Barefoot Blurb – Game Time!

The governing class, whose inability to accept the “end of the run” has brought us to this place where today, we had a kook give a press conference. 2016 and its election are in the past, numerous foreign governments have swapped out the new world order and the treason is known, worldwide. The other shoe is about to drop.

The sycophants around Nancy Pelosi endanger America when they don’t tell her she has seen the end of the line. Nancy Pelosi is way past any chance of having a sound mind. There is definitely something wrong…and they’re still telling her she has clothes on.

Nancy is in a battle with President Trump and according to her press conference, she’s also doing battle with Mitch McConnell; somebody’s got to lead. She’a a Golden State Warrior and California wants all the states to follow and have needles protruding in public places  and feces-filled homeless encampments on sidewalks. California has taken its most vulnerable citizens down a rathole for its own political purposes.

The state is awash with illegals who will now be provided healthcare. Make no doubt about it, this is a civil war.

Homeless Illnesses

When Nancy finishes her press conference and says “game time” it has nothing to do with the Golden State Warriors. A previous blog mentions Nancy’s manly daughter explaining the “game.” (You can listen to that previous blog here: You Do Understand They Have Six Ways To Sunday…..)

During the press conference, the media (including FOX), did not give clear audio of questions from reporters to Speaker Pelosi.

Nancy appears to have answered the questions. But how would anyone know by watching?  These reporters are basically the same ones that flew with Hillary on the “I’m With Her” tour. Isn’t it odd how the media cameras will cover reporters questioning President Trump as if they are more important than the president?

Command and control liberalism being run through the Clinton Foundation and Obama’s new home in Washington D.C. They’re stepping to the tune of the global masters.

As a nation, we owe it to our posterity to RICO this rogue element.

The new left, has been 70-years in the making. Three generations (raised on the boob tube), have been brought upon us as a voting bloc to defeat any groundswell.

In this particular case, MAGA Make America Great Again, is the groundswell the left in our nation has prepared for. They have had help from their allies on the right, and… they want a pay raise.

We cannot afford to allow this to go forward or they will make all of our sons drag queens and all of our daughters – bull dykes and quite frankly, we already have enough of them on the left.

Should Americans boycott the NBA Finals to show through TV ratings their displeasure with the nation? That’s the insanity the left pushes. Why not push it back on them?

7 thoughts on “Barefoot Blurb – Game Time!

  1. Hey Barefoot! Hope all is well with you and NTTM. I do read your blog but every time I’ve ever tried to “like” it, it just reloads. Take care, Martha (your Nevada partner in crime. 😂) No more AD for me. They are off the rails imo.

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  2. Every word true, sadly. We must fight back but how? So many of the left have scurried away from Cali to Oregon, Washington State, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas as well. Even in NJ the left has ruined the state and they are moving away in droves to solid red states bringing their leftist mentality with them. It has created a divide where states that used to hold firm on our side are now turning to the left in many areas. Look at Austin, TX. We need the young blood to realize socialism not the way to go. We are turning into Europe although some of the countries over there are realizing their errors, but too late perhaps???
    Excellent Barefoot, but scary as hell.


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