Snapshot In Time – Call It As We See It

We’ll See You In Federal Court (that’s fer sure!)

Remember Ted Turner? There was a rumor that Ted Turner was responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union, because of CNN. We now know that this is ridiculous but… Ted had his head in some kind of cloud (not Jane Fonda aka Barbarella) and he believed it.

Ted and his wife Jane went on to become the largest landowners in America Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 10.41.38 AMat that time (because he was smart enough to get his money out of CNN). His life is okay today.

Jane’s not doing too bad either. But we’re not fond-a-Hanoi-Jane.

Running up to the 1992 election — it’s not hard to find video of Larry King telling Bill Clinton that Ted Turner was a smart guy who had changed the world… and he (Turner) would SERVE Bill Clinton. Bill’s response was “you’re kidding?” (he just can’t shake his old hippie days.) It’s almost like jail house stuff. (We pray.)

By this time, Christiane Amanpour (Baghdad Bob’s babe?) had already turned the corner for CNN, with her slanted reporting from the Arab side of the street.

Christiane Amanpour’s reporting from Baghdad is so in line with the NWO trash thoughts that come from England today. (The Palestinians live in an apartheid state). The English are so ready to lick the boot on the Arab street because they can make money and at the same time, send the whole world into a hell with the conflict from the Middle East. It serves their purpose.

(This was also when Larry King was licking Bill Clinton’s toes on an open mic for his master… Ted Turner. Take a look at who owns Fox/News Corp stock now.) CNN had already had green-screen reporting from combat zones that looked like Naval combat scenes from silent films before 1920. Therefore; CNN is a rat. A rat fink.

Thanks to Nicholas Sandmann, CNN’s a little poorer today — not just because of their lousy ratings and feckless reporting. Who in their right mind would want to watch Brian Stelter or Fredo or for that matter… Don Lemonzucker?

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 6.39.42 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 6.45.10 AM

It’s bad enough that Fredo’s low I.Q. brother is governor of one of our largest states (population-wise) and it shows what modern education through state-sanctioned Teachers Colleges has done to New York City in the last 100 years. (The Normal Schools [Look It Up.])

Education has shaped the communist-dominated Teachers Unions… and they run the herd.

New York’s upstate folks are just like everyone else for the most part. They don’t want to pay exorbitant taxes. Also, they want to keep their guns – it would be nice if the State of New York would “allow” them to carry their guns.

Back in the 70’s while serving in the United States Marine Corps — it was already tradition that Marines were allowed to have guns on base… as long as the gun was checked into the armory. Of course, you could check your gun out of the armory to go hunting, but even then, you had a target on your back (so to speak) because the man knew you had the gun. The gun had to be back in the armory before the sun went down if you were on base.

Gun grabbers would love to have a system like this where everyone’s gun would be in a central location. My, my, pie-in-the sky, yea boy, what could be better than following the dictates of the idiot gun grabbers?

Back to CNN — they are in defiance of a federal judge at this time, in Devin Nunes’ case. The story of how Congressman Nunes was in Vienna meeting with Ukraine oligarchs had been floating around like a fly on top of the swamp. Of course it was Thanksgiving — and CNN was hungry, so it hit the bait. The lie was reported worldwide.

Today CNN is owned by AT&T. Since the 1970’s the corporate symbol for AT&T has been the Death Star.

Previous Logo Before $16 Billion Acquisition By SBC

What is the purpose of these optics? Recall — a good portion of AT&T was owned by America’s Robber Baron Families and just as Standard Oil was broken up and the spinoff companies went forward, the Rockefeller Foundation went to work, undermining the foundations of American democracy. Example: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. These people are set apart (for the most part) — in World War II most Ford Factories were spared Allied bombing in Germany but those factories that were impacted by Allied bombings were rebuilt by government monies (after lawsuits in federal court.)

Well… in the early 80’s the government monopoly was broken up into Baby Bells and cellphone technology was released into America (which propelled America’s growth through the 80’s and 90’s). AT&T didn’t do bad for itself either. Of course one of the spinoff entities — Bell Atlantic (merged with GTE) became Verizon; a giant in and of itself.

Indeed — AT&T has always been run by people associated with John Kerry’s family — the Forbes.

You have to see that it is a few families which run the world.

These are bad actors and you don’t see them in the media as such — they have people like Soros’ taking the heat. Soros runs for people like the Rothschilds and the Kerrys.

The Forbes were in on the ground floor when the Bell System was started and then became a publicly traded entity. Money talks and bullsh-_ walks. Not only did the Forbes family control AT&T in its baby days… but they controlled United Fruit and Central America and as Governor General, Cameron Forbes (John Kerry’s grandfather) owned the Philippines (where he placed the future General Pershing into a position for advancement.)

John (Forbes) Kerry went to school in Switzerland with General Pershing’s grandson. (Ever heard of the Pershing Fund?)

Today — our phone lines are like a giant party line. Want to know how the mob got busted in the 80’s and 90’s? Phone taps. How did they get Al Capone? Phone taps. And how are they going to enslave Americans? Phone taps on your devices.

Everyone who is protesting today — January 20, 2020 in Richmond VA with a cellphone is pinging the towers and the equipment is duly noting their presence and every step they take. Is the mic on? Is the camera on? Who really knows?

These manipulators are actually owned by the NWO gang. It’s no small wonder that Sir Evelyn deRothschild’s bride (a poor girl from NJ?) made it big in the cell phone industry before trekking over to Europe and making it big with cellphone providers and fiber optic networks. She is a big Clinton fan.

The DOJ uses jailhouse snitches in conjunction with Adam Schiff. Rothschild’s man in American Banking over 100 years ago was Jacob Schiff, and America doesn’t know if Adam is a descendant of this family.

Why are there holes in this cheese, CNN?

The Justice Department has its hands on Lev Parnas who is awaiting sentencing. Does anyone know the definition of LEVERAGE? The whole world is controlled by the NWO gang. We were at the precipice of a state of slavery with Hillary Rodham Clinton, if it wasn’t for the election of Donald J. Trump.

The Deep State has even used Parnas on a trip to the Ukraine with Governor Mike Huckabee. Previous to this, Parnas had worked for the Law Firm of diGenova and Toensing. Do Americans not understand the function of intelligence operators? Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 8.05.41 AMHis dirt has splashed on everything he’s touched: Rudy Giuliani, Trump and his real estate, Huckabee and his daughter (because she’e going to run for Governor of Arkansas one day.)

But please… it is not just Ukraine, Parnas is a Ukrainian jew. America, please realize the Bolsheviks were jewish radicals in Russia. It’s not the jews who are bad — it’s the jewish mafia that is bad. The banking families of Europe who held life and death sway over the continent of Europe (shakes me spear!) are actually Shylocks. Make no doubt about it — even though they do not believe on the Son of God — the jewish nation is still God’s people and He is the vine, and those who come to him are the natural branches.

This One’s For You, Governor Huckabee – Hit it!


In New York City they have the LEFT hating the police while in Virginia they have the RIGHT hating the police. The Left runs both locations, they have us parsed.

2 thoughts on “Snapshot In Time – Call It As We See It

  1. Another good one, Barefoot, and learned more, especially about Kerry’s lineage. I knew he was a gigalo (male equivalent of a gold digger)?.. but unsure as to term for that. It was blatantly obvious when he married Teresa Heinz, whose husband’s fatal plane crash ‘might’ not have been an accident??? I sure didn’t know he was tied to the Forbes family. All of these rich bastards at the top of the ‘pyramid’ are linked.

    Very, very good articl, and have sent on and shared or Telegram. Thanks!


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