You Do Understand They Have Six Ways To Sunday…..

Hebrews 10:16 “This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds.”

The great-great-great-great grandson of Benjamin Franklin, was also related to the 37th U.S. Attorney General. Daniel Brewster (whose lineage goes all the way back to William Brewster: a passenger on the Mayflower), was for all practical purposes, a professional politician. Daniel attended Princeton and Johns Hopkins University (where he completed his undergrad after WW II).

He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and after serving as an enlisted man, was commissioned as an officer in 1943. The following year, he fought in the battle of Guam and less than a year later, Brewster participated in the battle of Okinawa. He was decorated for his actions during the war and had been wounded seven times. (When he left the reserve in 1972, it was with the rank of Colonel).

Upon graduation from the University of Maryland Law School, Brewster was admitted to the bar in 1949. He then served for eight years in the Maryland house of delegates before becoming a U.S. Senator from the State of Maryland (1963-69).

A staff member from Senator Brewster’s office, haunts us today from Washington, D.C. as house majority leader. Steny Hoyer has been representing Maryland’s 5th Congressional District since 1981. (Steny’s father was from Copenhagen. [Denmark, is the template for the social welfare state; mixed economy is the hallmark of the welfare state model. Modern Denmark has some of the highest personal income tax rates in the world. Today, Denmark prides itself on being a feminist country that welcomes Islam.] Steny’s mother was an American with German, Scottish and English ancestry, and a descendant of John Hart, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.)

America married the European Union?

At the same time Daniel Brewster was elected to the U.S. Senate, Nancy Pelosi’s brother — Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro III became the President of Baltimore’s City Council (1963-1967). He then served as Mayor of Baltimore for one term. When Nancy was 23 year’s old, she served as an intern in Senator Brewster’s office.

Within 20 years, Nancy was chairman of the California Democratic Party.

Nancy assumed the congressional office of the 5th District of California upon the death of Sala Burton; a Polish born revolutionary of jewish descent who married one of the “Burton Gang.”

Our polish born revolutionary had the misfortune of dying from colon cancer in Washington DC in 1987.

We can assume Nancy’s politics are a mirror image of Sala (Galante) Burton.

In 1967, Daniel Brewster married for the 2nd time to Anne Moen Bullitt Biddle whose father had served as Ambassador to the Soviet Union and France (under FDR). This marriage lasted for 2 years and the split coincided with a 10-count indictment against Brewster for solicitation and acceptance of bribes.

The deep state is quite evident: the trial judge stated that Brewster’s actions were protected by the Speech or Debate Clause of the U.S. Constitution. It was appealed directly to the Supreme Court in June of 1972. The Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision, held the taking of illegal bribes was not protected speech. SCOTUS ruled that the taking of a bribe was not part of the performance of legislative function in The United States V. Brewster.

As the charges were reinstated, Brewster was found not guilty of bribery charges but was convicted on one count of accepting unlawful gratuity without corrupt intent.

Can it get any more deep state than that?

In August 1974 Brewster’s conviction was overturned on appeal due to the trial judge failing to instruct the jury properly.

And so… this was wrapped up in 1975 as Watergate (a CIA PsyOp — not the first time the CIA has attacked a president, ask JFK or Donald J. Trump) still gripped the nation.

When former Senator Brewster pleaded nolo contendre to a misdemeanor charge of accepting an illegal gratuity without corrupt intent, the government dropped other charges and Brewster became a gentleman farmer.

Now for some recent history (according to CNN). In this video at 7:06 to 7:08 Alexandra Pelosi states “she’ll (Nancy) cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.” All of two seconds to sum up “the game.”

Alisyn Camerota’s cohost on CNN (a man whose neck is not as thick as one of Alisyn’s aging calves) fawns over Alexandra Pelosi.

Alexandra is a documentary filmmaker. Prior to this new congress, she interviewed outgoing members (those who couldn’t make it and those who cut their losses for one reason or another).

Pencil neck states that the President’s (Trump) comments have made people uncomfortable (obviously, he hasn’t been to a Trump rally when President Trump points out to the FAKE NEWS…that’s uncomfortable!)

Alexandra is supposed to be relaying the wisdom of the outgoing democrats. In reality, she’s repeating table talk from her mother’s house on Sundays.

