Three Blind Mice And King Rat

The democrat party and it’s acolytes have imploded. They are losing (MAGA) so badly. They can’t see that throwing their weight in with the Iranians by protesting General Qasem Soleimani’s death (as a means of sticking a finger in President Trump’s eye) is… bad optics.

The whole filthy subversive party is crying out about President Trump authorizing the “X-ING” of an executive. General Soleimani was a military target — the Islamic Revolutionary State of Iran has been in a declared war against the United States since 1979 when they seized our Embassy in Tehran (where a young Mahmoud Amadinejad was running around as if he knew what he was doing.)

Muammar Gaddafi WAS an executive.

If we dissect the past administrations’ actions with respect to the middle east and northern Africa, (Arab Spring) we see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s state department along with John Forbes Kerry’s state department giving aid and comfort to an enemy — The Islamic Revolutionary Government of Iran. Every dirty deed the democrats have accused President Trump of doing, the democrats themselves have been guilty of doing, not Trump.

Please remember when Matt Lauer fed Hillary Rodham Clinton an unscripted question during the 2016 election cycle — about her private server (which had been hacked by the Chinese military, causing the death of numerous CIA agents in China.) Cankles Clinton went off the rail and said, “if that effing bastard Trump wins we all hang from nooses.” This was the woman who really knew what was going on. The democrats are a criminal cabal. One does not have to look far to find video of the democrats newest friends in Iran chanting: “Death To America!”

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 8.47.23 AM

But truly, the CIA had been prevented from X-ing execs for longer than the Iranian revolution has been alive and therein lies the problem/crime: Hillary Clintons’ state department (which engineered the Iran deal) engineered the assassination of Muammar Gaddafy in Libya and went on to oversee the debacle in Benghazi. Her 3am moment. Old cankles ran Barack Hussein Obama (so obvious).

Thank God for Donald Trump. He has shown us the folly of following these deluded parties.

George Herbert Walker Bush was a New World Order guy. William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton was a CIA asset run by George Herbert Walker Bush. The proof? Mena Arkansas and the $100,000,000-a-month cocaine which fell through the cracks when Iran/Contra blew up. The perfect intelligence operation.

George Walker Bush was run by his father, (the NWO guy.) Example: 9/11/01, and the subsequent Patriot Act (engineered by George Tenet and John Brennan).

Barack Hussein Obama? A CIA asset. Example: John Brennan.

John Brennan was George Herbert Walker Bush’s means of running the CIA and the Government. Brennan came on to the CIA at the time that George Herbert Walker Bush was running the intelligence community.

Party doesn’t matter to these people. They wanted a controlled, New World Order where their money was safe and the rest of us were there to feed them grapes while they reclined.

Essence Magazine’s “TREASURE” was a player for NWO. It is really a woman? Let’s pull the pants down on the NWO.

After Muammar Gaddafi’s assassination and the subsequent deaths of our ambassador and 3 other Americans, Hillary Clinton’s state department moved into… you guess it! — Ukraine. These people have led America into this dangerous position — it must not be forgotten. The media has enabled them to point their crooked finger at Donald Trump when in fact, they themselves are the guilty ones.

Iran would have been broken today if Barack Obama’s government had maintained sanctions and not given them hard, ready cash — unmarked and palletized. If not for this one act, the Iranian people might be free today.

In another era, could you imagine how much dope the CIA could have bought with the amount of money given to the mullahs? We need to clean house. Pronto.

Remember Schumer and his 6 ways from Sunday when you see him on the senate floor in the next few days.

A communist progeny of Cecil Rhodes and his scholarship with a guest appearance by the kosher nazi.


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