Hong Kong, Phooey

Francis and Rosemary Klonts met in Jr. High School they were residents of Washington state. Next month they will be married 68 years. Rosemary’s mother purchased matching shirts for them when they were in junior high school (Rosemary confides that she had picked the shirts out) and there started a tradition that lasted 68 years. Over the last 68 years they have worn matching outfits every day. How many people are like that in America? They even sing together in perfect harmony and praise God and the joy of Jesus is on their faces.

How many Americans in the modern age would do anything near what they have done?


A study which was released today in the news has been running over 20 years. Professor Louis J. Ptáček, University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine is a professor of neurology and the author of this study. He had teamed with Christopher Jones, neurologist — University of Utah, who had been running a sleep clinic. They have determined that it is genetic in nature as to when individuals wake up after a night’s sleep. Some wake up early, some people wake up late. The article goes on to parse “people” as stereotypical, saying “society” has the impression that people who wake up early are go getters and people who wake up late, are lazy. This stereotype persists — because before there was electricity, it was the early bird who got the worm and if the electricity goes out, it will still be the early bird who gets the worm. The worms (elites) have parsed us to the nth degree for a reason.

But the reason why this study is mentioned… can you imagine that you married someone who did not wake up until 10 am in the morning, while you were up at 2 or 3 a.m?

Today’s youth would not be able to discern a lifetime choice because discernment has been suppressed in modern public education as we see from the divorce rates.

What really sparks the discerning mind in all of this, is that the left and the right are in a tenuous marriage here in America. America’s left and the right have been parsed by the elites.

The elites who run the world, are a small (infinitesimal) number in the world’s population pool and they are extraordinarily aware — if the masses become disillusioned and focused upon them, their time on earth will be severely restricted.

So let’s apply the singing and getting along and the early rising and rising late to the world’s situation today. Keeping in mind that everything that happens in the world, happens because the elites are behind it. You see protestors in the streets of Hong Kong. Hong Kong and China are actually one country today, but they have two systems: the average peasant in China is fully aware of the good life in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong had been a British colony (up until 1997) with all the freedoms that the British Crown would allow. In other words, if they made money for the Crown, things were good.

China — on the other hand, had been cultivated by the British Crown and for hundreds of years, was the largest market for the British opium trade.

The British brought China so low that a communist tyranny in the 1940’s  (which cost the lives of millions), seemed to be much more attractive than an opium addicted population (and the ruthless domination by Japan during the years leading up to WW II).

How is it that China, a huge country with millions of people, was subjugated by little bitty Japan? Millions of Chinese had become addicted. The Europeans and their banks that had addicted China, militarized Japan through their American lackeys (Jacob Schiff and Kuhn-Loeb) to destroy Czarist Russia (which was viewed as anti-semite by the leftist jews who had dreamed up socialism and communism and zionism for their elite masters in Europe i.e., the bankers. These banks financed all of these wars.)

Today we see China and the United States embroiled in a trade war.

If President Trump’s tariffs are to work for America, we have to consume what our farmers produce.

That is not to say that we should embrace the corporate farmers — far be it.

We need to support family farmers. Our farmers have been made to engage in trade that was focused on a 1-world system (soy bean is not a staple of the American diet). Corporate farming has grown exponentially in America with Bill Clinton’s NAFTA. Many family farms were lost because of the unfair trade practices that were foisted upon the U.S. by pusillanimous politicians led by the likes of William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton.

American government has encouraged biofuels which further skewed the end markets for the American farmer. Truck farming has given way to farming that is geared for an international market. America would be much better served if corporate farming was broken and family farming was done with an eye for supplying the food-needs of the immediate area and section of the country in which the farms exist.

Farming should be a family business. Huge families working thousands of acres rather than a corporate farm that is just one step away from running under the commissar.

The elites have roped us in. Today in China — specifically Hong Kong, they’re singing the Star Spangled Banner and waving U.S. flags — people in America feel good about this. But in truth, it is China’s military intelligence that is running the uprising in Hong Kong so as to garner a hatred for America within the borders of China proper.

Hong Kong is already a sore spot for the average peasant in China. Yes, they are peasants. (A peon in Mexico in the 1800’s had more freedom than a Chinese peasant today).

