionaries and for their part, the revolutionaries threw Twain under the bus — as Gorky said about Twain, “but he is old, and old people often cannot understand clearly the meaning of things.”

Today the liberal democrats and leftists have no idea that Mark Twain was a revolutionary, they have no idea and so they ban his writings instead of allowing the thoughts of a man from another time to be discussed today, academically, of course.


Clay Felker’s grandfather was a forty-eighter, fleeing the aftermath of a failed revolution — the family’s name had originally been von Fredrikstein. The Felker family had been involved in journalism for two generations; his father was editor of The Sporting News and his mother had worked as an editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.(A Pulitzer newspaper)

Felker (von Fredrikstein) attended Duke University (which began as Brown Schoolhouse in 1838, later becoming Union Institute Academy in 1841. Ten year’s later Union was renamed Normal College, it became Trinity College which evolved into Duke University.) Clay left Duke in 1943 when he joined the navy. He returned after the war, and finished his studies. His first job was a sports writer with Life Magazine.

LIFE had started out in 1883 as an American copy of the British Magazine Punch. LIFE was bought in 1936 by Henry Luce (Yale and Skull & Bones). Luce and his partner, (Briton Hadden) had met at the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. Hadden was also Yale and Skull & Bones.

As a result of his employment at LIFE Magazine, Felker (von Fredrikstein) was instrumental in developing Sports Illustrated and was also employed as a features editor for Esquire. (The left has had a hold on sports reporting from its earliest days).

Ms. Steinem credits Felker (von Fredrikstein) for giving her — her first serious journalist assignment. It was an article regarding contraception; therefore, Ms. Steinem was actually 2nd Wave Margaret Sanger. The push for abortion was drummed up by the operation Mockingbird media. Felker (von Fredrikstein) had also been recruited by Cord Meyer at the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1950’s.

Gloria Steinem is the link between Roe v. Wade, Second-wave feminism, Madison Avenue, Hollywood, Washington, D.C., Kama Sutra, Henry Kissinger and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Gloria, Felker (von Fredrikstein) and Judith Crist came together at the New York Herald Tribune.

Orlando Letelier, a Chilean exile, was executed by bombing in Washington D.C. by the Pinochet regime and the CIA. You could say that Gloria Steinem and Orlando Letelier had been dating before his death.

Felker (von Fredrikstein) is responsible for new journalism which he employed at The New York Magazine which was reconstituted from the failed New York Herald Tribune. In 1974 he became editor-in-chief and publisher of The Village Voice. The move to The Village Voice was precipitated by Rupert Murdoch in a hostile takeover of the New York Magazine. Prior to all of that, Felker (von Fredrikstein) worked with Ms. Steinem to launch Ms. Magazine.


In mid 1974 — Stewart Alsop died (a former OSS officer and a political pundit). His brother Joe (also a journalist) determined it was time to retire.

Joe had been a proponent of the Vietnam war (and that was very much out of favor).

Stewart and Joseph both attended Groton School and then Harvard University. Stewart was rejected by the US Army during WW II for high blood pressure so he went to England and joined the British army (eventually becoming part of special operations executive). Stewart and Tom Braden worked together with the French resistance (after they had parachuted into that country at night behind enemy lines).

Joseph Alsop joined the New York Herald Tribune as a staff reporter in 1932. In 1937 he had a column called Capitol Parade. His brother Stewart came on board and the column was changed to Matter of Fact. The Alsop brothers were the basis for Operation Mockingbird (before the CIA ever got its wings).

Joseph Alsop also started a long running dinner party “weekly soiree” generally fueled by martinis with Joe’s signature “turtle soup.”  The group became known as the Georgetown Set. (Joe had been compromised by the Soviets involving a homosexual honey pot which had been covered up at the highest levels.)

Frank Wisner — a Wall Street lawyer who had enlisted in the US Navy six months before Pearl Harbor. Frank was a man who never met a Nazi he didn’t like. There were many others besides those in Operation Paperclip who were found too valuable to hang or let slip away. OSS Southern Europe.

