Outside Influences Can Turn A House Against Itself.

When Governor Northam was a young democrat in college, he sought to throw in with the Ku Klux Klan. Northam thought that the KKK Nazis were the power structure in Virginia’s democrat circles. Soon, the future governor learned the KKK was a minuscule fringe group of the Democrat party. So what did Virginia’s future governor do?

He became a socialist/communist/democrat, rather than a KKK nazi member.

The State of Virginia known as Old Dominion, is rich in heritage and rich in Algonquin history as well (Elizabeth Warren carries the name Pocahontas.)

Virginia was made very rich by tobacco — so rich, that she ruled over the other states of the south, producing many presidents, statesman and generals. For the most part, other southern states were rich from production of cotton.

The United States was split by European banking interests who wished the U.S. to go forward with the proposed Transcontinental Railroad. (The railroad was held up by the southern and northern factions in the House of Representatives, unable to reach an agreement…deadlocked.)

In those days, railroads (worldwide) were public-works projects (financed by governments and bonds). Today, railroads are still government owned around the world and the United Stares has reacquired Amtrak (as if it is a natural thing). Wherever Amtrak has track… it ends up in the Blue Clinton Archipelago.

The demographics of Virginia were changed dramatically by the unfettered immigration of late, but truly — growth of the (leviathan) FEDERAL GOVERNMENT around Washington, D.C. has given Virginia the richest counties in the United States (per capita).

Once the government took over Amtrak (the service was so terrible,) liberal commuters just moved to Virginia.

The first major scandal where the peoples trust (the U.S. government) got ripped off was Credit Mobilier (this entity financed the Union Pacific Railroad).

Before that — the south was led into secession by Jefferson Davis, who was actually the foremost surveyor of railroad routes to the west from his days in the U.S. Army. (Davis was a West Point Graduate and personally knew most every General on both sides.)

Many men died on both sides of the War Between the States and their memory should not be forgotten. And Virginia? Their monuments should never be torn down. What is it about the confederate monuments that bothers the dems so deeply? These OLDE Democrat monuments are nothing but a tool to keep blacks as democrats and on the plantation.

The democrats know how to work it so well… like the confiscation of guns.

We have a 2nd amendment to protect our rights which come from GOD. People like Governor Northam step out to garner power for self and stick a finger in the political wind: “should I wear blackface today or should I ban guns?”

Do you need a better example of the KKK nazi types that Woodrow Wilson (D) brought to Washington, D.C.?  The democrat party has morphed into communist/socialist/pigs more equal than others, or liberal communist bitches like Northam.

Five U.S. Presidents are believed to have once been members of the Ku Klux Klan and they were all DEMOCRATS: William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Harry S. Truman and Calvin Coolidge.

The Klan targeted both republicans and blacks.

Republicans started the NRA to help train blacks to be able to defend self and family from the KKK.


The people of the north were lied to. The people of the south were lied to.  These lies caused 600,000 dead in America. We cannot allow outside influences who run our politicians to cause another American Civil War.

The difference today is obvious… it is not state against state this time, but family member against family member. They have divided and parsed us to the Nth degree. If you don’t believe this, go ask your transgendered child.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 6.57.59 AMhttps://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/12/sorry-libs-nra-was-there-to-help-blacks-defend-themselves-from-kkk-democrats-not-the-other-way-around/


2 thoughts on “Outside Influences Can Turn A House Against Itself.

  1. Excellent. I think black people are starting to wake up and see that it is the left holding them down in “plantation mode”. I hope, anyway. The right has always known this but we’ve taken the position of playing defense with everything, trying to placate. Those days had better be over, we must be on the offense!
    The fact that so many Virginia counties are now declaring themselves to be sanctuary 2nd amendment places is the best thing ever!

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