Slam Dunk Case Is A Lame Dog Race

The Democrats Are The Definition Of Coverup (Which Involves Their Lapdog Media)

Do you know why Nancy Pelosi waited with the articles of impeachment? So the unseen lobby could grease the palms of greedy self-serving politicians.

Those are just the ones who don’t have a debauched control file. The desperate democrats had no impeachment in the first place.

  1. There is no crime.
  2. It is just as fake as they are.

Americans are going to be made to take back their government.

Get ready for the big push because the people in D.C. view the American people as pushovers. You remember the old school yard trick, keep the victims attention while someone gets behind them and voila pushover. This little child’s game is how palace intrigue is played.

Mr. Sekulow pointed out yesterday, the inquisition in the House of Representatives was like a “communist show-trial.” Complete with script writer, Liddle Stalin – Congressman Adam Schiff (from Californication.)

Liddle Stalin and his House Bolsheviks withheld information from the President and his legal team. An affront to American justice and while the Presidents’ legal team (counsel) was prevented from the hearings — that is ex parte. And in this case, it’s worse than the FISA court abuse that the DEEP STATE employed in the first place (with a helping hand from the FBI and Department of Justice, Senior Executive Services types.)

The FISA court is ex-parte as well. There is no one to speak for the plaintiff and the plaintiff is not even aware that they are the plaintiff. This is an abuse of the constitution by criminal lawyers enabled by pusillanimous politicians.

Truly the pusillanimous politicians and DEEP STATE operators are desperately trying to  cover up crimes; crimes spanning more than 25 years – crimes in high places, crimes of the luminaries of both parties. This is what scares Washington D.C. and this is what should motivate you as an American citizen to take matters into your own hands if need be.

We The People have been lied to for too long, the truth has been hidden from us by power brokers.

Government is BY THE PEOPLE and we have been shunted by these professional politicians and their bag of bureaucrats..

This impeachment dog race has been compared to a Trifecta — when the American people enter this dog race en masse, it automatically becomes a quinella. President Trump and We The People win and the politicians come in last. Place your bets.

  • If the president could not cross-examine witnesses in the house, how in the world did the impeachment move forward in the first place?
  • If the president could not access evidence or the identity of the whistleblower, how could this case move forward?
  • Without counsel present at the hearing, how is this justice?

Because of these three things, all previous bets are off and these bookies should get rounded up.

You must soon see that this will be the only avenue of justice you will be left with, because these politicians in D.C. have almost picked-clean the carcass of the constitution.

It’s our money, it’s our government… but — we have been controlled by the California delegation. These California representatives have shown bad stewardship of government with their attempt to remake America in the image of California (for the NWO gang.)

There are three separate branches of government but the EXECUTIVE is the most privileged branch. At the county level in American government and in times of crisis, the Sheriff is the most powerful, constitutionally-elected individual in the county. This is home rule. The President of the United States is the CHIEF EXECUTIVE – he is the chief law enforcement officer and the Commander and Chief of our military.

The United States Government was thoroughly thought out, yet in the last 226 years — it has become perverted because of political worms in perpetual positions.

The democrats will throw anything up on the wall because they are capable of doing anything seedy (that is their part in this play). The republicans play their part rather well also. They are the stupid ones in this play — the Boudreaux; and of course because of them, (and the lobbyists and NWO gang they work for), they perform the best hoodwink as they look sanctimonious (with the feathers of the constitution poking out of their mouths). They hide behind decorum and collegial backslapping in the cloak room.

President Trump has been very open and accessible to the American people which gives him a broader reach than the politicians and their fake-news lapdogs who deal the fake story to the leftist segment of our population (who are the opposite of everything American we have left to call our own).

What this impeachment amounts to is the elevation of a jaywalking ticket to felony status with the death penalty — it’s ridiculous. The house democrats are now at the senate with a weak case and they want to present more evidence? If the American people take their government back, we hope the first one that is made to sing is LIDDLE ADAM SCHIFF!  Surely we are not going to give Schiff (LIDDLE STALIN) rights greater than the President of the United States, whose rights have been trampled. We cannot have people like Schiff running America through a coup.

The president’s legal team was able to get its wheels spinning yesterday and they left a little patch of rubber in the senate. When and if the American people rise up, Washington D.C. is going to smell worse than burning rubber.

Washington D.C. has been made a gun-free zone long before someone like Governor  Northam came upon the scene. Why?

As you can see from the government in Maryland — they have plenty of stooges north of D.C. and now with the influx of immigrants and liberals, Virginia is full of stooges too. So the insulation of D.C. is getting thicker with thieves.

