Stamp Out The Left. They Are The Useful Idiots Of The Elite.

East of the Canadian Archipelago sits a strategic piece of property.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 8.55.40 AM
Greenland — where every man is a king in a government-subsidized castle.

All land in the world today is property. Someone is bound to own it — one way or another.

There is a lot of strife in the world and much of it is owed to the political philosophies that have been nurtured in some fashion, by the elites who control the world’s financial sector.

The world is a big place and it has a rather large population. The truth is — every single human being in the world would fit inside the borders of Texas (and they would not be shoulder to shoulder). How could you get everyone into Texas?

Once everyone was in Texas… how then, would they all be agreeable to liking the same things? Some like rain, some like sunshine. Some like the winter and some like loser philosophies like socialism, communism and zionism.

All of these left “isms” come from European humanist thoughts, cooked up during the mid-1800’s.

It is the European banks which control the world through a financial system. China and the United States have become economic juggernauts yet both have one thing in common: the British have meddled in their internal affairs for centuries. And the British haven’t stopped meddling.

Great Britain (who named it that?) has thrown away many of its young men in the long and storied history of world conflict. These conflicts have been, for the most part, a product of rivalries between European Royalty. (Windsor Palace is actually home to the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and this is where the fog begins. They changed the name to Windsor in WW I but the whole family was tied to the nazis in WW II).

Denmark enjoys a reputation as having the lowest level of corruption in the world. It enjoys the highest personal income tax rates in the world (because it is a very rich nation).

When you see all of these countries in Europe you have to realize that its people are actually homogenous. It is the governments that have been at the root of all of the change from one nation to the other.

Protestantism grew out of the kingdoms and principalities as the schism in Christianity was a product of the Medici popes. The Medici were actually — jewish merchants and they set the schism as a trap to embroil Europe into endless wars that their banker brethren would finance. The bankers in northern Europe had migrated from southern Europe.

Of course, southern Europe is like the island of Okinawa — in that it was the route of invaders from other countries; and thus, the rapine blood of southern Europe has made the populations distinct from their northern brethren. The Greeks no longer look like their statues from antiquity nor do the majority of Italians.

The 19th Century was very full of conflict and wars. At the end of the 19th Century, European humanist thought (the “isms” of leftist liberals, et al) seemed very attractive to the growing middle class in European countries.

These European countries that were formerly ruled by royalty, experienced an introduction to parliaments and constitutional monarchies. These royals at first glance, seemed to be removed from the governmental process but in reality, they ruled their countries through its monetary systems. The Constitution of Denmark was signed June 5th 1849 — ending almost 200 years of absolute Monarchy.

In the 2nd half of the 19th Century, Denmark was an exporter of agricultural products and a movement was introduced to bring about social and labor market reforms. Denmark was neutral in WW I and can be considered the home of the welfare state.

Nazi Germany invaded Denmark which had a resistance movement, but for the most part, Denmark was spared the financial burdens associated with the two world wars of the 20th Century. Also, Denmark’s population was not reduced by massive casualties as other nations of Europe. Within a month of Nazi Germany replacing the King of Denmark, the Icelandic government replaced the king with a regent taking control of its own defense and foreign affairs. British armed forces invaded a month later which violated Icelandic neutrality. Less than a year later, the Government of Iceland invited the United States to replace British troops. You can see here — that the European peoples (although homogenous) do not trust one another one iota. Denmark had three islands in its possession; Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

In 1918 the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union had granted Iceland independence but the King of Denmark was also the King of Iceland. In 1944 a two-part referendum was held in Iceland where Icelandic voters adopted a new republican constitution and dissolved its union with Denmark.

After a religious ceremony was held, the Icelandic flag was raised as church bells rang. The new parliament chose Sveinn Bjornsson as its first president while Europe and its colonies fell further away from God. The largesse (of the welfare state) bred a hedonistic culture. We see this today in Silicon Valley.

Greenland came firmly under Danish rule in 1814 and became a state under the constitution of Denmark in 1953. Home rule was granted to Greenland in 1979.  The Danish government retains control of foreign affairs and defense. It also provides a subsidy of $3.4 BILLION Danish Krone (or if you prefer “Crown”). As of 08/18/2019 that equals 505,675,343.42 in $USD.

Greenland has over 55,000 people and the Danish government is pumping 1/2 Billion dollars per year into Greenland to keep it green. This is the problem with the greenies and the eco-friendly people of the left. They would rather make a deal with a Maoist from China then develop cleanly from the United States.

