Stellarwind Handed off the Baton to Hammer – Thank God They Tripped up

He who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal.

Everyone points to Richard Nixon as the downfall of America. No! The people in the background like Prescott Bush and his dirty dealing son (who controlled Prescott’s grandsons) are responsible for the modern destruction of the American governmental structure.

Prescott’s son — George Herbert Walker Bush, didn’t know where he was when JFK was whacked. Three of these four Bushes were Skull and Bones.

Zapata Oil Exploration?

The Skull and Bones elites throughout history spawned the ones who were behind Watergate.

In the late 1960’s a shadow government was being run at the White House.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff were spying on the Executive Branch because Henry Kissinger (a Bavarian pig) was denying the Joint Chief’s intelligence that was customary traffic for them to do their job.

For what reason?

For Kissinger’s reasons, at the behest of his masters (foreign elites).

In all of this, Charles Wendell Colson had one FBI file. He was hauled into court and went to prison.

Colson, a former Marine officer, eventually created Prison Ministries after seeing the need for the lost. Colson was a solutions guy.

When Chuck was on staff at the White House, he sought solutions to combat the assault against the Executive Branch.

In the 1950’s the Sackler family was working at Creedmore nuthouse in Queens NY, observing heroin addicts who were mentally ill because of poor diet and mineral deficiencies. The elder Sackler pushed drugs to the American public through advertising. [Pharmaceutical advertisements should NEVER be on TV.] America became drug addicted at the medicine cabinet in many 1960 households, as an illegal drug epidemic swept the nation.

The FBI introduced no-knock warrants. The Constitution was pulled from under the feet of the American public because of many OUTSIDE influences.

The deep state ran Watergate upon the American public instituting many laws.

Once the democrats had rolled the republicans, they continued to roll and within 20 years when Craig Livingstone (a former bar bouncer) was working as Director of Personnel Security in the Clinton White House. (It was a place full of folks who couldn’t get a security clearance from the FBI).

Livingstone was found out to have close to 1,000 FBI files.

He never went to jail.

This is the new world order that George Herbert Walker Bush spoke about.  Looking into the camera he said “we will be successful” with his sick smile. We now know — George was a winner, even if Bill Clinton won.

Earthquake Relief?

But at the end of nine hours of testimony, the Democrats appeared for the moment to have staved off Republican attempts to portray the FBI files episode as a Clinton administration effort to dig up political dirt on GOP luminaries such as former White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater and former secretary of state James A. Baker III. Livingstone and others continued to portray it instead as a bureaucratic disaster that arose from an outdated Secret Service list. ~ Washington Post June 27, 1996

No one was able to figure out who hired Craig Livingstone (many fingers pointed at the fat lady) and of course the Media (controlled by the CIA) would not allow the American public to get to the bottom of it. (Like Vince Foster who was found dead and the Rose Law firm files that were found in Mrs. Clinton’s upstairs library known as the Book Room by an assistant forever known as “the assistant” who may or may not be dead. Who would know?)

Sounds familiar, doesn’t’ it? Nobody gets to the bottom of Hillary and who the hell would want to knock the bottom out of that fat ass anyway? Certainly not Bill Clinton, that’s what we owe Bill Clinton for — he made Hillary into the bitch that she is. This smelly, overbearing mouth, has thrown the whole nation into a tizzy.

All of Washington is afraid she will take them down with her.

So be it.

Remember… Newt Gingrich’s phone conversations were made public supposedly by a Radio Shack crystal used by an ardent democrat supporter. But no! It was Hershell Foster (Vince Foster’s cousin) working at the NSA.

Hershell’s sister, Patricia Anne is still in Heber Springs Arkansas and she is a witch, a devotee of the Wiccan religion. Barefoot Cavalry was in the Marine Corps with Hershell, and Anne (who used to write to everyone willing to engage her in the platoon), ended up marrying a good friend (who is no longer a friend) in a witchcraft ceremony in National Park, New Jersey.

After the tragedy of  9/11, the deep state pawn “W” (President George Walker Bush) approved the development of Stellarwind. (Was the V-chip incorporated in Stellarwind then?) Americans just went along with it.

Prior to 9/11 — Barney Frank and his queer banking buddies decided to make a buck over at Freddy and Fannie and thus, these folks serving their queer masters in England, set the stage for… TARP.

Bill Clinton (who changed the lending laws) was a failed Rhodes scholar. Susan Rice and Strobe Talbott are also Rhodes scholars? It just sucks, like a British boarding school, complete with the buggers.

Thus, along the way (as we bumped through earlier history), inferior courts were given super powers.

This was accepted because the drugged and dumbed down American public, trusted lawyers and lawyers are not to be trusted. They are a back stabbing lot. Vindictive little putzes. Tin-horned gods stacked into society on many levels and their favorite part-time job is assuming a political position.

Some like that job so much they make it their day job. The “best of these” become full-time politicians and rise to Washington D.C. (for the most part) into the house of representatives. It has become a perpetual pox upon our nation.

Congress had constitutional power to appoint inferior courts from time to time.

It has become a monolithic structure which allows a tyranny of these judges as they have assumed an artificial position of power, as if it is in the constitution.

It is not.

This creation by congress is the court system we have today and the deep state has used it to usurp power as it has been directed at the executive branch.

Justice Harold Leventhal called it percolation.

Before there were percolating coffee pots, there were percolating septic fields. Percolating septic fields have over 160 communicable diseases on its surface.

Our inferior courts, that were supposed to be from time to time, now have over 160, tyrannical, tin-horned lawyers (judges) — products of the B.A.R.

These inferior courts have been covered in other Barefoot Cavalry blogs.

Everything that the Attorney General laid out recently at the American Law Institute’s annual dinner, are actually within the pages of

Some would choose to live with this usurpation but a true patriot must rise and remove this tyranny as it is our duty, and it is a direction from the constitution itself.

Congress (and the courts that it has appointed) have become the tyranny which seeks to overtake the executive branch of the government without the Supreme Court. In other words, the legislative branch has isolated the two other branches of government.

The CIA was very active in San Francisco in the 1950’s through 1970’s. This is the danger of the California delegation in congress. They are the leadership of both parties in the house of representatives.

It’s no wonder that Silicon Valley and the technological giants there are a threat as well.

The CIA has weaponized the social media platforms and Google. Google was exported to China and they were readily accepted.

Google then proceeded to create an enslavement that the tyrants in China could use against the Chinese people (and it is Google’s desire to deliver to America a packaged tyranny to tear down our Judeo-Christian nation).

They are on the hunt and why wouldn’t they be? They are all around San Francisco (the epicenter of the CIA acid, mind-control projects of the 1950’s through the 70’s).  Think twinkie defense, kiddies. Nancy Pelosi is a fried twinkie and Dianne Feinstein is a crumbled fortune cookie.


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