Walt Rosto — a 2nd generation of jewish descent born in New York (his parents were avowed socialists who named their sons after Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Eugene V. Debs). Walt attended Yale and was a Rhodes Scholar. He returned to the states with a PhD and taught at Yale and Columbia University. He was a Major in the OSS.

Of course, Stewart Alsop was in this group as well.

Phil Graham who had been an assistant to William Donovan [head of the OSS] was married to Catherine Meyer. Graham’s wedding was attended by Felix Frankfurter which impressed his new in-laws  (Graham had clerked for Felix Frankfurter at SCOTUS in 1941). Graham’s father-in-law was the owner of the Washington Post. Phil suicided himself. His wife, Catherine Meyer Graham choose to elevate Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee at the Post in time to show a fellow Naval Intelligence Operator — Bob Woodward, how to make the Mockingbird sing. Bradlee and Cord Meyer were brothers-in-law. When Mary Pinchot-Meyer was assassinated, Bradlee perjured himself in courtroom proceedings.

David Kirkpatrick Bruce was born in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Princeton University. Bruce immediately entered the diplomatic service. During the 2nd World War he joined the US Army and became head of OSS in London. (In 1956 Bruce was enlisted by President Eisenhower to write a report on the CIA. In it he was critical of the CIA’s covert actions and was also highly critical of Operation Mockingbird). Bruce was adept in speaking about others as if they were the most intelligent people in God’s creation. https://www.nytimes.com/1995/12/14/us/evangeline-bruce-77-hostess-known-for-washington-soirees.html

Rounding out this original group is Tom Braden. Braden had graduated from Dartmouth 1940 and immediately enlisted in the British army. When the United States entered the war, he was recruited by the OSS. William Donovan considered Braden a protege.

Over the next few years, many others joined in: Allen W. Dulles, Cord Meyer, James Jesus Angleton, Tracy Barnes, Richard Bissell, Desmond Fitzgerald, George Keenan, Dean Acheson, Eugene Rosto, Chip Bohlen, Averill Harriman, James Reston, John McCloy, John Sherman Cooper, Felix Frankfurter and Richard Helms.

The Georgetown Set was also known as the Wisner gang and the first operation undertaken was the smearing of Senator Joseph McCarthy and from there… it was all downhill.

You could say — out of this group — the Central Intelligence Agency was formed.

Immediately — J. Edgar Hoover (jealous of CIA’s growing power) began investigations into the left wing politics of “Wisner’s gang of weirdos.” Hoover had passed along some details of a romance Wisner had with a Romanian princess during the war, claiming that she, Princess Caradja, was Soviet agent. After receiving this information, McCarthy went after Wisner and accused others in the CIA of being security risks, describing it as a sinkhole of communists.

(The FBI has never been anything but a thorn in our side, used to manipulate the American people on many levels. If Hoover, the perennial Director, was the leaker-in-chief, THAT IS the culture of the FBI). ~ Barefoot Cavalry

McCarthy was brutal and seems to have even been a puppet of a nasty little homosexual  lawyer — Roy Cohn. Initially, Cord Meyer was singled out when the FBI refused to give him a security clearance. They would not explain what the evidence was for pulling Meyer’s clearance.

McCarthy was taken down, by orchestrated press coverage in the form of Drew Pearson, Joe Alsop, Jack Anderson, Walter Lippmann and Ed Murrow.

President John F. Kennedy (on the night of his inauguration) came crashing into Joe Alsop’s little bungalow and stayed for two hours, not leaving until about 3 in the morning, returning to the White House and his wife Jackie. Cord Meyer’s wife, Mary Pinchot Meyer, carried on an affair with John Kennedy throughout his time at the White House. She was involved with a little group that was interested in providing LSD to government and military officials to make them less war-like. She was assassinated in Washington, D.C. in 1964.

There were seven members on the Warren Commission. Three of them were from the Georgetown Set. (Phil Graham was responsible for convincing Kennedy to take Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate. LBJ [El Big Jumbo]). Today, not much has changed.

When Kennedy went to Dallas — a Public Relations firm handled the Dallas visit and the same PR firm handled public relations for the Ruby trial, a “first of” … not just the “first woman.”

