Are Godless Heathens The Democrat Party?

You can’t do this stuff without a bank or the money that it prints.

When I was a teenaged-tourist in 1970 England, I couldn’t understand the tally sticks; but now when I look at the Indian Wampum, I understand that whatever a society looks at as currency, there are those who will seek to have it all.

In the mid 1990’s at the Bellevue Mido Resort Hotel in Clearwater, Florida — Margaret Thatcher was the keynote speaker at a dinner held in her honor. I (a former Marine who had been MK Ultra’d) stepped out into an enclosed entryway to smoke a cigar and was joined by Victor Kiam. Our talk got around to the Clintons as we sent clouds of smoke into the air… Victor said “you know Hillary’s gonna run for president” and I said “oh no, she can’t get elected — nobody likes that woman” he said “no, she’s gonna run, she’s more ambitious than Bill and she wants to be president more than he ever did.”

Because they are in the media, the LEFT owns what comes into your home, on your computer and in the air waves.

It’s really rich that they came after President Trump for a phone call into Ukraine. The CIA has been pumping trillions of dollars into Ukraine since 1953. And when the bad actors left Libya, they headed right for…. Ukraine.

George Herbert Walker Bush was Ambassador to the United Nations at the time I quit high school in 1971 to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 2.30.24 PM
Hitler Youth Camp – 1935 China

In the mid 1970’s — George Herbert Walker Bush was Nixon’s unofficial U.S. Ambassador to China in Beijing. Bush and his wife, Barbara — were known to ride through the narrow hutong alleyways, the local Chinese were in love with these two.

George Herbert Walker Bush was a man who couldn’t remember what he was doing when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Both Richard Nixon and George Herbert Walker Bush were in Dallas the day that President John F. Kennedy died. (They sure knew how to work over old Nixon’s mind and you can be sure that Prescott Bush had his hands on both of these men.)

George Herbert Walker Bush left Beijing in time to become Director of Central Intelligence (an organization that he steadfastly refused any prior associations) when Gerald Ford (Warren Commission) became president, (after the CIA had performed a coup on Richard Nixon’s White House).

When Bush was Ronald Reagan’s vice presidential running-mate, (he had derided candidate Reagan for espousing “voodoo economics” leading up to the primaries) we elected him.

Shortly thereafter, President Reagan was shot on the street and it was blamed on a psychologically-wounded friend of the Bush family.

Eventually George Herbert Walker Bush became President of the United States in 1989, and in less than a year, the Red Chinese Government cracked down on protestors in Tiananmen Square, prompting the United States (under Bush) to impose sanctions on the Chinese government.

Behind the scenes, Daddy Bush was attempting to smooth relations between the two nations. Brent Scowcroft was in China one month after the massacre, and CNN reported on the secret mission.

The Chinese on the street thought they had a friend in the White House. They rose up and got ran over by tanks.

In reality they had no friend in the White House. President Bush negotiated behind the scenes with those responsible for the deaths.

There are two deaths that bear scrutiny. It seems they took care of presumed political opponents of the Bush/Clinton syndicate; Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania (a liberal republican) and Congressmen Lawrence Patton McDonald of Georgia (a conservative democrat and the 2nd president of the John Birth Society). John Heinz is actually distantly related to Donald Trump. His widow, Teresa, was known to say about John:

“he had a rare gift for seeing the world in bright shades and an even more uncommon gift for finding ways to share that vision with those for whom life had become cast in shadows of hopeless gray. Through the prism of our nation he saw a rainbow of hope and opportunity.”

Sound familiar, America? (It’s all about the bloodlines.)

Lawrence Patton McDonald was a distant relative of General George S. Patton and a fervent anti-communist who along with General Singlaub, was on the ground floor of Iran-Contra.

KAL 007 left Alaska for Korea with Congressman McDonald on board. The Boeing 747-230B was supposedly shot down, but through Japanese intelligence, there were persistent rumors that the Congressmen was being held as a prisoner in Soviet Russia. The day after John Heinz died, former Senator — John Tower died. Tower was a scrappy politician from Texas — a former democrat and son of a Methodist minister, he became a republican in 1951.

Tower was Chief U.S. Negotiator at the Strategic Arms Reduction talks in Geneva Switzerland. He served as the Chair of the Presidential Review Board where President Reagan asked him to study the action of the National Security Council and its staff during Iran-Contra. The board become known as the Tower Commission.

In 1989, Tower was George Herbert Walker Bush’s first choice for Secretary of Defense. It was the first time that the Senate had rejected a cabinet nominee of a newly elected president. It is here that the lives of John Tower and Congressman Leo Ryan (mentioned later here) intersect with Dick Cheney. Cheney became the Secretary of Defense for George Herbert Walker Bush. Leo Ryan had told Dick Cheney that leaking a state secret was an appropriate way for a member of congress to block an ill-conceived operation.

