We Must Protect Our Presidency!

In politics being a psychopath is almost a prerequisite; not the people who follow politics as much as those who participate — the politicians themselves. This is why the United States of America has been ripped off to the tune of trillions of dollars (and there’s not much you can do about it because it didn’t happen overnight). But the one thing you can see that is constant — they will go through all manners of contortions to ensure that all the legal T’s and I’s are crossed and dotted.

In other words, the root of illegal activity is fertilized with lawyers. So if you know how to draw up a convoluted scheme, you can become a well-respected member of the elite. Joe Biden is a lawyer. Joe Biden’s son is a lawyer. This is a prime example of a political hack with a law degree and his Yale educated son. Joe Biden has ripped off America so many times he couldn’t possibly count them, not just because he’s senile. His son can’t keep the story straight because he’s blown his mind out on coke. He’s just the kind of consultant some sharp Ukrainians could use.

They had bet the farm and their whole existence on crooked Hillary.

Not much good comes from Yale these days — formerly a divinity school.

The Taft family founded Skull & Bones at Yale. Through history the Taft family has been full of lawyers and educators trained as lawyers.  There was also a Mr. Russell involved; a family with patriarchs of the opium trade. The relations go all the way into Jolly England. But even FDR’s grandfather worked the opium trade for the Russells.

The United States is rich in history.  Our history here in this country overlooks the many times those influences (going back to Europe) are really an extension of its royal families, (and a particular trade which they encouraged and profited from).

Many new world religions sprang out of New York. It was known in that period as the BURNED OVER DISTRICT where revival took the shape of what ever the preacher fancied at the moment. In fact, one of the religions produced a candidate who ran for president as a republican in 2012. (As a side note, recent murders of a mormon family in Mexico [where the Romney family has familial ties] has also been linked in certain press articles as one of the victims having ties to the NXIVM cult).

Can you imagine a cult within a cult?

There is a disproportionate number of adherents to the mormon religion with ties to the CIA. With regard to the subject of spying on the Executive Branch during the period leading to the Watergate PsyOp — the inside man was also a mormon (Charles Radford).

We must protect our presidency. Presidential power has been eroded and the Washington Press Pool should be baptized in the pool. We just have to make sure they are all held long enough under water.

Many have noticed that New York has been trying to run the nation covertly for almost as long as the British Crown has been trying to subvert the independent colonies. You might say that even in the early days of American vice, things were controlled from Saratoga Springs Racetrack.

It was the Bronfmans from Canada who controlled Meyer Lansky who in turn controlled the Italian mobs. Al Capone’s mob in Chicago was a different animal; it wasn’t strictly Italian, and it had more than its share of jewish and English mobsters. It was from Chicago that Murray (“the Hump”) Humphreys ran Hollywood. It was Meyer Lansky’s childhood friend (Bugsy Siegel) who set the stage in Las Vegas. And it was the Italian mob which became the runners of the opium in the 20th Century. This explains Hillary Clinton. Arkansas and Chicago have always had strong ties (made more-so during the Rockefeller years’ in Arkansas).

Could the marriage of Bill and Hillary been arranged by Chicago just like Michael Robinson and Barrack Obama? Big Mike.

Today is the day Alabama’s been waiting for: Jeff Sessions’ return. This seems to be the thing with American politics; the governing class is always ready to step into the breach. But it appears that the republicans in Alabama are comfortable with Jeff rather than someone untried. Also, Judge Roy Moore — more than likely wouldn’t have a chance going against Jeff Sessions in a primary; that is the real fear.

The republicans are afraid because the judge desired to marry a younger woman later in his life and you can see the judge is vilified. He’s branded a right-wing Christian kook, yet Jeffrey Epstein, while still able to breathe, would have his whole day revolve around young women. And…he did it in the company of the finest people…in the nicest places.

It remains to be seen if our president will be supporting Sessions, but more than likely, he will. The Trump organization does not resemble any republican operation  (logistically) in history. These people know how to cover ground.

Today as Jeff Sessions announces his return to politics, Donald Trump Jr. kicks off his book Tour at Books-A- Million 5287 Hwy 280 S, Ste 221, Birmingham, AL 35242 7-9:30 pm. But before that, he appeared on The View, a cesspool of liberal idiots masquerading as turds. The two main turds are Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. As they do on every show, they wanted to smear Donald Trump Jr., specifically for outing the whistleblower. Number one — young Trump did NOT out the whistleblower (that had already been done – they like to choose their words wisely) and number two — the whistleblower is not a whistleblower; this is a coup! So when they crossed Trump’s bow, he threw a hard starboard giving both old, battle-axes a broadside — reminding them that Joy once wore blackface, and Whoopi gave cover to child-rapist, Roman Polanski (the husband of murdered starlet Sharon Tate). It wasn’t really rape-rape of that child.?

But before we leave to get our book in Birmingham, we would be remiss in not reminding the people of Alabama that they lost their daughter, Natalee Holloway to Dutch pedophiles in Aruba (who more than likely have ties to the NXIVM cult in New York, run by the Bronfmans in Canada). And like we said before, we must protect our presidency.

The left would have you believe that conservatives in Alabama are the racists.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 12.55.19 PM

This Saturday at Tuscaloosa, the president will watch Alabama’s Crimson Tide (ranked 3rd) take the field with LSU’s Tigers (ranked 2nd).

It should be a good game.





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