There was at least one woman we know of involved in Dallas.

Elizabeth F. Harris who was to become the 1st publisher of Ms. Magazine. She started her career at Newsweek in New York as a researcher and was fast tracked into radio and TV (as an editor). Elizabeth joined ABC in 1959 as one of the network’s first programming executives.

From there she formed her own PR firm in Dallas.

She returned to Dallas in 1963, just in time to be the local White House liaison for President Kennedy’s visit on that fateful day in November. After that day, she took a short sabbatical with the Peace Corps — or at least, that’s what her obituary says. So we see the marriage of psychology, law, public relations, intelligence, government and journalism. They have never divorced.

LBJ (the owner of Big Jumbo) had met Jack Valenti in 1956. Writing a weekly column in the Houston Post, Valenti had kissed LBJ’s ass from afar. Valenti’s column was soft porn for El Big Jumbo… “strength, unbending as a mountain crag, tough as a jungle fighter.”  (By the time Jack left Washington D.C. for Hollywood CA., he was a member of Burning Tree the most exclusive golf course located outside Washington D.C. in Bethesda Maryland. Initiation is $75,000 and fees of $6,000 a year.) Jack Valenti was second generation American, his heritage on both sides was Sicilian.

After piloting bombers, (he never again piloted a plane for the rest of his life), in WW II, Jack attended Harvard University, receiving an MBA in 1948. Immediately, he went to work for Humble Oil and Refining Company (prior to it being fully acquired by Standard Oil of New Jersey, which then merged to become EXXON). Valenti had been responsible for the Cleanest Restroom Campaign which placed Humble Oil at the top of sales within the State of Texas. He soon embarked on his own with a partner (Weldon Weekley), and their advertising agency landed a contract with Continental Oil and Transportation Company. What became CONOCO was founded in 1875.

Continental Oil was acquired by Standard Oil which was forced to divest itself in 1911. To give an idea of how connected CONOCO is to the elites of the world, think Rockefeller, Bronfman and DuPont all coming together (over time) at CONOCO.

When DuPont and CONOCO said their goodbyes, CONOCO went public as Continental Oil Company (once again), resulting in one of the largest IPO’s in history.

In 1960, Jack Valenti’s firm assisted in the Kennedy-Johnson Presidential campaign and Jack was also present at Dallas, riding in the motorcade, and then observing President Johnson being sworn in as President of The United States.

Valenti was a small man; his wife — Mary Margaret (Wiley) Valenti, had been one of LBJ’s secretaries and lovers. Secret Service has been quoted that of the 8 secretaries LBJ had… 5 would “shuck their drawers.”

Courtney Linda Valenti on EL “Big Jumbo’s” lap – everyone who served in the Vietnam era knew Defense Secretary McNamara was a J.O. here’s the proof

Daughter — Courtenay Linda Valenti, was a Johnson favorite at the White House. Jack Valenti moved on after all this. In his new job he affected American culture from Hollywood via the Motion Picture Association of America… for Thirty-Eight Years. 

We know today that Hollywood is filled with pedophiles. Its history was full of pedophiles and our nation’s history is rich with them also.

Lee Strasberg born to Jewish parents in what is now the Ukraine. Old Lee was a devotee of the Russian — Konstantin Sergeievich Stanislavski, a lauded character actor. Stanislavski was in-turn, a devotee of Gorky, Chekhov and Bulgakov. Gorky was Mark Twain’s favorite Russian revolutionary. Strasberg is responsible for the actors we suffer today. Psycho-Babble of the Stars. The list of Strasberg’s string of actors is readily searchable.

The Wandering Jew was produced by Jewish American Film Arts at the Atlas Studio on Long Island, NY during the summer of 1933, just months after the Nazis began their rise to power in Germany. (You can imagine that this studio had drawn on the talent that had filled the Borscht Belt.) The Wandering Jew starred Jacob ben-Ami who had been the darling of the Algonquin Roundtable set for years.

The movie was in Yiddish with english subtitles and it was decidedly aimed to illuminate the shabby treatment Jews received, especially in Europe. The film was a useful tool… showing Jewish hardship and perseverance throughout the centuries.

