The Middle Class V. The Elites. Who Do You Think Owns The System?

The Federal government has funded studies through grants to universities. Could you for a moment, entertain a 1960’s study? Just for fun we will label it: Junk Food Habits of Welfare Queens.

Harken back to the days when some people would travel from, say… Florida to New York City in high-end german automobiles. The Mercedes is full of their kids as they travel from state to state, collecting welfare benefits. (This is at the time when Frank in Harlem was into import/export. You can imagine the implications in that heroin scenario.) These days which we have harkened to, are the dawn of our nation’s crack epidemic. This was the time in which “an affordable form of cocaine” was introduced and targeted at the welfare class.

The elites know how to milk “every last drop.” (Can’t do that without the CIA in your pocket.)

Today, the study would now be labeled: Irregular Eating Habits of Clients Ensconced in the People’s House. It’s the house we spend the most tax money on. When you see a very articulate black woman in the Trump administration (who works for Dr. Ben Carson) speaking about living in New York City public housing, you are supposed to feel good.

Really… we are behind the curve the elites have thrown. Are we to trust the elites, when in fact we see scammers at every turn in society as a whole?

Heavy metal poisoning is not on the minds of even the best doctors. BIG PHARMA has succeeded in turning government agencies against anyone who has an association or preaches a different healing than the line adopted through the propaganda of the elite ownership of BIG PHARMA.

We are trusting the people who were smart enough to invest in JUNK FOODS after the 1960’s. You could safely include the government breakup of …you guessed it, BIG TOBACCO (and of course, the breakup of AT&T which lead to the worldwide explosion of cellular technology).

The payoff was in the form of the TOBACCO settlement. It looked like BIG TOBACCO was getting a hand-slap but what happened was the diversification of BIG TOBACCO (wherein BIG TOBACCO’S money acquired many other business entities). The structured settlement benefitted the lawyers. It was the lawyers who did the leg work. Please take note of what money did from the period of 1978 though 2018. Money got BIG and BIG TOBACCO’S money got BIGGER.

The federal government was made larger as well. Welfare was made large and then supposedly reformed, as Bill Clinton signed a Welfare Reform bill into law (thanks Newt, but the budget [TWO DECADES OF CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS] only got bigger, thanks Denny Hastert). This is how things went along until the Obama administration, even then, the tax payer had no relief.

Congress and Bill Clinton changed the Glass Steagall Act whereby banks were enabled to sell insurance and investments. Bill Clinton then forced the change in lending laws to benefit “poor people.”

As the rats left the Clinton Administration, flooding into Freddie and Fannie, the rats — along with Barney Frank and the banks — subverted the system.

The banks then began constricting credit in 2007 and 2008, (which could be called an economic crisis). Crisis? What crisis? It was a manufactured crisis due to the sub-prime lending market which created an opening for the economic thievery as the final nails were driven into the coffin of the middle class.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 lead the way for TARP and Obama’s “Make Home Affordable Program.” So even if you, as a good American, had worked your way out of public housing, the rug was pulled out from underneath you when you lost your home.

Before the 2008 election, Soros and his henchmen made sure we entered an economic recession with the October crash, so Barack Obama could claim that it was the fault of George W. Bush.

The government had raised an enormous welfare “culture,” which in turn had a higher birth rate, and a better chance of changing the political dynamics of the nation. When federal grant money is coupled with a system of higher learning, (which was made to accept children of poor backgrounds by government mandate) colleges and universities, had liberal professors waiting with open arms.

This conspiracy strikes at the heart of the middle class taxpayer who was made to pay for it; they stole the taxpayer’s money and they stole the taxpayer’s children as well. The only rational conclusion is it’s a satanic system. The demon was a thief from the beginning and the father of all lies.

The same elites who invested in JUNK FOODS and TOBACCO and BIG PHARMA and HUD and CONSTRUCTION and WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY have been behind a terrible plot. They have turned our government against the middle class; to highlight this one more time, you must realize that when the money was tightened, small businesses (the major source of donations for the republican party) started to dry up.

After McCain-Feingold, small businesses had less of a say in the direction of the republican party. With the Obama win, the IRS became weaponized against middle class Americans. Organizations like True The Vote faced a weaponized IRS along with other Tea Party tax-exemption applicants. This bureaucracy was doing the bidding of RINOS as well.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2018-06-23-at-9-03-35-am.png
This is the same KERNER who now calls for the firing of Kellyanne Conway

Today, there are many rabid and vocal folks who are out there day-in and day-out to wear down the middle class and to keep it from rising up in the realization that everything they ever held dear is about to be taken from them — by the elites.

Testing for heavy metals of the last two generations raised in public housing is warranted. What better way to subvert a nation within a few generations than to poison their water supply or environment? Of course, the same elites are invested in… you guessed it: mineral extraction. They fully understand the dangers associated with heavy metal poisoning.

Chem trails? Another subject to be looked at and of course, chelation therapy is not covered by your health insurance (which was another back-stabbing of the middle class). So why would your doctor test you for heavy metals? You look at sky and wonder what they’re doing. The left looks at the sky and screams at it. They’re nuts!

With the open-ended invite to refugees from all over the world through Mexico (we’re no longer an immigrant nation), we are now a refugee nation.

Refugees flee conflict and don’t worry about papers or borders.

Does that fit the definition? We have been brought a possible Ebola emergency and who is invested in vaccines? There’s going to be an awful lot of vaccines (wake up, you dummies). These vaccines which more than likely will be brought to bear with the force of the government may possibly sterilize everyone or introduce other diseases, and may or may not be an actual “fix” for Ebola.

Bill Gates (one of the elites whose parents worked for Planned Parenthood) is on record as stating that through vaccines, the world’s population could be reduced. Better wake up America! These turkeys in our legislative branch which had created the judiciary system of federal courts, are the reason President Trump cannot get anything done in a timely fashion when it pertains to our safety and border crossings. Federal judges cannot put an injunction on the Executive Branch.

Welfare fraud is nothing compared to elite fraud, they run the game. They own the chips, quite literally. We have been laid low by the elites through the machinations of the monkeys in the congress – not a racist term because here it has become a congress of apes.

If we don’t soon act there will be nothing left in the world that looks like America.

We know that the return of Jesus is to be ever-present upon our minds but also we must safeguard our nation because we received our rights from our creator, not from a man or a government and surely not from a bureaucrat.

Of course the elites are into population reduction because their numbers are quite small. A prosperous, vibrant America was an impediment to their plans of world domination. We have been made village international for the purposes of the elites.

America is in the last throes of its identity crisis.

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