Righteous Indignation Time For American Patriots

How’s your credit score? How’s your social standing? How free are you?

In China — 80% of the citizens surveyed were somewhat or strongly approving of a social credit system that the communist government installed in 2014.

China Credit is a government website where people are regulated to two nationwide lists: the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones are on a red list, the bad ones are on a black list. And you can search it at China Credit.

Don’t think that the banks are setting up a worldwide tyranny? The Chinese are whipped anyway. The British bank whipped them with opium, then Mao whipped them with communism. In the 1960’s they were eating each other’s children just to survive. The British banks rule China through Shanghai.

Mr. Xi is a product of the Shanghai power structure. He could be the Barney Frank of China and we’d never know it. Barney is another friend of the banks. Remember the ride he gave us with Freddie and Fannie? Or maybe it was Freddie’s fanny, who knows? What ever it was it was a housing bubble facilitated by the Maoists of the democrat party which had a free rein during the Clinton administration.

If we are to right America, the average American must realize that there was no difference between the Bushes and Clintons. They must also realize the Clintons owned Obama like a house slave, the Clintons themselves were/are owned by the bank.

Today in America, your insurance company may be following you on Twitter or checking out your posts on Facebook (which is a giant vacuum run by the CIA).

Coming back to the CIA… we’ll add a sprinkle of George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Blythe Clinton who had control files on all of the politicians.

So in 1994 Gingrich lead the Contract with America, he was to become a pariah.

The Republicans who maintained political control for a long time in Washington, D.C., installed the longest running speaker in US history — Denny Hastert; a pedophile, goober-smoocher.

This is the vile culture we are up against today.

These nasty little goober-smoochers (who run for the banks) seek to enslave America and drive down its independence through a credit score system, tied to social media, and a network of rat finks.

This scheme being foisted upon America doesn’t have many British fingerprints. There might be some stringers from the U.K. attached to the Canadian company Servall Biometrics which offers a hand-held system designed to manage customers and is marketed toward bar and restaurant owners. So if you’ve been 86’ed in one of the finer places in town, you’re 86’d in everyplace that uses “Patron Scan” a subsidiary of Servall Biometrics whose products are sold in the United States, Canada, Australia and of course, The United Kingdom! How united can we be? The United States free of this tyranny would be a much better place. States rights are the best and the 1st amendment is backed up by the 2nd. That is the coming battle.

We must take this insanity head-on, because the elites have free rein and own the system. They own your justice system, your pentagon, the aircrafts you fly on and can take over with an uninterruptible auto pilot and 86 you (for good) at 35,000 feet.

Too much power in too few hands, wouldn’t you say?

Now you know why they installed TSA at the airport.

Now you know why we have a system that can choke you on the interstate.

Now you know why your children will be regulated and restricted in the future if you do not rise up in righteous indignation!

Those who would now label behaviors as: anti-social, violent, rude, unhealthy, reckless, selfish or dead-beat… are the new KKK. Only they’re fudge-packers, nasty humpers.

Can you imagine a world where lesbians circle the earth, digging into your bank account? Me either. These people are unhinged, not wrapped tight, and have adulterated our children with a piss-poor education. They are serving their god which is not our GOD.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 9.27.15 AM
How evil? This on Twitter today. (Former 1st Lady Barbara Bush kept hers in a jar)

Societal privileges are going to be regulated. You can see where the self-driving car is going, can’t you? You will have no freedom. You will be a drone bee for the bank. And you will toe the line or they’ll squash you. These are the same people who pulled the rug out from under the American people in 1929 and then foreclosed on every piece of property they could get their hands on. When we say same people, we say same types of people.

Now you have tech billionaires who go from food stamps with their mother to residences that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. What is the first thing they do? They insulate themselves from the rabble.

Realize you are viewed as rabble and as rabble you must rise up for these people will squash you. Surely we are in the end times and our prayers and actions will be magnified.

Yes the meek will inherit the earth but there are times when the meek must rise up. One does not allow evil into one’s home. That is not what GOD intended when he said to forgive your brothers seven times seventy.

The patriots in America have been meek. Yes they may brag about their arms cache, which they won’t use. But all that bragging has only served to case-harden the elites who have all the resources in the world and are able to sway those who souls are lost.

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