At this point in the impeachment process, Madam Pelosi — Speaker of the House of Schiffless Bolsheviks, appears like her NWO bosses (the old money gang). She’s no where to be seen at the senate, and for America’s sanity, that’s a good thing.

Whatever it is they are trying to hide, the most recent crimes are on the front end with the Obama administration and the fact that Obama had said that Hillary Clinton did not jeopardize American security by screwing up in Benghazi.

Secretary of State Clinton had told Elise Labott (CNN- Global Affairs Correspondent) that she, Hillary, took responsibility for the security in Benghazi which was iuoverrun on 9/11/2012 resulting in the deaths of U.S.  Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

One day later — October 16, 2012 President Obama took ultimate responsibility: “I am ultimately responsible for what’s taking place there because these are my folks, and I’m the one who has to greet those coffins when they come home.”

“Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job but she works for me, I’m the president and I am always responsible.”

Obama and his team have never paid the price for these four deaths. The president also said his team was told “going to find out who did this and hunt them down.”

During a debate with republican challenger Mitt Romney in New York (two bums of the same party — the left wing and right wing of the NWO party). The moderator asked a follow up question. Thank you, Candy Crowley — but that question is irrelevant because CNN was running this debate to give safe harbor to Obama (who lied to Romney about calling the Benghazi act — terrorism). CNN allowed the lie to go unchallenged. Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Pierce Morgan along with Candy Crowley covered it up — it was a lie.

The American people were deceived during a televised debate which amounted to perjury. Romney let Obama go on the word “terror” and so the democrats who allowed a candidate to go forward in two elections (who did not have proper birth credentials)  have a lot of crimes to cover up. And the republican leadership in the senate is complicit because they’ve all been there for so long.

(Obama) November 14, 2012:

“Well, I have no evidence at this point, from what I’ve seen, that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. Obviously there’s an ongoing investigation. I don’t want to comment on the specifics of the investigation,”

Yeah right butt boy — you’ve smoked too much crack.

This was after his reelection where it was imperative that he cover up Hillary Clinton’s blunders which involved Sidney Blumenthal, Jake Sullivan and Susan Rice (Rice had already blundered when it came to the bombings of two Embassies under the Clinton presidency. She and Strobe Talbott are close friends).

Well… we can Thank President Trump for hunting down Qassem Soleimani who was responsible for Benghazi, (he was overseeing the operation) but the responsible people on America’s side are still running around: former President Obama, President Wannabe Hillary Clinton, 007 himself — Sidney Blumenthal, idiotic (Ivy League) Jake Sullivan and (Rhodes Scholar) Susan Rice. Not to mention the whole leadership of America’s intelligence community and some mercenary operators who are still getting rich in the world today.

Mitt Romney was the weakest candidate the republicans could advance at a time when Obama needed it most. You have to realize both the 2008 and 2012 elections were stolen with fraud. As Mitt Romney hung out in his hot tub, the last days of his campaign were run like a weekend at Bernie’s.

Today is an energizer Mitt Romney going to be the Deep State’s republican leader in the impeachment trial? If so, do not forget that he let Obama slide on Benghazi at the debate in 2012 at Hofstra University.

The 2016 democrat candidate for president was the first to take responsibility for Benghazi. She is one butt-hurt individual and a very dangerous person because quite frankly, she’s a wounded animal. Maybe it was Mrs. Clinton Killedepstein as Bill walks around catching flies with his open mouth. They’re not going to let him drool — his DEEP STATE buddies will take him out too.

Hillary Clinton was the junior senator from New York while Chuck Schumer was the senior end of that duo. Mrs. Clinton and her illegal fundraising is how she won a dirty election in New York politics. What is it about New York and California that makes the rest of the country stink? So glad our president is no longer paying taxes to Fredo Cuomo’s mob Governor brother.

Everyone in California and New York should vote with their feet — that would be the quickest way to shut them down. We can’t afford government by the California delegation (just a few names here): Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, Zoe Lofgren, Eric Swalwell.

The American people have need of many answers, all denied them because of fake media and its smoke screen for American politics.

Calling the Doggy track:

Ed Buck is making a move on the outside — he’s got a lot of room. Look at him stride! Go Ed! Go Ed!

Standard Hotel’s taking up the rear.

Disney’s still in the starting gate.

You can’t believe anyone anymore. (If you did not see it with your own eyes?) Susan Rice on the Sunday shows, spreading Benghazi rumors?

While the house democrats ramrodded our Christmas impeachment charges against President Trump, they allowed time for the lobbyist and NWO gang to work their magic at the senate. They expected the American people to forget just how unfair they were all the way to the point of forcefully ejecting republican committee members from the charade in the basement of the people’s house.

Now they come to the senate and cry how unfair?


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