Back stage, after a play — Jacob ben-Ami encouraged a young Jacob Julius Garfinkle to go further (Garfinkle had impressed ben-Ami with his acting ability). Ben-Ami recommended Garfinkle to America Laboratory Theater, a spin off of the Theater Guild, which was taught by two students of Stanislavski’s System: Maria Ouspenskaya and Richard Boleslavsky. Also at this time at the Laboratory Theatre, were students who would fast become teachers: Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Harold Clurman (founding members of the Group Theater). (Group Theater colleagues believed in—a forceful, naturalistic and highly disciplined artistry.) These were the teachers of what was to become American Method acting… Garfinkle had to grovel to get in the door.

But the Warner Brothers… the family were Polish Jews from the Shtetl. Marauding Cassacks murdered and raped the Jews and so Benjamin (the father) anglicized the name to Warner and left Krasnosiels Poland arriving on Ellis Island via Hamburg Germany. The family arrived in America shortly thereafter. Hollywood was a Jewish town. Motion Pictures, Radio, and Television to Digital Downloading. Wanna know why society tanked in a dumbed-down, star-struck, cultural-morass? American entertainment industries are inbred structures.

During the Red Scare, leftist script writers were thrown under the bus on Senator Joseph McCarthy’s street.

Jack Warner eventually renamed Garfinkle — Jack Garfield. Garfield was accused of being a communist and was blackballed. He died at 39 and his death was attributed to the stress of McCarthyism. Garfield is the model for the actors Montgomery Cliff, James Dean, and Marlon Brando… the anti-hero. GARFIELD IS OFFERED AS A CASUALTY OF THE RED SCARE… McCarthyism. Those who have created the ism’s, bestowed another word in American english: McCarthyism. America has been beaten down with ism words. No one calls political correctness — Frankfurtism… but it is!

Soon Jack Warner lost some of his edge and Lew Wasserman (who represented the movie stars as an agent,) began a systematic destruction of the old Hollywood order (where the producers held the actors as serfs in long term contracts — generally 7 years).

As Warner Brothers faded, Lew Wassermann rolled on. Lew had an early relationship with an actor (MCA managed) Ronald Reagan, who had become President of the Screen Actor’s Guild. Because of this relationship, MCA was exempted from restrictions on talent agencies working in production of movies. MCA in turn, divested it’s agency.

Wasserman was a democrat donor because Robert Kennedy (the Attorney General) had started anti-trust proceedings against MCA. After John Kennedy was no longer president, LBJ considered Lew Wasserman for Commerce Secretary but Lew wasn’t interested. MCA owned Universal, Revue, and DECCA records and Jack Valenti. Jack was quoted as saying, “What you have to understand is if Hollywood is Mount Olympus Lew Wasserman was Zeus.”

Wasserman’s parents were Russian Jews who had eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

By 1965 Warner Brothers was in a quandary as it sought to release it’s movie based on Edward Franklin Albees III’s successful trash-talk play “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.” Albees was a writer who happened to be gay. The battle between the screen writer Ernest Paul Lehmann (graduate of The City College of New York) and the director Mike Nichols who were on one side, and Warner Brothers on the other. Also involved was Jack Valenti (Motion Picture Association of America)… censorship had been the watchword ever since the Algonquin Roundtable   

But just a note, Mike Nichols and his comedy partner performed on the evening of May 19th 1962. Marylin Monroe wore the sequins and sang Happy Birthday Mister President, Nichols and Monroe were Lee Strasberg’s farm team.

The actors, the film stars, writers, media types… all controlled. The studios threw the Reds of the day under the bus for the McCarthy fiasco. The cabal framed a change in actors and actresses, while feeding us a decadent cultural shift through entertainment, music and now digital.