Tower died in Brunswick, Georgia aboard Atlantic Southeast Airline Flight 2311. The plane crashed on approach to Brunswick, Georgia, killing Tower and his daughter, Marian. Also killed was Manley Lanier “Sonny” Carter Jr., a naval officer and aviator, chemist, physician, professional soccer player, test pilot and NASA astronaut. His name was added to the Space Mirror Memorial at Kennedy Space Center — Visitor Complex, Merrit Island, Florida. It is the first name placed on the memorial.

The FAA determined that this crash was the failure of the plane’s propellor control unit. The perfect place to hose a flight. The helicopter pilots in the chopper that clipped Senator Heinz’s plane? Their bodies were never found. In the humble opinion of this blog, that information which has been scrubbed, is a true indicator of an intelligence operation against Senator Heinz.

Two of Congressman Lawrence McDonald’s quotes: “to me, foreign aid is an area that you not only can cut, but you can take a chain saw to it in terms of reductions”  in the second quote he was recorded in the congressional record, co-sponsoring a resolution: “expressing the sense of the congress that homosexual acts and the class of individuals who advocate such conduct shall never receive special consideration or protected status under the law.”

Excluding Tower for the moment, these two threats to either Bush or Clinton (who ran as a conservative democrat) were eliminated. Bill Clinton gave China everything they ever wanted, including access to the White House.

It has nothing to do with party with these people — it’s all about the money, boys!

In U.S. political history (and the U.S. newsfeed,) the only two comparable moments to the deaths of both Senator John Heinz and former Senator John Tower were the MKUltra assassinations of the citizens of San Francisco in Jonestown Guyana and then those killed in the county government of San Francisco (which was a springboard for Dianne Feinstein’s career in national politics).

More about Jonestown and San Francisco here.

909 individuals died in the Jonestown massacre but a total of 918 died that day (November 18, 1978) when followers of Jim Jones assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan (California’s 11th District) and members of his party, at the airstrip in Port Kaituma.

Ryan had been involved in California, specifically San Francisco politics since 1962 and was a staunch critic of the CIA and its mind control operations within the City of San Francisco (and its covert operations in general).

Congressman Ryan was a rising star, he had worked under cover as a substitute teacher in Watts (after the riots in 1965) to find out what was going on. Ryan was even booked into the California prison system, where he stayed for 10 days as an inmate at Folsom State Prison (at the time he was the presiding chairman of the California Assembly Committee overseeing prison reform.)

Nine days later…on November 27, 1978 — the first openly gay politician — Harvey Bernard Milk, (member of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors) was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone (the 37th Mayor of San Francisco).

The CIA had its hands all over Bill Clinton and it wasn’t hard to do because they had good coke and plenty of it. America was awash in cocaine from the 1980’s forward. If they weren’t bringing it into Mena by the ton, they were bringing it into Venice airport in Florida. Meanwhile, the DEA was chasing cigarette boats out of Cuba and the Bahamas. Clewiston Florida was another drop zone, basically untouched until its usefulness had run out.

Venice Airport — a Jackson Stephens haunt — one of the men who made the best use of PROMIS software by placing a backdoor on the DOJ pirated software, specifically, Signal Intelligence [SIGNIT] Surveillance Technology…all roads lead to the Rothschilds.

The glaring fact? Our government was involved in this drug running because it’s all about the money, boys!

In the 1980’s — Arkansas was the biggest drop zone in the United States and Bill Clinton was its governor. He worked for Daddy Bush.

Ross Perot (the 3rd candidate in the 1992 election) talked a good job but his payoff was a promise for his company — Diebold, which was to run the database for the new healthcare system that was to be formulated behind closed doors (by the wicked witch of the west, Hillary Clinton).

HILLARYCARE!… they had to introduce Hillary into the body politic (one way or another) to keep this criminal enterprise on track. But in the meantime, the Governor of Texas was lined up to be the President of the United States, just eight years after his father.

Shortly after becoming president, the financial center of the world in New York City, was pancaked upon itself. PROMIS software enabled the rip off via the “shorts.”Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 3.45.56 PMNever forget the words “Pull It” for Building 7.

Below Source:

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 8.42.34 AMThe list of people who shorted the stocks of these companies is SPELLBINDING.

THIS is truly VOODOO economics, enabled by VOODOO governance.

Building 7…it takes some time to plant explosives that will get a job like that done, but everything just fell into place. It was the Neo-nazis and their Euro-banking friends who accomplished this. Never forget Rudi Dekker at the Venice Airport. Jackson Stevens and Venice Airport are old friends.

These people think they can rule the world; what need of a country would people like this have?

Barack Hussein Obama — a CIA puppet, his first state visit was June 4, 2009 to Cairo, Egypt, where he met with President Mubarak and delivered a speech at Cairo University.

By 2011 — protests started in Tunisia which then spread to Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain.

Other demonstrations were sustained in Morocco, Iraq, Algeria, Iranian Khuzestan, Lebanon, Jordon, Kuwait, Oman and Sudan — while minor protests that did not result in a toppled regime or social violence, took place in Djibouti and Mauritania, the Palestinian National Authority, Saudi Arabia and the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara.

The common phrase for Arab Spring was “The People Want To Bring Down The Regime.”

Both elections of Barack Obama for president were stolen. This idiot almost succeeded in uniting a global Islamic Empire.

