The Chosen WON. (The Great Yuan)

As Canada goes, so goes the United States? Canada still has a sovereign: Queen Elizabeth — and we still have a sovereign too, through the banks of Europe: Queen Elizabeth.

In Alberta Canada, a single father (“Todd”) posted an ad for a baby sitter to watch his sons (five and eight). Todd posted the ad on a platform (don’t you just love the technology age?) and one of those responding to the ad was James Cyrynowski (“Mr. C.”). (We know Mr. Cyrnowski’s full name so therefore — he is the media star. Todd is a nobody with only a first name).

Mr. C. filed what is known as a HUMAN RIGHTS complaint the very next day which basically interferes in a parental decision as to who is going to watch Todd’s children.

A diligent father, Todd is now facing a formal complaint from Alberta’s Human Rights Act. He had the gall to ask particular questions of the man answering his ad (questions about whether the respondent was male or female, how old it was and what town did it live in). Of course Mr. C. answered these questions because… he was already involved in a Human Rights complaint that basically mirrored this one.

In the other complaint — a single mother of a 5-year old boy placed an ad on the same platform (looking for) “an older lady with experience.” One of Alberta’s HUMAN RIGHTS” investigators has already recommended that this single mother of a 5-year old boy pay a man (who obviously has too much time on his hands), $1,000 to $1,500 for damages to dignity.

We would suggest Mr. C. has no dignity at all. He has actually found a way to ambulance chase without the lawyer (an authoritative government is his lawyer). Canada has too many laws, and if we don’t watch it… we will be in the same boat. Don’t read deeply into that because yes, some laws are needed. Laws like mandatory VOTER ID to secure the vote so there’s no political B.S. to come upon our nation, (where we would get run like Canada [or for that matter… China]).

You can see that MSM is already running for the same people who have brought Canada to its knees and have subjugated China with an authoritative regime that is geared for total control of a mass population. It’s wonderful that the communist Chinese have to tiptoe with the protestors in Hong Kong.

We will see how long this toe dance has to last and what will be the ultimate end to the conflict. China will NOT lose face and the protestors will not win. Losing face can be the worst thing in the world for authoritative governments and authoritarian leaders.

Here in America the MSM wants to label President Trump as an authoritative leader when the fact of the matter is, he was chosen by a majority of the voters.

On Inauguration day in 2017, MSM immediately drummed up an alternative narrative — there were no big crowds at his inauguration!? (Today, are there huge crowds as the democrat stable has left the door open in seeking a presidential nominee?)

Thanks to Professor Epstein (who is a “Mandela-Effect” in the flesh) we now know about Googles’ involvement in the 2016 election.

Google manipulated 2.6 – 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. (No wonder Google was despondent in their Friday meeting following Hillary’s big time loss.) Add to that the voter fraud perpetrated by illegal votes, (some actually illegal aliens) we see that the true authoritarian is the MAOIST: Hillary Clinton. She is a communist from her college days at Wellesley.

She won’t go away. The democrat party is in such disarray, they may have to dust off old cankles just one more time. In that case, the federal government should have a presence in every voting precinct and it should shut off all of the tech giants and their platforms, three-months’ ahead of the election.

The candidates should be forced to meet the people who want to vote for them and of course, it would be nice to gauge their crowds like MSM did on Trump’s inauguration.

How many people are actually voting with their feet?

It’s really bad when a NXIVM whistle blower names Hillary, Schumer and Gillibrand!

Blowing the whistle on human trafficking, sex slavery and satanism. Anyone who thought that Larry Nichols was a nut when he said Hillary Clinton was a satanist should really reevaluate their position.

Hillary Clinton and the left have almost destroyed America as they seek to parse enough votes from the nation they have begun to destroy to attain power, and deliver to us a  tyranny (the likes of which we have not seen). It cannot be accomplished without all of their friends who run these big tech platforms.

These big techies are apparently tied to these very same crimes of trafficking, sex slavery and satanism.  Big Tech is in her pocket which is giving every appearance that the DNC is still controlled by the Clintons. This is reinforced by the control of the media.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.43.00 AM

She actually believes she is CHOSEN… it’s not in a good way. Hillary Clinton actually serves an evil god. And the left and its media serve an evil god – they serve the father of all lies.

We know you can’t trust the media. Going back to San Francisco, California on July 22, 1916…there was a suitcase bomb on the street. The city was celebrating Preparedness Day. Lo and behold, a Hearst newsreel crew was on the site of the bombing within minutes. (Wonders of modern technology?) This day in July of 1916 was 477 days before the Armistice that ended WW I. In other words, we were still at war and the left was setting off bombs for their masters who weren’t the left, but rather, the elites.

The elites who control everything through the monetary system.

Canada is run through British banks. China is run through the banks in Shanghai (another little garden spot for the old British empire).

And here in America, President Trump seeks to set America back on its feet. But, the stark reality is the Federal Reserve is controlled by the same banks that control Canada and Shanghai.

San Francisco has a long history of people being “Shanghaied” but the deeper undercurrent to the bombings we experienced in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s are from immigrants who came from countries that the average American would not associate with European powers or banking.

In all actuality, all the Royal houses of Europe are related… so therein we see the seeds which diversity has set (when it is actually controlled by the worldwide elite).


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