The United States of Afraid: A Media Conjecture

The American people should see that they (elites) only like us when we are scared.

Five demands, not one less

…that is what the opposition is telling Hong Kong Governor Carrie Lam (puppet).

The demonstrations the government of Hong Kong has tried to spin as a riot… is not a riot. When police brutality attempts to spark a riot, it is the police who are the rioters.

These protests began in March and they have been peaceful. The citizens of Hong Kong have shown their Christian heritage and sang hymns to the police.

While today China seeks to install its tyranny upon Hong Kong, the people of Hong Kong have answered with demands for less government. On the evening of September 4th, Governor Lam stated that Hong Kong will formally withdraw the extradition bill which has been the trigger of these protests (while at the same time, she has alluded to the fact that the city was in a highly vulnerable and dangerous place and should come together and find solutions).

Seven people have lost their lives. Approximately 1200 protestors have been arrested. Many of those arrested have been subjected to brutality in police custody.

It will be interesting to see if there is a give and take between the government and the protestors. Will provocateurs within the movement cause the protestors to be roped into intractability (which will only serve Chinese authorities)?

The elites (worldwide) only like us when we are scared. When you control the media you control the population.

What do people really know? It would be safe to say people all over the world realize government is corrupt.

Here in the world’s bastion of liberty, our government is corrupt. It’s not as corrupt as say the 1-party system controlled by Mr. Xi in China, but it is corrupt nonetheless. (Example: Our justice department is corrupt.)

There are people making money at every step, on every project the government undertakes. In America that even blossoms into gofundme’s and political donations which in fact, account for a fleecing of the public in many cases; but in China… every project is fleeced by the party. Hong Kong has a freedom that the rest of China does not have due to the one-country, two-system umbrella that has kept the doo-doo off of Hong Kong for the last 22 years.

Mr. Xi has all functions of Chinese government under his control. It is the first time any leader in China has had this much power since Mao Zedong. There are many examples of government and its stranglehold of the Chinese people but make no doubt about it….the least bit of freedom in Hong Kong, is a thorn in Mr. Xi’s side.

The Chinese seek to rule the world. They may be aligned with Mr. Putin at this time, but don’t forget they were aligned with us against the Russians in the 1970’s. (That lasted a long time, didn’t it?)

Thank God for President Trump and his maneuvering against China. The media called it a TRADE WAR because they want WAR, they want America AFRAID. They like us to be scared of the unknown they hold in their back pocket (which is CONJECTURE).

Conjecture and conjure are coming together in main stream media today.

China is in an economic turmoil at this time. President Trump is far more aware of life in China than any president we have had since 1949. It was in 1978 that China instituted economic reforms… (at the behest of European bankers in Shanghai). Through all of that time since 1949, China has maintained the largest standing army in the world. China has what most people consider the second largest defense budget in the world (which is truly an offensive budget). What most people don’t realize is NATO has a larger budget than the U.S. or China (which the Europeans rip off whenever they get a chance).

So you see, Trump has already ascertained that the Europeans and the Chinese are a problem for the United States.

In China, for instance — because of the corruption involved while building the super rail projects, there is no return on the investment in the foreseeable future.

China Railway is $750 Billion (USD) in debt and the party bosses (the hierarchy of the Chinese communist party) have hidden their money in Hong Kong real estate. If it burns down, the pooh-bahs all lose. (Of course, Lloyds of London may bail them out as if they were a North Korean nuclear arms program).

In reality, it is the European bankers who wish to control the world in an authoritative manner and Chinese control of over ONE BILLION people through technology, is one MEGA psychology lab experiment.

There are two things that Britain and China share — although Britain has become crime infested, it has many cameras on the street. China has many cameras also and crime is kept to a minimum — except of course, if you’re a communist party boss. Through the years, there have been many show trials of corrupt officials who obviously weren’t partners with the right officials who ran the government. When you are corrupt in China, it is best to never fall out of favor because your deeds are known.

President Xi is walking a tight rope now. He has gathered all reins of power and the fact that Governor Carrie Lam (Beijing’s pick for Governor of Hong Kong) has started to back peddle on the extradition treaty, shows yet another place where the British Empire has left a flash point in the world. The residuals of the empire are the root of turmoil in the world.

It is their empire that has left all these fires burning and it’s time for us to confront them.

Our ally is NOT our ally. (CROSSFIRE HURRICANE)

Mao Zedong toasting the end of W W II with his adversary Chiang Kai-shek. Does anyone know who the diplomat is on the far right? (The unseen hands)


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