The Golden Horde? la Crimea

Batu Khan was the founder of the Golden Horde which was a division of the Mongol Empire. He was the grandson of Genghis Khan. Crimea is the Roman name for the peninsula the Greeks called Tauris. It later became known as Crimean Tatar which was eventually annexed by the Russian Empire in 1783.

Most Americans don’t have a second thought for Genghis Khan but there is one American who came from a Brahman, opium-trading family, who went to Yale and became Skull & Bones. This person went to Vietnam and got 3 purple hearts then testified before the American Congress how he witnessed the American fighting men slaughtering Vietnamese “in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.” How are we still stuck with this puke?

Ihor Kolomoyskyi has left a trail from Cyprus — you remember Cyprus?

Cyprus had a banking crisis? In 2012 and 2013 the Cypriot banking crisis was the cause of a lot of Russian mafia money disappearing. Who are the bankers of Europe? A lot of old jewish families with ties to the Mediterranean! The Rothschilds were originally from the Mediterranean.

The merchants of Venice had lucrative commerce long before Northern Europe entered the Industrial Age. (Recall, many bankers got suicided around the world during the period of 2012 and 2013. Some even waved at the camera as they were on their way to meet their God.)

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 9.06.25 AM

Mr. Kolomoyskyi is from a jewish family in Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine. When he was born it was part of the Soviet Union and when he graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute in 1985 — it was still the Soviet Union. Our boy here was at the right place, at the right time. Or at least that’s what the jewish apologizers around the world say about their luck and good fortune in their leadership positions in most every country that they occupy (where they say they are discriminated upon.)

Yes, the average jew walking the streets of Paris is at a disadvantage but NOT the jewish bankers and their like. Ukraine has a law against dual citizenship so Mr. Kolomoyskyi has three citizenships and he says that’s legal.

The United States of America was heading to a future like the nationality of Mr. Kolomoyskyi. (Had the criminal oligarchy of the democrats run by Hillary Clinton come to fruition, we would have been under the thumb of double-talking criminals.)

After the Cypriot banking crisis — Russia took advantage of its friend in the White House (who had more leverage after he had won his last election in 2012) and seized Crimea from Ukraine (with the help of Hillary Clinton’s State Department.)

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.01.09 PM
Poroshenko accepts Kolomoyskyi’s resignation as oligarch Governor of Dnipropetrovsk

Russia had already taken territory in Georgia in 2008. Once again, taking advantage of an election. Because of these two annexations performed by the former Soviet Union against these two former Soviet states, (independent countries) they have effectively protected their flank against NATO (if they were to decide to commit troops into Iran, Iraq and Turkey on the way to the middle eastern oil fields.)

Most Americans don’t put this together, but also — a Russian-controlled Crimea threatens The Straits of Sicily with intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs.) These missiles, when massed, could effectively obliterate our fleet if it were to pass through The Straits of Sicily on their way to Israel. It also puts the British Isles under the same threat.

Most Americans are not thinking in terms like this — they leave this to generals who are ready to cash out of our military and into a defense industry corporation gig heading for a double-dip. (The leftist’s FAKE NEWS have you worried about President Trump’s two scoops of ice cream.)

Fake News has done an absolute disservice for America because they are under the direction of those who wish to enslave Americans in a NEW WORLD ORDER. There are no experts in FAKE NEWS and the United States is filled with THINK TANK punks who have us running willy-nilly so that the average American cannot get a concise grasp of geo-political situations.

Americans could understand complex geopolitical situations if the news were given with a proper format (rather than political propagandizing for the political end of those seeking to enslave the world.) For them, a world that is less populated is easier to control.

Clearly, a population reduction of 5 Billion people is not out of the realm of possibilities. Don’t think they wouldn’t create a nuclear holocaust? — they have obviously taken in to consideration the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which have become shining jewels of capitalism.

Yes — capitalism is good because as we see in Detroit, years of leftist, democrat political control, have lead America and Detroit into a hole. President Trump and his rapid turnaround of the American economy shows that artificial depressions and artificially depressed economies are anathema because capitalism can turn around an economy in three years.

We should make laws to prevent this double-dip by field-grade officers, because they have advanced on the backs and the blood of the troops who did the heavy lifting. They should not work in the defense industry but only work for the government. An Example of this is General Flynn doing work for Turkey against Gülen which is a threat to America (but then again, so is Erdogan.)

General Flynn’s true enemy in all of this was the leftist politicians in America’s Democrat party who have filled the bureaucracy of the executive branch with minions like Andrew “The Nose” Weissmann (who is the most despicable, skank that ever slithered out of the dirtiest hole in the Department of Justice.) Andy is a good friend of Robert “Swan” Mueller and as you can see — skanks of a feather, flock together.

Yes, the left in America is the same left that is in the rest of the world, and they are all criminals seeking to enslave the world in a NEW WORLD ORDER.

Mr. Kolomoyskyi is one of the richest men in the world; some say he’s worth more than $1billion and this is because he’s a co-founder of a bank (PrivatBank) and has been at one time Chairman of its board. This from a man who said “the (Ukraine) constitution prohibits double citizenship but triple citizenship is not forbidden.” Along with his Ukraine citizenship, he has citizenship in Israel and Cyprus. Ihor’s former PrivatBank which was nationalized by the Ukraine Government (and may have put the bank back in his pocket) is affiliated with Privat Group (which may be a CIA creation founded by, you guessed it — Mr. Kolomoyski  Privat Group is like the NSA in its infancy “No Such Agency” as if it didn’t exist. People of note and stature in Ukraine deny Privat Group actually exists… would you want to live in a nation like that (eating dirt from the fat-cats’ feet?)