Nichols was part of a tremendously successful comedy act, with benefits. His comedic sidekick was Elaine May (born Elaine Iva Berlin, the daughter of jewish actors involved with the traveling Yiddish theater. She had been acting since she was a child). The bohemian is strong in this one. Nichols was born Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky in Berlin around 1931. His paternal side escaped to Vienna from an existence in Siberia, an existence not of deprivation, starvation and freezing cold. But rather a cozy, plush life made from the labor supplied by the Czar and his secret police. Nichols’ was distantly related to Albert Einstein on his maternal side. His grandfather was a leading Anarchist in intellectual circles who was put to death upon a short-lived revolution in what was to become Imperial Germany. His father (a doctor) escaped Nazi Germany, and his two young sons, traveled separately (from either parent) while the mother made her way to Italy and eventually joined the family in New York. Nichols broke into radio as a pre-med student at the University of Chicago. Playing Pete Seeger and no doubt hobnobbing with Studs Terkel on the show he founded, The Midnight Special, (still syndicated today).

These were no giants. Think who was writing in those days—Lardner, Fitzgerald, Faulkner and Hemingway. Those were the real giants. The Round Table was just a lot of people telling jokes and telling each other how good they were. Just a bunch of loudmouths showing off, saving their gags for days, waiting for a chance to spring them….There was no truth in anything they said. It was the terrible day of the wisecrack, so there didn’t have to be any truth… ~ Dorothy Parker (a longtime member of the Algonquin Roundtable)

Thomas Jefferson:   “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Andrew Jackson: January 30, 1835, “You are a den of vipers! I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.

“And I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale”  (Thomas Jefferson letter to John Taylor from Monticello – 28 May 1816)



THE REAL RULERS IN WASHINGTON ARE INVISIBLE, AND EXERCISE POWER FROM BEHIND THE SCENES ~ Felix Frankfurter 1952 (A member of the Georgetown Set. Within 11 years, President Kennedy would be dead).

Just as God used the Roman Empire to spread Christianity to the west, HE has empowered wayward jews to transform Czarist Russia into a communist soviet which preceded into a criminal regime. The prophecy of Armageddon will be fulfilled because HE will accomplish this in HIS time.

America should take note: the first step against this (which is our survival) is fervent prayer. The 2nd step is to tear down this construct that has been set up around our society. The 3rd step is to fortify every nook and cranny of our national interest. Wall Street BE DAMNED! – Barefoot Cavalry

Czar Alexander I — was successful in keeping a central bank out of Russia – Russia was rich with raw materials — exactly what do elite Europeans and the Banking families love: raw materials. Secondly, the Eastern Orthodox Church did not buy into the homosexual renaissance that overtook the western church and the royal families of Europe.

Central Banking: A system which was the enslavement of the European continent.  In the U.S. they were able to enslave the nation with legislation; The Federal Reserve Act. In Russia, the Czar had to be bayoneted. The hate was so strong in the Bolsheviks that once the revolution was started in 1917, they and they alone had to own it.

The Bolsheviks had money and the other revolutionary factions did not have the same friends on Wall Street and in banking; so therefore, the Bolsheviks came out on top.

Today in America you see who the modern Bolsheviks are — they are Antifa and they are financed by the banking interests.  They will come into your home and bayonet you and your family as if you are the Czar and Czarina. Hate has been supercharged in the last 101 years.

The “red scare” orchestrated by Senator Joseph McCarthy was actually run by his homosexual lawyer — Roy Cohn, an operator for unseen hands.

The scare was truly a clear and present danger; unfortunately, it was married to a dumb-ass politician, who had been placed in his position so as to be handled from the chair next to him.

McCarthyism was nipped in the bud as Hollywood regrouped.

At the same time, academia unleashed radical students from colleges upon society, as the elites created a war to cash in on. All the while, the elites had their minions, selling dope, hand over fist. The mockingbird media was busy, preparing America for Watergate: a CIA PsyOp.

If the world is a stage, the 1st actors were politicians. Here in America, because of the politician’s avarice, we have become a nation gone under.

The banking entities and corporations which placed Russia under communism and the United States under socialism, have stacked the deck with bureaucracies (against the little man). Those who would practice naked capitalism found it easier to deprive the little man and so, myriads of bureaucratic red-tape, in the form of 3-letter agencies, have made it so the little guy can’t get off the ground but the big corporations can do ‘end-arounds.”

