The Clinton Archipelago Is Shrinking

Thank you Brad Parscale, the “Jimmy The Greek” of presidential elections here of late! The (too tall) Greek gives us the skinny on the major shift of loyalties in New Mexico’s demographics.


A statistical perfect wave for President Trump to surf… into California.

New Mexico is like Oregon and Washington; it has been affected by immigration from a third world entity: The Golden State.

Truthfully, the glitter that was California has spawned a modern day gold rush as socialists have streamed into California to make a buck off its government. But back to New Mexico — 31% of the 45,000 people who registered for rally tickets in Albuquerque, were democrats, (that must be so hard for Mr. Perez and the DNC to swallow. Perez is the modern overseer for the slave plantation. You got that, Hakeem Jeffries?)

Also — of the 45,000 registered for rally tickets in Albuquerque — 52% were male and 48% were female. Here’s a hard look at that today in America: those two categories are what makes America. The democrats have been trying their darnedest for years to turn America’s women against America’s men, and split the nation.

Not just democrats… the elites wish us to be weak and malleable – the elites also introduced the psychobabble into every level that bombards society.

Trump is a unifier. MSM, DNC, all non-government organizations, and the bureaucrats,  along with labor unions, have been built to this point so as to be a tool for the democrat party, to enable it to take its socialistic wrecking ball to America.

Let’s just step back a few years and look at Obamacare.

The socialist’s world view is not conducive to freedom…such as having your own choice of doctors or opting out of things that pertain to your healthcare. It started out with Linda Ronstadt and Stone Poneys “you and I Travel To the beat of a different drum.”  Soon after that, “they” opened the front door and threw in a suitcase of coke, (the new-new drug).

Kids bred from those unions have become ANTIFA today… and they all want us to march to the same drum. Notice not many of their gatherings are lacking the accompaniment of some idiot with a drum.

The elites (and thus the left) want everyone to be an automaton. They have started to handicap doctors with red tape. Soon, doctors won’t care about patients as everyone will become a number. Today the doctor’s student loan is still looming even though he’s living better than a majority of Americans, (whose average salary has now risen to $50K per year. $50K per year and the democrats are squalling.)

All this socialistic thought came crashing down upon America in the late 19th Century and much of it is associated with immigration of that period. So now these imbedded liberals are hanging together (like a street gang) and they flood us (once again) with  immigration from nations where the CIA trafficked the coke in the first place.

George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton had their fingerprints on the cocaine from the 1980’s. Hillary Clinton has her fingerprints on the Whitewater files, 33,000 emails made available to the Chinese, Stinger Missiles in Benghazi (what difference at this point does it make?) and child trafficking. (But lo and behold, the 1st child trafficking case floating about Washington D.C., had George Herbert Walker Bush’s prints on it). And these people want to sell you a new world order? Thank God Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected and thank God they haven’t killed Donald Trump.

The left wants to drive into Trump New Rochelle and take a seat on the sofa; they are seeking to propel America to a place where only the elite will benefit.

If the right, on the other hand, determines that the left are an enemy to the Constitution, (a sad thing to envision) realize “they” have been made this way by your enemies.

Now… with all the B.S. that goes on with government, it is Kabuki to keep Americans so fogged that they are turned-off by the process. The elites have attempted to addict America on every level possible. (Even with sports — viewing and following sports, made worse by a gambling addiction. And who runs the sports page? Socialists writers who wouldn’t even allow Curt Schilling to enter the Hall of Fame. Schilling does not march to the left’s drummer and neither should anyone else.)

If you cannot be free in America, if (because of the wishes of another) — you cannot pursue happiness (because they want to take your rights away which are guaranteed under the constitution) then “they” are a DOMESTIC ENEMY.

President Trump is here through the grace of God. He is alive through the grace of God.  Our president continues to live through the grace of God. This illustrates that the only place to have one’s eggs in one basket, is with God.

If America does not have a plan B for these people who are plotting, conniving, lying and diluting our society, then we are not worthy of the shade of the Liberty Tree.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.53.00 AM


4 thoughts on “The Clinton Archipelago Is Shrinking

  1. I really appreciate your insightful opinions. We must never forget we are a nation of Immigrants who came to a wild and fierce country with one goal: freedom. The new breed of immigrants is comprised of many who have no desire to assimilate and become a part of America, these people need to go back and fix things in their own country.


    1. Returning to their homeland is not on their agenda. Turning our homeland is about to run up on the wall. Thank you, for taking the time to read the blog and we will continue to write for folks like you.


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