She describes DC as a vortex that sucks people in (while tying the vortex to Mitt Romney [a fink]) then going on to an eco-system analogy: “and there are rules; first you have to know how to play the game, and then you have to know how to win the game.” Everything ends in a “right” ? (It’s like you’re talking with Vito who is there to collect money for his boss — your loan officer. “right?”)

Alexandra has been given a show… somewhere…we don’t know where… thankfully.

(Alexandra:) “Washington has a certain game book that you have to follow. Mitt Romney has thrown that playbook out the window on his first day here, right? He’s not even here and he’s already ripped up the game book.”

“Trump has completely destroyed all the rules of engagement so there are no rules left — everything is ….my 12 year old would be more qualified to tell you how the rules of how Washington is played than this president. So it’s an interesting moment in time where the rules of Washington are being completely rewritten of how the game is played.” ~ Alexandra Pelosi

As you can see here, the younger Ms. Pelosi is showing signs of the same condition that causes her mother to take drugs. They’re incoherent.

When the half cross-eyed pencil neck sitting next to Alisyn Camerota asks Alexandra Pelosi:  “and how do you feel given that this person whom you just said will cut off your neck and not even know you’re bleeding will be the Speaker of the House for a second time, tomorrow?” (Alexandra:) “if look out into the crowd who you are going to see in that crowd, it’s not just her… think of all those women you’re gonna see. It’s gonna be, you know, when Nancy Pelosi came to town it was a boys club, that was 30 years ago, boys club. Look around tomorrow, it’s going to be a whole new America. You’re going to see something so magical that you have not seen before… I think….I know Trump gets all the attention and his wall and this….but if you think about it when you think about how this country is changing fundamentally, and you look at who’s representing us it’s going to be a beautiful menagerie…is that even a word?” Alisyn and pencil neck dutifully pipe up and Alisyn joins in “yes, it is…well played.”  Alisyn is dutifully setting the ground for Alexandra’s future political career, reinforcing “she knows how to play the game.”

Dynasties in America are really some sorry thoughts. Even a Trump dynasty is an abominable desire. We can thank God that Megan McCain is not a viable presidential candidate as well as Chelsea Clinton but there was a time, when all of that was being lined up to become a reality.

The McCain-Feingold Act forever changed American politics because big Daddy John, wanted Megan to carry on.

It was signed into law by George W. Bush and framed into law at the Supreme Court by a Chief Justice – he had appointed.

Chief Justice Roberts (spied upon at a later date by Director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan and another intelligence dirtbag: James Clapper [with the “Hammer”] which gives one the insight to say that it wasn’t the first time) was coerced by the people who held up his illegal Irish adoptions.

Alexandra Pelosi is a continuation of a punk dynasty, perpetuated by the punks of the deep state.

Look at these assholes going after Trump’s grandkids — can you imagine if we all got together in the street and dragged the grandkids of the elites from their comfortable homes and summarily gave them the Che Guevara treatment?

Name all the muslim members of congress — you don’t see them railing against Representative Jerry Nadler or Representative Steve Cohen.

No talk of allegiance to Israel now. These newbies in Congress are used to twist Americans up after their comments are fed to the news media which in turn, feeds disinformation to the American public. Yes, the left is Un-American at it’s core.

Chicken summit? Representative Steve Cohen is a long time Memphis political operator. The Memphis Commercial Appeal was every bit a Clinton paper as was the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. No doubt, Representative Cohen knows people who were in the Rose Garden to see Bill Clinton off to Russia for the Chicken Summit.

Remember, the Clinton-Gore political advertisement where their names were tied to the Confederate Battle Flag, the Stars and Bars?

Steve Cohen had an uphill battle in his desire to become a U.S. Congressman from his district in Tennessee. He ran up on the machine whose face was Harold Ford Sr.

Ford’s father, (a funeral home director) had been in the outer circle of long-time democrat boss of Memphis, Edward Hull Crump.

Known as Boss Crump, the political system in Memphis was virtually unchanged for fifty years. Although blacks were incorporated for their votes, segregation was the rule.

When Ford Sr. became embroiled in Washington (D.C.) politics, (as the first African American to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Congress,) federal prosecutors indicted Ford in 1987 for bribery. (Dubious loans from 1976-1983 totaling $1.5million). Of course the first trial in Memphis ended in a mistrial which was characterized along racial lines. Four white jury members wanted to convict Ford and the 8 black members did not. Memphis was a dirty city.

