Hunter Green

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC.) is about to poke the proverbial hornets’ nest. Hairy-leg Joe Biden is already feeling the heat. He is heading to Graham country, saying goodbye to his flatline campaign in the Granite State.

Never before has a presidential hopeful annoyed so many women voters.

Graham is about to reveal the corruption of the most “ethical” fairy tail administration in U.S. history by way of the FISA court abuses and Burisma Energy (which ensnares Hunter Biden).

It appears average Americans are about to see some justice. If it must start with Joe Biden and his son, so be it. This investigation could lead to John Kerry (and his family).

While on the campaign trail with hairy legged Joe Biden, Kerry (1) is on record naming the State Department and the President and pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry as being involved in canning the pesky Ukraine prosecutor. Kerry’s rationale? To “save” the revolution!

How nice! The impeachment debacle gave Biden about three months to whistle past the cemetery.

It is what it is. Rudy Giuliani has the goods — Ukraine and China will be a stumbling block for the Biden family. Not hard to see why there is not an endorsement for Biden-2020 coming from the 44th President — Barack Obama.

Rudy is holding real crimes; not like Rep. Adam Schiff and the bogus Puff ‘n’ Stuff that was brought forward. The House had some really weak witnesses, shuffling along with bogus hearsay evidence. Was it their “feelings or perceptions” that were supposed to be compelling?

Joe Biden most certainly monetized his office. The trail will be clearly laid out by Rudy. Evidence of bribery is now available to the Department of Justice.

Is Rudy correct in that the double standard of justice will continue if the Bidens skate free?

The man the media built as the star of the Democrat 2020 Primary, may end up as the tipping point on the scales of justice. The average American is holding their breath. China seems to be the biggest player in corrupting our politicians. This had roots in the Clinton campaigns of the 1990’s. It is not hard to see the quid pro quo of technology which has made China the threat it is today.

The democrats have been skating justice since 1993 and it is about time the skating stopped. Average Americans standing on the sidelines are hungry for the new day to dawn on these rapacious democrat traitors, masquerading as statesmen.

Even if the Clintons cannot be made to pay for the crimes they committed in the 1990’s, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative are fertile fields of money laundering.

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