Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones.

The rush to protect children from bullies actually seems to be a bully-pulpit for a power grab.

The democrat, Deep State impeachment process, run by California Representative Adam Schiff (a member of the gay mafia) is out in the open with tactics of a bully. Illegal surveillance of reporters is not new. (And especially not new during the Obama Administration which built up illegal surveillance on a scale never known before with the HAMMER (HAMR) Surveillance system, [turned inward upon American citizens including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – John Roberts]. Reporter James Rosen came to the attention of a small group of intelligence officials who received a top secret report on the same day that Rosen’s piece on the possibility of North Korea responding to tighter U.N. sanctions with new nuclear tests – on 6/11/2009.)

The recent tiff between James Rosen and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (who represents the 12th District in California) December 5th, is more evidence of political bullying. Speaker Pelosi directed her venom at Mr. Rosen, threatening him with “so don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that” after Mr. Rosen had asked her if she “hated Trump.” The almost incoherent rant on the world’s stage, is proof enough that the speaker should be removed from the line of succession in our government.

The president’s (who the democrats hate) attorney had his phone records made public in the course of this impeachment debacle, and of course, a deranged feminist witness called out a 13-year old boy in public. This boy must now go to school with impressionable school mates who may attempt to bully him — Barron Trump.

Let us hope that America’s youth will no longer be under the shackles of these phony democrat politicians who claim to be protecting the children as they construct the tyranny. More than anything — the worldwide media onslaught to instill global Trump derangement syndrome, points out that the worldwide criminal tyranny today is being packaged by fake news outlets with a John Wayne Gacy clown face.


Be under no illusions as to the power of the Deep State, a tool for global banking interests. Two shining examples would be the recent death of Jeffrey Epstein (while in custody at a federal detention facility in New York in August of this year) and then the  death of Thomas Bowers on the 19th of November. (Formerly a corporate banker for Deutsch Bank AG who had retired in 2015.)

News of Bowers’ death was initially reported in a tweet by David Enrich of the New York Times (time stamped 3:17 pm – November 26, 2019). “I’ve learned that Tom Bowers, a former senior @DeutscheBank executive, died last week at 55 in Malibu, Calif. I knew him. It’s very sad.”

David Enrich has a forthcoming book which is directed at Donald Trump and is described as DARK TOWERS: A searing exposé of the most scandalous bank in the world, including its shadowy ties to Donald Trump’s business empire

The story of Bower’s death was picked up by Scott Stedman and Eric Levai of Forensic News as an exclusive on the 27th of November at 2:03 a.m. In the Forensic News article they tied Bowers and Deutsche Bank to President Trump: “going back to 1998, and over 30 years.” Trump has received over $2Billion in loans from the bank. So… congress has asked Deutsche Bank to release financial records of Donald Trump. (This very much appears to be a pre-empting of the DOJ’s investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and it would boost the book sales that Enrich will release in February of next year.) If Trump did something like this, there would be an outcry. These liberal leftists all scratch each other… in the right place.

The L.A. County medical examiner/coroner reported that Bowers died by suicide by hanging at his residence on the 19th. Quoting anonymous sources at the FBI who had direct knowledge of the investigations into Deutsche Bank, the article in Forensic News  stated that federal investigators had asked about Bowers and documents he might have. It is clear today that the focus of the FBI investigation was on Jeffrey Epstein’s dealings with Deutsche Bank. See now here why Jeffrey Epstein had to die?

Another source who was knowledgeable of Deutsche Banks’s internal structure said “that Bowers would have been the gate keeper for the financial documents for the bank’s wealthiest customers.” Bowers had retired from Deutsche Bank in 2015 where he was the head of the wealth management in America. And we see here that Deutsche Bank must have viewed Bowers as David Enrich’s deep throat.

By 5:01 p.m. on November 27th —  Colin Kalmbacher published a story with the headline “Former Deutsche Bank Executive Who Oversaw Trump’s Loans, Dies By Suicide”  He continued in his article to highlight the connections between Deutsche Bank and President Trump and his family…. yet not the slightest inclination of mentioning Jeffrey Epstein and his cozy arrangements with Deutsche Bank (through Thomas Bowers).

U.S. Banks would not touch Epstein after his conviction in Palm Beach County, Florida.

According to his profile — Kalmbacher is an attorney and writer who received his J.D. from Texas A&M School of Law and his LL.M.International Law and Intellectual Property from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan New York. He is an editor at legal news and analysis site, Law and Crime.

By December 6, 2019 an alternative news site (source and opinion) shared an article that was published December 3rd 2019 by Shane Trejo: The Epstein Saga Continues to get Fishier and Fishier. Defeat The Mainstream Media ran Trejo’s article as Jeffrey Epstein’s Long Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging, Immediately Ruled A Suicide.

Shane Trejo originally ran his article in Big League Politics (same headlines).

The U.S. House of Representatives is not the center of the universe and of course, Nancy Pelosi is not queen of heaven or queen of earth, nor is Donald Trump the king. Impeachment debacle witness — Pamela Karlan, did her best to intimate Trump thought himself king. This is almost reminiscent of Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin.

Nancy Pelosi speaks about saving civilization; actually it is the old order lead by European interests she seeks to save.

Europeans have always raped and pillaged any lesser civilizations they encounter. Collectively, they feel as though they are the betters. Nancy Pelosi was welcomed by the King of Spain. Did anyone stop to realize that ultimately Mexican peons who have escaped death and corruption in their country (seeking a new life in California) are actually running from the residuals of the Spanish tyranny that brutally conquered and bled dry what became Mexico? Ms. Pelosi would rather genuflect to royalty then serve the blue collar people who are the descendants of American patriots. European royalty was thrown out of what became The United States under the battle cry “No king but KING JESUS!”

Sniffer in Chief — Joe Biden, a pathetic old man is doing his best to capitalize on the efforts of Nancy and her E.U. jaunt to dance to the world climate change Mumbo Jumbo. Biden would like us to believe his view as though the rest of the world views President Donald Trump through his jaundiced eye. This from a hairy-legged lifeguard who was a prop in Barack Hussein Obama’s administration, bent on serving us more of the same misery.

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