Take for instance Purdue Pharma — the government made it easy for them to addict millions of people — the Sacklers worked at Brooklyn’s Creedmoor nut house in 1950’s.

They were studying the heroin addicts and performing Mengele-like experiments on the inmates. Somehow the government allowed these folks to addict many in our nation so as to make the total collapse of the American society much easier.

The little black entrepreneur selling his crack on the street is no different than Purdue Pharma — only he can’t get his legs going cause he’s locked up. That’s the best example of the system. Mega millions and mega prisons.

The best way to describe American politics from the early 1960’s must be associated with the visual media. In a half-generation, America went from reading to watching.

Hubert Humphrey said that the immigration act in the 1960’s would not change the demographics of America, (or he would eat his hat). Everyone (especially the democrats) said… ‘well Hubert’s got it covered.’

When I told my daddy in the 1990’s that the Clinton Administration was stealing America, the most astute man I had ever known told me “don’t worry lad, they’ll never let that happen.”  I said, “who’s they daddy? They’s dead.” ~ Barefoot Cavalry

America has been conditioned to live in the moment; therefore, the politicians we had before Trump, were golden — it was our gold!

If you’re hearing news today that you absolutely agree with — it is more than likely aimed at your demographic. Today, the internet and specifically — Twitter, (which was the realm of the newsies in its earliest form), are sources of information.

With the rise of the new media, there appears to be many people of the same kind of family background one would associate with the old media — just with a different names.

Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, Jason Goodman, a guy named Webb (whose name really isn’t Webb but George Sweigart) and any number of others even including RSBN, or for that matter, Ben Shapiro.

The people who run the “show” from the pinnacle are pushing what you want to hear, they are pushing it to the right and they are pushing it to the left —  at the same time, they run everything. (If you don’t fall in line with that thought, please pass it along to some who will.  It’s the least you can do.)

Back to the little black boy who’s now in jail for selling a little crack compared to Purdue Pharma – both sides are pushing the drugs for the same elite at the pinnacle. The money never stops increasing in this system that “they” have created. (The beginning of freemasonry in the black communities of America was through their employment upon America’s railroads. But even so, when “the boys” went to Jekyll Island to create the Federal Reserve, they hid their identities from those serving the linen covered tables and changing their bedsheets.)

To take America back — it starts in kindergarten, the left damn well knows it.

Is 2019 going to be remembered obliquely as 8 score and 3 years’ ago — America’s first kindergarten was founded by the wife of a secret agent (spy) from Europe — Carl Schurz, who she met in London. (A Prussian-American statesman was a fugitive from Prussian justice due to his participation in revolutionary activities in 1848 and 1849 against Frederick William IV, King of Prussia [1840-1861]). Carl Schurz collaborated on a newspaper with Yohann Gottfried Kinkle. To show how connected Carl Schurz was — he sprang Kinkle from prison in Berlin (and brought his friend and colleague to the British Isles where Kinkle joined the communist league — lead at that time by Marx and Engels, who had fled mainland Europe). The word communist had become fashionable after the French Revolution. 

Ms. Meyer was from Hamburg Germany. The spy’s wife — Margarethe Meyer (Schurz), worked with her sister who founded the 1st kindergarten ever in London.

The Schurz’s moved to Watertown Wisconsin where they created America’s first kindergarten. This kindergarten at Karlshuegel was approximately 130 miles from Chicago Illinois. Abraham Lincoln was a rising figure in the republican party and Carl Schurz became an ardent supporter and campaigner for Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Schurz became a General in the Union Army as well as other Prussian revolutionaries who had fled after 1848.

After the Civil War in 1866, we find Schurz had become editor of the Detroit Post. The following year he moved to St. Louis, Missouri and bought into a German language daily newspaper “Westliche Post” (the most circulated German newspaper in the United States). It was here that Schurz gave Joseph Pulitzer his first job as a cub reporter.