This world that he was creating was to be handed off to Hillary Clinton.

On October 20, 2011, Hillary Clinton assassinated Muammar Gaddafi.

Was the fake gulf oil spill, the means for the payment for this operation? Has there ever been a true accounting of the $50 Billion BP sent into the United States?

Occidental Oil and BP are back in Libya doing business.

The actors associated with the Benghazi debacle (which occurred on the anniversary of 9/11) had pulled-off an illegal intelligence operation; they then moved on to Ukraine.

Just over six years ago (2014), a leaked phone call between Hillary Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State (Victoria Nuland) and Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine (Geoffrey Pyatt) discussed who should lead the Ukrainian government. The name bandied about was Arseniy Yatsenyuck whom Pyatt referred to in the call as “Yatz” so Nuland could understand it. She’s really a dolt. Even a dolt can be dangerous — look at Barack Obama.

Nuland was the cookie monster who handed out cookies to neo-nazis as she caused regime change in Ukraine, plotting the overthrow of the government of Viktor Yanukovych. It was easy for her to convince the lame stream media that this was not a coup but democracy in action. On the other hand, it was quite easy for these people to convince the lame stream media that the ongoing machinations at all levels of government against President Trump was not a coup. How easy was that?

In a world like this… conservatism cannot win. If you sit at home when it’s time to roll out the door to fight for your constitution and the rights that you enjoy (those they’ve allowed you to keep) you will be making a fatal mistake.

Ukraine is a huge criminal enterprise. It’s a combination of the wild west and pirates of the Caribbean. Private armies, and dirty cops. It’s hard for Americans to understand the term “oligarch governor” at the same time, Hillary Clinton’s lame State Department was claiming Ukraine was a democracy.

Ukraine was mob rule or a pirate ship which was the closest form of democracy known to man. No wonder Ms. Nuland said “EFF the EU” on a leaked phone call. The crooks in our government at that time, were all fired in a hurry to reap monetary benefit from the Ukraine which they viewed as a “cash cow” (EFF THE EU).

The Ukrainian public has been through the ringer between the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic and our own CIA (and Hillary Clinton’s State Department).

Nuland’s husband is a key player in the neo-con movement, but today — he’s at Brookings Institute. It has nothing to do with party but everything to do with power. If we were to know exactly who these people run for, it would make it so easy to shut this stuff down. Suffice it to say that if we rounded up all the banking entities in the world, (the people who run the money structure) all this would stop.

Today — Strobe Talbott runs The Brookings Institute. In the past — Strobe Talbott and Bill Clinton, traveled to Russia while students at Oxford. Neither used a passport yet both have been so very close to U.S. Foreign Policy for the past 28 years. Once they got there, they never went away.

When Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA, House Foreign Affairs Committee) was questioning Victoria Nuland (May 2014) about the violent protests in Ukraine and whether there were neo-nazis present, Nuland said “there were, as I said — almost every color of Ukraine was represented including some — including some ugly colors.”  Rohrabacher said “the answer is yes, then.”

This is a bigger plot than any James Bond movie and the average American cannot wrap their minds around this. The lame stream media is responsible for the criminal regime that the Clinton State Department and the Obama White House foisted on Kiev. These same actors attempted to take down President Trump with any and all tools at their disposal.

They seem to not have tired of it.

They must be shown that we will not take another step backwards.

The neo-nazis in Ukraine had been joined by Islamic militants. Sounds like Barack Obama’s Levant was really big.

Hillary Clinton is responsible for all of the flaming darts that were thrown at Candidate Trump, President-elect Trump and President Trump. None of her fingerprints are on them, but truthfully — it was all done so that she could come back… one more time. She is the true definition of insanity.

The 1990’s Clinton White House sold out America for a small amount of campaign monies from the Chinese through its agents at Lippo Group from Indonesia (a country where Barack Obama once lived).

When you see Mike Pompeo talking to America’s governors and telling them to be wary of their Chinese contacts (and that they may have been duped), he has left the door open for them to come back home. In fact, some of their actions are treasonous — they are selling out the American people and the land that they live on. This is leadership and Pompeo is a very smart man who could very well be president someday. But in truth today, he works for one smart cookie — and that is our good FORTUNE!

(Then) Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) questioned Hillary Clinton about failed security in Benghazi.

There is much ethnic hatred in Ukraine and the democrat party has sought to create the same hatred within America today. If the left becomes violent (it is showing signs of teetering on the precipice of violence) you will not want to live under their boot because they are insane and as brutal as Jeffrey Dahmer.

The left has every sort of pervert within its ranks. It has a lock on depravity like Adolf Hitler had on Germany. The democrat party has accomplished mass hypnosis and the truth is not in them. So how do they seek to take down President Trump? They say that he is influenced by Ukraine’s natural enemy — Russia. They say that he is a thug, strong-arming the new president of Ukraine which impugns Ukraine’s new president who is NOT their “guy.”




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  1. Another real ‘winner’ Barefoot, and as always, I learned a lot more, although thought I was up on a lot of these crooks.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

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