Memphis was so dirty that a former Prime Minister of Australia (after a night at the Peabody Hotel’s piano bar) was discovered in the early morning hours at the Admiral Benbow Motel. His pants had been stolen.

No one really knows the full story.

The Ford Sr. jury for his second trial, was bused in from a rural section of Tennessee.  Ford appealed the jury selection twice to the 6th U.S. Circuit of Appeals.

Eventually, Ford was acquitted April 9th, 1993 by a jury of 11 whites and 1 black.

He was also implicated in the House Banking Scandal. (The elder Ford has a retirement place at Fisher Island [Miami-Dade County, Florida]. It has the highest per capita income of any place in the United States as of 2015. There are 218 households of high flyers.)

Steve Cohen then had to battle Harold Eugene Ford Jr. for the seat vacated by Ford Sr.. He had no chance in Memphis and stated after losing in the primary that he “didn’t like the seat being handed down like an heirloom.” Losing to Ford Jr. by 25 points Cohen gave into the sour grapes.

“It is impossible for a person who is not African American to get a large vote in the African community… against a substantial candidate. The fact is, I am white, and it doesn’t seem to matter what you do.” Cohen was to admit that his statement was “impolitic” but he went on to say “race is still an important factor in voting.”

Cohen is descended from Lithuanian and Polish jews. He also has ties to Miami, Florida.

Consider today — America has been poisoned by Britain running an intelligence operation in conjunction with the 2016 Clinton-Kaine campaign which had succeeded in awakening the politically illiterate to a non-existent threat from our enemy: Russia.

Britain is actually the home of communism and socialism. Marx and Engels were German jews who were given safe haven, after a failed revolution in what was to become Germany.

It was the Rothschilds who gave them financial assistance to grow a theory that was to become the basis for a perverted, satanic, form of government. (The Rothschilds would then feed communism, socialism, anarchist and zionist propaganda into Czarist Russia so as to then overthrow the Czar Nicholas II).

In all of this some Russian jews escaped into Germany beginning in the 1880’s. They also emigrated to all parts of the world. It was at this time that the largest land owner in Florida, was a Russian.

The jews in Germany and Europe would become pawns during the second worldwide conflagration which would lead to the world we live in today after the U.N. creation of Israel.

The Rothschilds had raised up Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Lenin and it is no coincidence that Josef Stalin took power upon Lenin’s death. The Rothschilds were the inspiration that lead the U.N. to create a jewish homeland.

England is a capitalist economy, as is America.

Through conflict, the elites had found a way to shape the world and make money.  Because it’s all about the money boys! The most profound change to societies worldwide was the elevation of women’s rights. There could not be a better wedge for the elites than the divide between the sexes.

“Reversal of the sexes shifted into hi-gear in the 1960’s. ~ Barefoot Cavalry

“It was American women who overwhelmingly elected Bill Clinton.” ~ Barefoot Cavalry

“Bill Clinton, who, along with Strobe Talbott (translator and editor of Nikita Krushchev’s memoirs Khrushchev Remembers – The Last Testament) traveled to the Soviet Union without their passports while they were students fulfilling their Rhodes Scholarships for their British masters.” ~ Barefoot Cavalry

“Soviet propaganda of women performing men’s work was reinforced in America during the 2nd World War by Rosie The Riveter. Feminism was then reinforced, once again, through the creation of Israel, which owes its very existence to the Rothschilds and other British jews. Women workers in the Kabutz would quickly don their military uniform and present their warface to their traditional enemies who are actually Jordanian bedouins in what had formerly been known as The British Mandate.” ~ Barefoot Cavalry

When one takes in all that has happened to the jewish people in the past 150 years, you must realize that the elites consider all those under them to be pawns, including their own “jewish brethren.” ~ Barefoot Cavalry

State legislatures have been overtaken by deep state politics and from these deep state legislators, people advance, say like… Gerry Nadler, a professional politician. The governing class is what Theodore Roosevelt liked to call it. Roosevelt endeavored to become part of the governing class. (You can see Roosevelt’s mindset… the governing class was actually under and worked for the elites).

