Up Against The Wall Mutha Fluffy

Who is Mutha Fluffy? Hillary Clinton is Mutha Fluffy. She is actually Bill’s mother, Bills’s daddy, Bills’ big brother… it appears in all actuality, the sun has set on the phone sex guy.

The rising phoenix of the last Clinton Administration is Mutha Fluffy herself, and she was so damn sure she couldn’t lose.

The machine that was put together had proven in 2008 and 2012 that presidential elections could be stolen (this machine is controlled by outside international financiers who direct people like George Soros).

In their minds, with the mockingbird media (MSM), there was no way Mutha Fluffy could lose.

That was until June of 2015 — the exception came down the escalator with his lovely wife and Donald J. Trump (the only man who could beat Mutha Fluffy) declared his candidacy for President of The United States. Our President Trump — truly a one of a kind in all of the world and a new face on the political scene that dwarfs any and all political entities here and abroad.

God has provided this unique man to lead us away from this satanic domination that the deep state (married to Islam) has sought to enslave us. This satanic era was to be installed, worldwide.

Here in the American republic it would have been ushered in by Mutha Fluffy, (a servant of Moloch). It’s really hard to swallow all of that, isn’t it?

In other words… the criminals who work for satan whether they like it or know it, were set to divide the world up into fiefs or satraps. We all know how that went. Mutha Fluffy was made toast in 2016; therein lies the motivation for the coup against the winner of 2016.

The minions dutifully shifted into high gear. The government bureaucracy and those in the executive branch along with the congressional class of zealot Clintonistas, made their move.

The United States Government had been theoretically stolen and remade by the deep state into a criminal organization.

All pointed a finger to Russia (and collusion between Russia and or Putin and Trump) to coverup their Russia dealings (totally Alinsky).

Uranium One was actually a sideline, a gift, to show solidarity with Putin and the criminal oligarchy that runs Russia. The Obama Administration dumped billions in cash into the mullah’s pockets, so Iran could fast track its nuclear program.

Once our uranium left the United States, who was going to keep an eye on it? (Robert Mueller personally delivered the first “taste” like a bag man for a drug cartel).

Therefore; the pro-Mutha Fluffy, mockingbird media points to the Central Intelligence Agency as primary triflers in this charade (under John Brennan DCIA began to assert primacy in the American intelligence community as he usurped DHS Secretary, so “big sis” bailed and went out to a California college).  Also implicated are British (Rothschild) intelligence, along with Israel’s Mossad (Rothschild) and the Five Eyes (intelligence alliance of New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the U.S. [read Rothschild… do you know anybody with more money?  Follow the money! Because it’s all about the money, boys!])

Now comes the Russia collusion coup. Supposedly, Clintonista-operatives, along with the Mockingbird media, discerned that when candidate Trump in a speech jokingly said Putin could release Hillary Clinton’s emails, that was the collusion? How ridiculous! Readily sold to and bought by the low I.Q. faithful.

The collusion narrative was actually enforced by the new media in the form of a Breitbart associate, Eliana Benador.  In an open letter, Ms. Benador begged his excellency, Putin, to release the emails either to Breitbart.com (post Andrew) or to DrudgeReport.com (and to go around the main stream media).

This is the problem with the newbies on the right in the new media. We have a bunch of them who are actually controlled by the same people who are controlling the MSM today. Ms. Benador is prolific in her self-promotion and expertise… surpassing Sebastian Gorka (she gets published in places that Gorka could only dream about).

When Andrew Breitbart died in 2012, Steve Bannon sat on the information that would have thrown the whole world into moral turmoil.

Eliana Benador on the 2nd of March 2012, published: BENADOR: Andrew Breitbart and the Death of American Conservatism. By the 5th paragraph, she questions if American conservatism still exists and in the pursuing paragraph, introduces a quotation from (Yale, Skull & Bones, CIA) William F. Buckley, Jr., whose father founded Tampico Oil. After Junior’s long-winded quote, Benador explains a series of developments and evolutions that have swayed the movement from one extreme spectrum to the other. In the next paragraph says: “what we are witnessing is the disintegration of the movement from the surface to the very deep roots of it.”  So in other words, we have the deep state describing the deep state.

Ms. Benador was an ardent promoter of the strong man — Vladimir Putin. How can one be a conservative and a lover of a modern-day dictator? You would think that she would be faithful to one or the other…or in fact, she really has tainted core values, propaganda is the main thrust of her writings.

Steve Bannon promoted Eric Prince as a senate candidate while at the same time Prince was in Gulf states building private armies. Do you still trust Breitbart News? Mr. Mercer withdrew his support after Breitbart had become distasteful, but did not prevent his daughters from continuing to support what had become a travesty.

Some might remember the wall art of very young boys and discussions of alternative sexual choices at the Milo engagements on college campuses.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 11.03.41 AM

Thanks to Steve Bannon, “What’s in your closet, John Podesta?” had made a complete U-Turn to serving up young boys as headliners.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 11.04.27 AM

Everything that Andrew Breitbart had discovered and alluded was in John Podesta’s closet, was turned on its head.

Yet, in Benador’s article of Andrew’s demise (which included the demise of conservatism,) she spoke of a State Representative from Delaware who reversed his stance on gay marriage. This all smacks of intelligence push and pull. Bannon brought on Milo, Milo delivers perversion with a conservative flair and conservatives on social media ran with it as a pack. Who was the pack? Who did they work for? They work for the same folks that Mutha Fluffy worked for. (Please recall Bill Clinton was a failed Rhodes Scholar, drummed out of England for raping a young woman. Yet Cecil Rhodes was a flaming homosexual who dreamed of a worldwide government, run by British homosexuals).

When Mr. Bannon was involved with Judge Roy Moore’s campaign at an Alabama rally, prior to the special election, how was it that Paul Nehlen went off the rails with his racist comments?

Mr. Bannon, can at times, appear to be the most ardent Trump supporter and present a very effective message that falls favorably on conservative ears. Conservatives on social media are easily lead and swayed. The first psychologist in America focused on group behavior which would lead one to think that the Germans who had educated him, were ultimately the fathers of the Nazi movement (inasmuch as Hitler was greatly admired worldwide for his ability to hypnotize the masses). All it took was a few news reel cameras, and a new German was born.

Back to the Russia collusion coup — it generated side shows and one of the gems of President Trump’s administration was the progress made with North Korea. The sideshow began shortly after the democrat slime garnered the house, (especially because of illegal voting, and gerrymandering).

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said “a glass of water could get elected in a certain district if it had a D behind its name.”

President Trump, the leader of the free world, was made to appear weak in Hanoi as Kim balked, citing the inability of the American system to consistently produce leadership like President Trump. Kim was able to drive a wedge and on the other side of the wedge (looking like a stained glass window reminiscent of the Fabian Society) was Kim’s helper,  Elijah Cummings. The only tool that Cummings had in his bag was Michael Cohen; a slimy lawyer, eager to save his own hide. It can only be described as a sideshow within a sideshow. As Kim balked, Trump pulled out.

Ultimately, Kim has been driven into the arms of Putin and Xi, (who would be viewed as enemies, except if Mutha Fluffy was POTUS, then they would be our closest allies). Along the way, a few of Kim’s negotiating team members had an appointment with a firing squad. This is the democrat foreign policy in a nutshell.

Thankfully, President Trump knows how to enforce sanctions worldwide, not like the mouthpiece politicians of our nation… all of them. Trump is so different and the bureaucracy is so large that even a man like Reagan had the misfortune of George Herbert Walker Bush running a shadow government. Hillary ran a shadow government too. You might ask, from the State Department? NO! It started in the White House when Bill was president!


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