China is a filthy nation in every way that one can think. But they are so very attractive to those who worship the earth because the Chinese have no room for God Almighty. Christianity is so throttled in China that our good friend, Jeff Bezos, will not sell a Bible there because it offends the Chinese.

Everyone thinks that China is run by the communist party. No, China is run from the hierarchy that surrounds Shanghai and its business structure. The communist Chinese power structure that surrounds Shanghai is a stepping stone to national office and Shanghai business has fingerprints of the British financial structure all the way down to the “Limited” (Ltd.)

Trying to follow business arrangements in a multinational corporation realm, is futile. The British are good at setting up multinational corporations (the CIA learned from them).

Great Britain became the home of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. China was the home of all the opium addicts who enriched the little tiny island nation of Britain.

That “0LDE” money today, seeks to overthrow the world and make it into their own little fiefdom.

The Danish government has warned Greenland about making deals with China on its natural resources because China already controls about 95% of the earth’s rare minerals.

America has been asleep until Donald Trump (and frankly… 55,000 people in Greenland is not even worth 5-blocks of ghetto in Baltimore).

Though Denmark ponies up approximately 10K a year for each person in Greenland, they have made sure that Greenland stays exactly the way that it is. No change, please. The airport in Nuuk can only be serviced by propeller aircraft.

But as we see from the featured image above, Greenland appears more prosperous than the Malvinas….oops, we mean Falkland Islands – another island outpost in another hemisphere which stinks of the British stamp. If you really want to see the British tyranny, you would have to go back into Ireland. The Irish in the 1800’s actually had a diet that was much poorer than American slaves as related by noted historian, Thomas Sowell.

In truth, if Greenland becomes independent from Denmark, it will be the poorest nation in Europe.

There are independence movements in the Faroe Islands as well. These islands are controlled by the old royal families of Europe (and their banks,) and if given over to Chinese development (and become enmeshed in its silk road,) will strike at the heart of American security and everyone here in the United States.

The “greenies” and their world outlook are more dangerous to us at this moment than the 1 Billion or so Chinese yearning for a piece of the pie.

China has control of 10% of the storage facilities in European ports.

No one in Europe has even entertained the idea that Chinese trains that chug along the silk road, could be delivering biological agents to sleeper cells.

Thank God President Trump has made NATO pay for its own defenses in part, because NATO has its pants down. (Just like when the Chinese sought control of the port of Long Beach, California.)

55,000 people in Greenland are not worth the security of any American city — even those controlled by the stupid democrats, (we must protect them also).

The suicide rate in Greenland is seven times higher than the United States.

It is quite obvious that fake news is owned by the elites because the fake news parrot runs the same story all over the world. Multinational corporations (of which the media is one example) are our enemy just as much as a world tyranny, because they are run by the same, elite masters.

This is why there is such a push-back against the nationalist nature of President Trump and the MAGA movement. (How many of you have seen on twitter “if you wear a MAGA hat, I will say *UCK you” ?? ) These are the useful idiots but truthfully, Lenin himself, was a useful idiot. Mao was a useful idiot. And those who run the financial sector in America are useful idiots. These useful idiots, at the behest of their elite masters, would enslave the freest nation to ever exist on the earth.

In reality, Trump is ever-so-kind, entertaining thoughts as to buy Greenland, rather than just taking it. But if we were to take it, obviously a name change would be in order. Maybe we could call it Crimea2 or Tibet-West, but it will be spelled CRIME-EEYA2 or TO-BET-WEST.

Because it’s in our strategic interest.

So underneath — the Chinese people have all been brought into a system that is more authoritative than the Japanese regime that conquered China in the years leading up to W W II. Mao, the eventual “winner take all”,  was known to say that a million Chinese didn’t really matter. (It would be nice to know the exact figures in a comparison between the deaths caused by Imperial Japan and those attributed to the communist party of the Peoples Republic of China). Mao wins. China wins. Those people at the top of the heap in China, who are running this murderous system, are actually doing so for British financial interests.

The elites of the world seek to overthrow the nationalism of the United States with the nationalism of China which will save us from the insanity of the muslims. There is one glaring comparison between Denmark and communist China: Denmark was not affected monetarily by the two world wars in Europe and China was not affected by its arms race with the United States. The Chinese did not have to finance the research and development, everything that they ever needed was handed to them by the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama Dynasty.

The reason why the democrat party is in such disarray; the hole that was left by a fat mamma.

She had suppressed every political personality who could have possibly raised a challenge. That’s a controlled world.



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