Our President Donald J. Trump has always been a worker and his fighting spirit is exhibited in many aspects of American life.  As you can see, it is easy for people to fall into group think — especially the uninformed. German psychologists of the late 1800’s (mostly jewish thinkers) enabled Hitler and his media to enslave the nation. But quite to the contrary, MAGA is not group think. MAGA needs to be focused on freeing Americans from the P.C. prison that was dreamt by German psychologists of the Frankfurt School who were welcomed by the American WW II intelligence community.

Trump is the only man who could have beaten Hillary Clinton because he is the only man in America who could speak his mind in the 2016 election. Everyone else would have been silenced. The more you learn about Donald J. Trump, the more you will like him. We must begin to speak our minds, freely and we should not allow anyone who mobilizes a silence to go further in America, unimpeded.

Your Social Security number was never supposed to be used for anything other than Social Security. Today the IRS has your number.

IRS is politicized. The Justice Department and FBI have been politicized. Our intelligence community is politicized.  Our government has been focused against us for the purpose of a foreign elite who seek to control the world.

The deep state will go to never-imagined limits to destroy any conservative movement or conservative — worldwide (not just here in America).  The deep state wants to own the world.

Once you realize the perpetual politicians (professionals?) game plan, it becomes apparent — the goal is to take you away from your true duty: the preservation of the republic which was founded on rights from our God, the Triune God of Israel.

The resulting enslavement of the people by state legislators is shown today as they attempt to chain the electoral process by using the IRS and tax returns, to generate a plan B, new coup. The deep state can throw anything to halt conservative progress on every level.

Truly, the deep state must be met with all the force allowed within the Constitution.

Tyranny of government does not have to emanate from the executive branch. Minor courts are not there to hamstring a branch of government. That can only be done by a co-equal branch which is Congress. Congress can take the Executive Branch to the Supreme Court and vice versa.

You can imagine the Supreme Court throwing out these nattering nabobs of negativity. Congress has become as intelligent as a pack of apes, parading around with ceramic chickens and proffering fringe mouthpieces and a sinister class of liars. Both parties own the deep state brand. How else would the deep state function through what is supposed to be changes in direction for the nation?

People are looking for government involvement in the spying scandal from Great Britain. Yes there is a crumb trail leading there, but it gets foggy behind the scenes.

Who is the ultimate authority in a small island nation which has dominated the world in many ways for the last four centuries? Everyone knows how the weasels in England defer to the royalty; which supposedly has no power but is a figurehead. When you have that kind of money, it doesn’t matter about government. But then, when you see a picture of Prince Charles standing like a school boy while a Rothschild has his finger on his chest, telling him what he needs to know — you know who is running the show. The man who has more money is running the show — follow the money because, you know, “it’s all about the money boys!”

When Trump says the U.S. does not need foreign goods, what he is saying is that for us to be part of the global society, is a step down from what we used to have. But the underlying current not mentioned, the globalists are poised to make money as America is made to descend into worldwide mediocrity. (Which is the best we could hope for).

Democrats say “elections have consequences” ??



Money is the root of all evil when the love of it, is all one has. Follow the money.

The dictatorial elite nazism (fat cats running the government which is tied to state run businesses,) is not a new idea. Bill Clinton described fascism as “The Third Way.”

Could you imagine if Bill Clinton was just getting his wheels going right now? Instead of Hillary winning in 2016 all of this would have been handed to Bill. This global tyranny envisioned by the elites would be as ruthless as any Arkansas mafia. Bill Clinton is owned by the Brotherhood.

As it is, the big boys wanna run the show, want all the money, and they want your good looking women and boys too. Boss Crump in Memphis protected the foremost trafficker of children in that era… Georgia Tann. Her ability to sell you someone else’s children was known far and wide, as a matter of fact, Governor Herbert Lehman of New York owned one of Georgia Tann’s “children”… Boss Crump got his start on Cotton Row.

Isn’t it odd to say women and boys? For starters, girls develop faster and her eggs are ready from a young age. We have a situation now where career women have been duped and put off childbearing for their later years (freeze those eggs ladies).  So aging older women are having babies and that’s the reason we said boys.

We now have a generation of weak men who can’t stand up to the elites. Just last night Lionel (a youtube sensation and former radio personality) directed his pusillanimous vitriol toward Barefoot Cavalry saying that there was no way to effect change that would involve the end of the Rothschild dynasty.