We know the NSA has its tentacles around the throat of America and PrivatBank and Privat Group have done exactly the same (in an economic way,) controlling industries in the Ukraine, the E.U., Georgia, Ghana, Russia and the United States. One of the largest and most richest real estate developers in south Florida is actually controlled by this group. And of course, it has some American jews as partners. Recall that Broward County has more Mossad trained individuals per capita than any other county in the United States.

In the 1800’s the largest land holders in the State of Florida were Russians i.e., St. Petersburg and Odessa, Florida.

Please — we are NOT anti-semitic, we are anti-Mafia and very much — pro-American. The Democrat party today is the MAFIA. Nancy Pelosi’s son and Joe Biden’s son, and John Kerry’s step-son were associated with this oligarchy of economic power in Ukraine and world-wide.

MURDER INC were pikers compared to these people.

Thank GOD for Donald J. Trump. And to highlight this we have to show:

  • He has the media defending Iran because the idiots in the House of Representatives want them to defend Iran.
  • He has caused the democrats to file a War Resolution Act that will forever bind the hands of a despot, democrat president if one is ever to gain power (but if that were the case we would have to have a strong republican party… requiring a purge of the remnants of the Rockefeller Republicans such as Mitt Romney.)

The box in which President Trump has placed Nancy Pelosi and her gaggle of misfit wanna-be professional politicians is like a Faberge Egg. Soon criminal indictments will be coming down upon the heads of these people and it is time for the leftists in the jewish community to be culled from the ranks of American jews (along with the leftists in other communities in America: white, black, red, yellow, Christians, Hindu, Buddhists, et al) and truly, there are not many American muslims that can be counted on because… they follow an ideology that dictates striking the neck of the infidel. How can one get along with someone who harbors thoughts like that? They don’t make good neighbors (ask the Greeks in Smyrna and Cyprus.)

Barack Obama looked at the rest of America as a group of infidels, especially when he tried to brainwash people that “we are no longer a Christian nation.” If that were so, what are we?

IT IS because we ARE a Christian nation that will enable us to cull and round up the left without a bloodbath, as a means to gain peace. This is radical thought because the left is filled with bomb-throwing radicals throughout the left’s history in America; therefore, we must preempt them. We may be forced to take this dramatic measure. The United States may be forced to segregate them; we may be forced to given them a place to stay amongst themselves where they can’t do anyone harm. Why? Because they will not let people live in peace.

Example: our present day Federal Government has been weaponized against the American citizen to restrict any growth and prosperity to denigrate our system so that we will accept socialism and communism in a one-world government. President Trump has slashed the bureaucratic red-tape and there is much more work to be done.

The left have stolen our education system on every level, (to indoctrinate the young to further advance this goal.) Can you imagine telling a child it’s okay to undress in front of the opposite sex? What good does this accomplish? And how does a school board have that much power over your child?

Recently folks have been advancing the idea of re-instituting the draft; the left has made it absolutely impossible to accomplish anything like military conscription in less than ten years. It would take a re-education of America’s youth over the age of 10 and under the age of 19 so as not to pass over any future Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine. You can thank the left for this predicament; it was measured and purposeful and they are responsible for it.

(No transgender anymore in the military, it’s only a plan of the left. Transformer toys were a seed in the mind of yesterday’s children.)

Have you read about a man (Chauncy Lump) in Florida with a towel around his head was saying on social media “his leader (Soleimani) has been killed,” and he threatened the life of the President? You have to wonder where his mother and father went wrong. Well his mother and father went wrong because the U.S. government (under the lead of the leftists) created a social-welfare system that denied this man a proper (Christian)  upbringing.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 5.24.33 AM

The same leftists in America shipped our jobs overseas and with the aid of the CIA,  introduced copious amounts of mind-altering drugs into our society (and also introduced heavy metals into our atmosphere and soils.) This was all to dumb down Americans as a whole and fog their minds, because The Constitution of The United States is the largest impediment to the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Leftists in America and around the world have introduced unfettered immigration specifically, from third-world nations (some of which follow a 7th-century ideology) and are encouraged to maintain their culture rather than assimilate.

Recall Joe Biden speaking of Barack Obama… how clean and articulate he was (for a black man?) The left are truly conflicted.

So today — unfettered immigration is being hurried because Americans of every color, creed and party have become aware of the Democrat party’s plan for the future. The democrats must import a new group of slaves to vote as a bloc so they can maintain their plantation of power. They will destroy America if they are left to their own devices.

Nancy Pelosi and her criminal family, Joe Biden and his criminal family, John Kerry and his criminal family, the Clintons and their criminal family and any number of these little despots in the Democrat party will continue running around in America like a criminal enterprise from the Ukraine or the Soviet Union (or the banking families of Europe = untouchable) unless Americans come together. This is why these leftists are diluting our society so that we can not come together and demand that they go away.

The left wants America to go back to nature like the jews were promised their own farmland as Zionism was preached in the 1800’s; yet on the other hand, the left call people in rural America hicks and ne’er do wells. All while they strive to force people (whom the United Nations derisively calls “stakeholders”) into the city, (for public transportation of course [and the environment!])

They always want it both ways.

FBI? Not looking good for them. Same with the CIA and the Department of State and the Intelligence Community, Pentagon (not to mention the FBI’s mother, the DOJ.)

Housekeeping, 7th floor please?


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