Pulitzer had come to America from Hungary. When Schurz hired him, he actually spoke little english but did speak 3 European languages.  It was at this point in his life that Pulitzer was to become a member of the liberal republican party, a faction founded by Schurz — and as we can see from history, it was the beginning of progressivism married to yellow journalism in America. Pulitzer eventually bought a stake in the Westliche Post, becoming its managing editor and then he sold his shares and purchased the St. Louis Post and the St. Louis Dispatch, then merging them into the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Soon after, Pulitzer became disillusioned with republican corruption and became a democrat.

The Westliche Post was a springboard for Carl Schurz as he was elected to the U.S. Senate for the State of Missouri. It was also a springboard for Joseph Pulitzer.

In his last position in U.S. government, Carl Schurz was to become Secretary of the Interior under President Rutherford B. Hayes.

There is another newspaper link to yellow journalism. The kindergarten was a private academy. It was cutting edge, and Phoebe Apperson-Hearst — a noted philanthropist and pioneer in education, supported the kindergarten at Watertown, Wisconsin. Mrs Hearst became involved with the kindergarten before she had her only child… William Randolph Hearst who built Hearst Communications. (In 1915, Hearst founded International Film Service, then acquired Cosmopolitan Productions.)

Schurz is the connection between Marx and Engels and William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. Proof of this is Schurz’s lifelong friendship with Abraham Jacoby — another revolutionary from Prussia, who received his medical degree in 1851 in Bonn (where Schurz had published his newspaper with Kinkle). Jacoby was convicted of treason in 1851 and eventually released in 1853. Jacoby immediately sailed to England where he stayed with both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

The connections with the Prussians and the British go deeper than the royal bloodlines.

Emperor Napoleon while viewing Frederick the Great’s sarcophagus told his generals that if Frederick the Great was alive — that he, Napoleon, would not be there at that moment in European history. The Prussian statesmen — Frederick the Great, was an avowed homosexual and he is the link between the British and Prussians. The Anglo-Saxon empire that Cecil Rhodes (another homosexual) dreamed of, was the same dream held by Adolph Hitler (a deviant, despot). Cecil Rhodes, sought to enslave Africa (like a good democrat or a National Socialist? [Nazi]) specifically Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe and Zambia today). Cecil Rhodes viewed the English as the master race.

The Royals who sit today in Windsor Castle are not Windsors — their real name is Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Britain’s subjects cry out for justice today — these royals don’t care who their subject are just as long as it is they who rule.

The homosexual revolution struck western Christianity and was perpetuated through the royal families and churches. The merchant noblemen, the Medici, were more than likely jewish. They were elevated to nobility, and eventually became Popes in Rome. Through their ups and downs in power, they succeeded in destroying the Roman Catholic church and lighting a fire for protestants.

The Medicis arranged a marriage between Catherine de Medici and the 2nd son of the King of France, Henry, who was to become King.

Henry II of France died in 1559. Through her sons, three of which would be King, Catherine succeeded in turning France against itself. The seeds for the French Revolution were sown here. The great divide in France and these religious wars were fanned later by Freemason Lodges in France. There were lodges for all factions: Catholics, Huguenots and Jews. This is how France was taken down. It was the largest country — population-wise in Europe; a formidable enemy.

Frederick the Great was tutored by a Huguenot field marshal who had learned his tactics in the mercenary armies of the Dutch. Today, the Dutch Royalty are more closely related to the royal family that runs Great Britain (Prince Bernhard is an avowed nazi).

The homosexuals are seeking power — they are truly the wolves in sheep’s clothing and they have aligned themselves with feminism which will only go so far until the night the knives come out.

There is no denying that British society is riddled with gay men. It is the culture that Cecil Rhodes wanted to bring to the whole world, because British gentry, were the “enlightened ones.” The Anglo-Saxon spread of freemasonry is undeniable. The British spread of Darwinism and Fabian Socialism also undeniable. Rhodes scholarships were offered to both German and American students. This lends credence to the fact that Hitler and Lenin studied at Tavistock just as purported.

Why are battle lines drawn today in Africa over the forced acceptance of homosexuality? Why is homosexuality being forced in Africa — as well as abortion? How many black men are made to be accepting of homosexual behavior because they are incarcerated in America’s prisons — instead of wearing a business suit or a tool belt for a trade?  Ultimately, who profits from all of this? Need we ask?

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