Barefoot replied in his chat “you are a weak man, have-a-Tampa.” There are so many workers for evil and Lionel appears to be one of them. He then launched into his tirade that you will never change abortion law. He is an abhorrent individual.

So therefore; no playing nice with the left. The left is the radical wing of the deep state. The go-along people on the right, are the arm-in-the-sling — wing of the deep state.

If we do not fight for America but rather, go along (Lionel) and then try to correct this within the system, we will find that it will only go left.

The left is capable of dastardly and dirty deeds with the people that it attracts. Their way or no way, they are the one-way crowd.

The left is mad and they want to make you pay. These are the tools of the deep state and if you want to be a republican and climb into the sling, recall the home of the Singapore Sling is in the Raffles Hotel and this is a lottery our nation cannot afford.

We cannot take a chance number given to us by the left.

What we have to do is assign them numbers.

It’s a simple fact, and will be easier to look at, as it is. It must be looked at as good against evil, (evil should be treated as such and not allowed to pervert our laws to overcome us).

The spirit of 1776 is exactly that — it is the spirit of those revolutionaries, and if we are to be an American people, we must reflect the spirit of 1776 (those who were there at that moment in time)… or we can’t enjoy a national spirit of goodness.

We are a Judeo-Christian nation and must stay that way. (Our very survival depends on it — as we were founded upon a belief in a Creator, who known to all in 1776, as the Triune God of Israel). If you want to practice another religion, do it quietly. It’s for the survival of The American Dream, so that our children can grow well.

The United States taxpayer has paid for the enslavement and a virtual prison in the form of the “Hammer” surveillance.

Brennan and Clapper rose to prominence and overshadowed Janet Napolitano.

Where’s all that feminism after that?

That’s a clue for all you feminists. When all these gay-boy-islam-loving leftist politicians act like your buddy… your neck will be the easiest neck they slit.

Nancy Pelosi is the face of feminism, second in line to the Presidency, and loaded with what appears to be psychotropic drugs. Anyone calling for President Trump’s head on a platter for supposed mental deficiencies needs a psych evaluation if they give Madam Pelosi a pass, as unencumbered by drugs. In fact, because she is in the line of succession, we must take action to protect the Executive branch of our nation.

The democrats are weakening our duly elected president. Simply put, they appear to suffer from a deep state induced case of TrumpDerangementSyndrome.

Now we are seeing a concerted effort by our enemies worldwide against our nation.

As cracks appear in our government (owing to outside influences that motivate our deep state operators), Elijah Cummings threw a wrench into negotiations with North Korea (in Hanoi) through hearings in the U.S. Congress. Kim executed 3 of his negotiators and proceeded to fire off Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles.

Iran, (with allies in Democrat party due to the DEAL which wasn’t a deal, ask DJT he knows deals) and Iranian sabotage on Saudi oil tankers, plus drone attacks on pipeline facilities, have facilitated terrorists within the Saudi Kingdom. They are being hunted down at this very moment.

Israel is in heightened state of emergency. The Rothschilds are poised to make a profit and as is their want, force a change in the American political process, doing everything they can to remove our president.

Lo and behold, China, (old opium partners with the British) is trying to put the screws to us. They don’t like us complaining about the 1-sided trade deals the Bush-Clinton-Bush deep state crowd saddled us with.

In reality, the democrat deep state operators are the most dangerous. They (democrats) have proven that they can’t lead, nor can they follow and they WON’T get out of the way.

As conservatives are banned on social media, you realize that America is not far removed from a future gulag and all the associated tyranny, death and starvation.

Hebrews 10:17 Then he adds: “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”


These two would have made good mohammedans.

4 thoughts on “You Do Understand They Have Six Ways To Sunday…..

  1. I encourage ALL to go out and buy a gun (or five) and a shitload of ammo. At some point, when all the Patriots and III%’ers wake up and assemble like in 1776, they will be able to take back what our Founding Fathers and God created…… the greatest nation in the world. We are now poisoned by the evil filth that roams the halls of our nation’s Capital Building, the DC Mafia. If you REALLY want this Country back, it’s going to take many gallons of blood seeping into the sewers of the Democrat communists, socialists, and globalists who want to rule you.


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