The Quarry Has Been Sighted

An unlikely couple is most responsible for the divided America we have today and they were sacrificed to accomplish this. Ethel and Julius were the vehicle that delivered the world into the arms race which has now propelled us into the future that we exist in today.

The fact that there are differing opinions in America is a given (which through today’s academia that formulates education, dictates all ideas merit the same ear). These ideas come from the same types of people who influenced Ethel and Julius.

What we must realize is those who profited from the arms race of the Cold War (and then the demise of the Soviet Union) are today lining the pockets of the politicians in Washington D.C. to affect the future that we will not live to see.

It is not those (outside of world governments) who operated above the spy rings of the 1940’s and 50’s who are doing this. It is their progeny and their money who accomplish this today. Long term planning is accomplished through the succession of generations.

If Judge Antonin Scalia had not been a member of an obscure Hungarian hunting order (resurrected in America by the Bohemian society in San Francisco) he would be alive today – if that is what God desired.

Just as when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the American people stood down. This was an obvious DEEP STATE ASSASSINATION of a Supreme Court Justice. The Deep State politicians ran around gleefully, parading the future gun grab.

The fact that Barack Obama did not appoint a Supreme Court Justice gives credence to the fact that he was actually run by the Clintons who are run by global masters. Scalia’s  vacancy was left wide open for old CANKLES to appoint a Supreme Court Judge. Thank GOD she did not get elected.

These orders, knighthoods and circles of radicals are the foot soldiers of the elites. The CIA conveniently dreamed up the term conspiracy theorist as a smear against those questioning the Warren Commission.

Today through internet searches, you’ll see that the CIA of the late 1960’s and in action with the media, Operation Mockingbird was in full swing and the Warren Commission was run by Allen Dulles (the former Director of Central Intelligence Agency) who had been fired by JFK in the first place.

If the Speaker of the House and her democratic representatives wish to negate the election of President Trump, (who Hillary Clinton, prior to November 8th, tried to put in a box by asking him if he’d accept the results of the election) we must see the duplicitous nature of these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

If it is the democrats who are calling the Constitution into effect, then it is they who have effectively become enemies of that Constitution. There are complete and finely delineated words for enemies of the Constitution: foreign and domestic.

With this impeachment sham, the democrats in the House of Representatives have shown that they are enemies of the Constitution. Speaker Pelosi is holding on to this wilting impeachment (like the 3rd grade teacher you hated). She is in a position of power that she obviously does not deserve.

We must take into account the FBI, the DOJ and the FISA Court have also played a part in all of this.

Now they seem to be SCOT FREE.

Ethel and Julius’ children — Michael and Robert, were not the first to campaign for an exoneration of their parents — Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

It thoroughly seems as though America was set one against another when Julius Rosenberg was brought to trial for spying.

This was in the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy who was absolutely right about the communists. McCarthy was made to be wrong in the press and news media which ultimately generated a criminal, leftist movement in America.

Of course there was a grand jury for the Rosenbergs. There was also a gaggle of senior government officials (DEEP STATE) who had met secretly to discuss the case the month after Julius’ arrest (January 1950). This was the equivalent of Rosenberg’s FISA Court.

At this time, (February 1950) the Atomic Energy Commission was being run by a lawyer and prosecutor from Seattle — Gordon Evans Dean. These senior government officials had determined among themselves, that Julius was the king pin of a massive spy ring and their conclusion was to break him in order to lead them to others in the ring. They conspired to charge his wife Ethel and hold the death penalty over both of their heads.

The fix was in — the ACLU said nary a word in the defense of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and for their part, the Rosenbergs never said a word. By August 11th, 1950 — Ethel was testifying before the Grand Jury and during the questioning, asserted her right under the 5th amendment of the Constitution.

As Ethel left the court house that day, F.B.I. agents took her into custody. Does anyone reading this here see the parallels of what has gone on today in America since the 2016 election? It reeks of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

A grass roots campaign was the start of the new left in America. Widespread protests, claims of anti-semitism, worldwide protests and a plea of clemency from the Pope. The all-black local (968) of the International Long Shoreman’s Association stopped work for a day. The government went through with the execution on June 19, 1953.

In 1995 — Soviet records were released; these records were known as the Venona Decryption Project (or the Venona Papers) showed Julius Rosenberg’s role as a leader of spies. It also showed that Ethel’s role was very much limited.

No one, (not even the immediate family) would adopt the Rosenberg’s children… so a  teacher, songwriter and social activist stepped forward: Abel Meeropol, a sometimes poet and his wife Anne. Michael and Robert Rosenberg assumed the surname of their adopting parents.

Elizabeth Warren lobbied Barack Obama in January 2017 to pardon Ethel Rosenberg (but for all these actors, it is much deeper than this). Abel Meeropol (also of Russian-jewish heritage,) published in a Communist Teachers Union publication, the poem: “Bitter Fruit.”  The title was later changed to “Strange Fruit” when it was set to music.

Strange Fruit was published in 1937 in the New York Teacher, a union magazine. Local 5 of the American Federation of Teachers was riddled with communists (since disbanded). Eventually the song was taken up by Eleanora Fagan, a heroin addict who had been sexually trafficked when she was 14 years old.

Eleanora went on to take the stage name BILLIE HOLIDAY. Strange Fruit was the song that put Holiday on the map; but here it should show us the link between the communist jews and the bootleggers (who also ran heroin for their opium-dealing masters in England where Karl Marx has his final resting place). They took us down from within and they are working today. (Steele Dossier, MI6.)

Holiday was sex trafficked and arrested at the age of  14. Both she and her mother ended up in prison on May 2, 1929 when the house at 151 W. 140th Street was raided in New York City.

Ms. Holiday never sang about her sex trafficking because it had led her into the entertainment industry which was her bread and butter. But it wasn’t hard for the leftists to get her to sing out about the lynchings in the south where the democrat party ran the roost. While in the north, the same democrat party ran the unions and railed against McCarthyism. They stole the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. How could America be so short sighted as to not see these people for what they are?

You must ask yourself why people like David Horowitz (a former radical socialist, raised by socialist jews who revered Joseph Stalin) have not been cherished for what they know about the left? The democrat party who ran the lynchings in the south and the Union movement in the north will tell you what you want to hear as long as it grows the swamp.

“I’m a tool for the left”

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  1. Another try posting.
    Another excellent and well researched piece, Barefoot. I DO remember the Rosenbergs’ executions, and the railroading of McCarthy, although a little more vaguels as was young, not realizing that McCarthy was absolutely correct, but propaganda was otherwise.

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