The elites actually run China.

There are business ties to Britain going back almost 500 years. So here again, the world suffers because of the former British Empire (the middle east was controlled for the most part, by Britain and yes, other European powers who also were controlled by Rothschild’s banks.)

HSBC was founded as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and was a dope bank. Today, it gives every appearance of a dope bank (and James Comey worked for them).

When you see the people of Hong Kong waving U.S. flags and singing the Star Spangled Banner, it is part of an intelligence operation. Again, a small number of elite are running the news pipeline around the world. All over the world, people are viewing images on TV and cellphones, and it is a few elite, who own the source of all this news.

Of course people in America would rather have these people from Hong Kong (singing our anthem), living within our borders rather than the ANTIFA protestors who seek to overthrow our society. (Our government has been doing the bidding of the elites, who have enabled the politicians through the media, which they control). Previously, ANTIFA had been the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement which the elites have rolled into our society like a grenade.

Darwinism is another British creation which seeks to bring us away from our belief in God. Crisis actors are the closest thing to prove Darwinism as they are the evolution of the 1960’s protestors.

Crisis actors were brought on board under the George W. Bush Administration to work with National Guard units which were preparing to embark to the muslim street. The crisis actors dressed as Arabs or Afghani’s were to teach military police units from our National Guard how to deal with the insanity of the muslim street. So therefore, their play acting is rooted in insanity; much like our prison systems today. The crisis actors were then unleashed into the mass-shooting/Active-Shooter Drills.    

The elites have also been behind our immigration laws today (which are broken every which way but loose) in that they have been promoting pusillanimous politicians from K Street, reinforced by the media that they own — worldwide. (Follow the money because it’s all about the money, boys).


Above is a link to Australian news — Australia and New Zealand are remnants of the former British empire. They are far more aligned with the British elites than America is in its outlook. (Could you call the above link yellow journalism? Well, it might get you labeled a racist because it’s about the Chinese treatment of political prisoners and especially the Uyghurs and their women being sterilized). 

The world is being pitted against itself and the elites are behind it. You must realize that the removal of the European banking system and the dismantling of the financial empires of those who run it, would go the furthest of any effort to secure world peace. The British Crown was actually the people who flew the Jolly Roger. But the Jolly Roger, like every endeavor in human history, had to have financial backers.

Recently, China and India have had discussions about Kashmir, and of course, China is taking Pakistan’s interest and running at India. (Going so far as to say that China has already made up its mind about Kashmir. [Very nice of China to be so thoughtful, no?]) The Chinese have also informed the Dalai Lama they, the Chinese, will pick the next Dalai Lama.

China has become the master of politics and religion wherever China sits. In other words, China has become the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. Thanks to America’s pusillanimous politicians, especially… Bill Clinton (a Rhodes scholar totally controlled by the British elite [who controlled Jeffrey Epstein]).

Bill Clinton sold many U.S. secrets to the Chinese. Remember when the Chinese had to be stopped from walking in the front door at Los Alamos during the Clinton Administration? Bill Richardson had been Secretary of the Department of Energy and he then went on to be the Governor of New Mexico where Los Alamos is located. Richardson had made numerous trips to North Korea, but the trip that is most interesting is when he and Google’s Eric Schmidt traveled there together. North Korea’s rise in the nuclear club could not have been done without computing power and all these people are tied to people like Jeffrey Epstein and Sir Richard Branson.

India is sick of Kashmir; it’s a shame 300 years ago they didn’t get sick of the British. Or for that matter, the muslim invaders which killed millions in their country before the British. The British learned how to play the muslims against the Hindus to ensure they had a steady supply of opium to sell to China. All of these players are connected to Britain. If you want to save the world, the easiest solution is to take the small percentage of elites in Europe and lock them up for an eternity.



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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong, Phooey

  1. Excellent and insightful as always, Barefoot. Sorry just seeing this, but will tell wifey to be sure & alert me when a new one comes out. Very good, again, and sending on to my list, and posting on Telegram.


  2. Hope you’re well and chasing down the Hoodoo. I sent it to the Danish Ambassador in D.C. It appears the DK Prime minister took down an official account. The early bird gets the worm.


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