Don’t Mess With My Miss Crabtree

Would you hand your kid a snake? If your kid asked for a loaf of bread, would you hand it a snake? When you hand your kid a device (before it can even walk) you have handed your child a snake that has wrapped itself around the child’s wrist. You nucking humps – thanks for listening. Time is short. Let’s get real. ~ Barefoot Cavalry

Only the best for my baby — she gets the Patty Hearst treatment; locked in a closet with a rag stuffed in her mouth by Twitter. Twitter; bunch of old acid heads out to save the environment from people who follow the ORANGE MAN. They hate orange but in the 1960’s and 70’s orange sunshine was the rage in California – these schmuckers (the pencil-neck guys with the glasses) are on drugs.

Ms. Crabtree was expressing her Constitutional right (under the 1st amendment) engaged in good-natured banter with some feminazi militant lesbians (socially prominent trash baiters) on twitter who were supporting: abortion, infanticide, death with dignity(?) and whatever kind of death they can drum up. They came out of their hole with phrases like…. “there are 7 BILLION people in the world, 1 billion is enough, women who stay home to raise their children are NOT doing a GOOD THING…they should ABORT their BABIES and NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT”…and Ms. Crabtree climbed up on their ass with spurs and said:

Twitter was designed for the “news guys” so really, you have to see how controlled the news really wants to be. The future of these twitter-NAZIS is a cross between Marx/Lenin/and Mao and extreme twitter-NAZIS have Pol Pot tendencies.

There will be no place to run and hide if they have their way. There will be no freedom, no differing thoughts allowed. They will post-birth abort you and squash your social media presence. They… more than anyone, realize that kids commit suicide off of social media B.S.

If you were ever a parent who restricted your kid from social media B.S., you realize the power these platforms have over your kids. It must be stopped.

The poop patrol in San Francisco.

Seriously, these assholes shouldn’t even be waiting tables at Bohemian Grove.

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